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Letters Support Sack for Mayor

Letters have arrived in support of Joe Sack for Mayor:

Rye has a choice on Tuesday November 5th – and regardless of what you may have read in the paper or heard – my choice for Mayor has been and will be – Republican Joe Sack.

I look forward to seeing many of you on Election Day. Let’s bring integrity back to Rye government.


Ellen (Sis) D’Angelo
Wappanocca Avenue, Rye


I encourage the citizens of Rye to get out to vote for Joe Sack for Mayor on November 5.

I have known Joe for 30 years.  We attended Regis High School together in New York City, where he was a year behind me.   Based on what I know of Joe as a person, I know he will be an outstanding Mayor for this City

Joe brings a number of critically important qualities to the table.  He is incredibly smart — a combination of "book learnin'" and practical wisdom.  In part because of our shared high school experience, Joe understands the importance of education.  Joe will tell you that one of the reasons he and his wife Kerri moved to Rye years ago was because of the excellent public schools.  Joe and Kerri's three children are now students in Rye's elementary and middle schools. 

Joe is an open communicator, always eager to explain his views and listen to the views of others.  Joe sees discussion and debate as a collaborative path that leads to better ideas, and better government.  For Joe, an inquisitive and open mind is the first step in the search for truth.  If you ever watch City Council meetings on television (Cablevision channel 75; Verizon channel 39), you have likely seen Joe put these skills to action.  He asks the questions you would want someone with the City's checkbook to ask.

Joe's principles are in the right order.  In his six years on the City Council, Joe recognizes that his role is to serve the people of Rye, not the other way around.  He has been committed to open government, even while others have been tempted to cover up the City's problems.  One clear example is the scandal at the City-owned Rye Golf Club.  Against resistance from the current administration, Joe fought to investigate the scandal, to bring the facts to public light, and to ensure that there were consequences.  Joe's relentless efforts brought us, his constituents, transparency and accountability.  And thanks to Joe, our City government will improve the way it has managed the Rye Golf Club relationship.

Joe also is the kind of person who works towards solutions.  Joe is willing to roll up his sleeves to tackle hard problems, instead of merely kicking the can down the road.  For example, Joe is committed to negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement with the Rye City Police in expeditious fashion.  This won’t be easy:  Salaries, pensions, and health benefits are some of the complicated issues that will need to be addressed in the negotiations.  I was surprised to receive a mailing a few weeks ago from one of the other mayoral candidates, criticizing Joe's willingness to negotiate.  The mailing suggested that the better approach would be to take hard-line positions with the Police, and grind them down with stonewall tactics.  That strikes me as the same kind of short-sighted and counter-productive mindset that recently led this country to a pointless and dangerous stand-off over sequestration and the debt ceiling.  Negotiation is not weakness.  Savvy negotiations are better for this City than the current tactic of wasting money on legal bills in arbitration against the Police.  It is time to treat the Rye City Police as a valued relationship, not as an enemy, and tackle together the difficulties of a new contract.

For all these reasons, there is one clear right choice for Mayor.  Vote for Joe Sack on November 5.

Very truly yours,

Edward P. Boyle


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