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Rye Little League Parade Celebrates 50 Years of Rye Baseball

Rye_little_league_parade_purchase_sOn Saturday, April 14th, the day before flooding in Rye swept the headlines, the Rye Little League celebrated its 50th anniversary with a parade starting just off Purchase Street and culminating at the baseball fields in Disbrow Park. The parade, lead by Police Commissioner Connors, Rye Fire Department fire engines, Little League head Brian Dempsey, Mayor Steve Otis and other local officials, exuded baseball, apple pie and everything good about spring, sportsmanship and small town America. Hats off to all the little league participants and best of luck in your 2007 little league season.

View our photo album of the Rye Little League parade and the videos of the parade below.

Video (above) shows the start of the Rye Little League Parade 2007 at the Rye train station parking lot on April 14, 2007.

Video (above) shows the Rye Little League Parade as the various teams including the Muck Dogs, the Raptors, the River Cats and the River Dogs march down Purchase Street. 2007 is the 50th anniversary of Little League in Rye, NY.

Video (above) shows the Rye Little League Parade 2007 National Anthem at Disbrow Park.

Video (above) shows Rye, NY Mayor Steve Otis at the Rye NY Little League Parade on April 14, 2007. Otis recognizes several local leaders including Judy Myers, George Lattimer, Gerry Seitz, Matt Fahey, Josh Nathan, Doug French, Jim Culyer, Laura Slack, George Pratt, Ed Shine, Mack Cunningham and Bill Rodriguez. Otis presents Rye Little League with a Rye City Council resolution honoring the 50th anniversary of Rye Little League.


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