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STOP for an Update

Update on the STOP sign.

Last week on the 24th I called Scott Pickup, Assistant City Manager for the City of Rye. Much to my surprise, Scott knew who I was and why I was calling (we have asked the city to install a 4-way stop in our Bradford Park neighborhood).

The City is planning to conduct a speed study at the intersection. It is waiting on some sort of software, but they are hoping to have the counters out by Labor Day and the study completed in advance of the Traffic and Transportation Committee on Thursday, September 14th (7:30pm, at City Hall).

If the intersection does not have the requisite amount of traffic there are still scenarios under which the City will install the stop signs, according the Scott. That’s good, because the issue is less the volume of traffic and more that some cars round the corner from Bradford onto Florence without slowing down.

What still qualifies an intersection for a stop sign is a bit of a mystery, but we’ll learn more at Brian Dempsey’s Traffic and Transportation Committee on the 14th. In the meantime, look for the counters out at the intersection of Bradford and Florence.


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