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City Council Wants a 4-Way. STOP.

Following up on MyRye.com’s story on the City Council grappling with STOP sign requests and in particular the request for a four-way STOP at the intersection of Bradford Avenue and Florence Avenue, here are some of our councilpeople in their own words. If you want to see and hear them yourself, tune into a council meeting replay on Cablevision channel 75.

Seems to me like a hotter intersection (Bradford & Florence) than some of the ones that actually have 4 ways… If there is a way to expedite… looking at this… that one for sure could benefit from a 4-way –Councilman Andy Ball

We added stop signs to Coolidge and that helped tremendously… I think your street (Bradford & Florence) is sort of similar in nature to that in many ways. — Mayor Steve Otis

Two weeks, four weeks, six weeks from now I’m voting to give these kids and their neighbors a stop sign. — Councilman George Pratt

Your situation is where a stop sign is needed — Councilman Matt Fahey

I’m in favor of protecting children — Councilman Howard Seitz

We ought to be including stop signs as a deterrent to people taking cut thrus in residential areas. — Councilman Duncan Hennes

Everyone is very supportive and there is nothing more important than safety and (a stop sign at) that intersection I think would help tremendously  just to make people stop at that point. — Mayor Steve Otis

Thanks to the Council and we look forward to finishing the process, getting the 4-way STOP formally approved and installing the signs before the spring weather.


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