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Six Months Later

In many ways, New Orleans is still suffering from the "FEMA Blues" – named after the blue tarps FEMA stapled to people’s roofs after Katrina. Six months later, many neighborhoods are empty and many stores are closed.

Apparently it is much better than it was, but if you drive along any of the elevated roadways and look out over the city, you will see an array of blue tarps the roofs. And when you drive around, many supermarkets and other vital stores are still closed.

If are thinking about taking a trip to the Big Easy, the good news is the "Sliver by the River" – the French Quarter and its environs, is up, operating and ready to host you in its great style.

Cafe Du Monde, Pat O’Brien’s (home of the Hurricane Cocktail) and Bourbon Street are ready to host you:





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