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Katrina, One Year Later

One year has passed since Katrina delivered its devastation on New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. One thing that was never destroyed (and perhaps emboldened) was the spirit of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region.

Marian_and_jay Nothing captures this spirit better than Marian Berkett. A practicing attorney at age 93 for the law firm of Deutsch, Kerrigan & Stiles who also happens to be my Great Aunt, Marian’s house in Metairie, Louisiana was destroyed by Katrina.

Only four days after Katrina destroyed her home, displaced all her friends and caused her firm to set-up shop in Lafayette, Louisiana–something that would bring most to their knees–Marian had a letter published in The New York Times critiquing Bush and the failure of the levees.

One year later Marian is back–this time on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans proper and a hurricane season resident in our very own Westchester County.

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