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In Flood of Data, Rye Flood Action Committee Reports Residents Now Up to Their Neck in Difficult Conditions

So easy a caveman can do it? Not really, if you ask respondents to the Rye Flood Action Committee (RFAC) survey. Twenty-six households impacted by the April 15th flood of the Blind Brook in Rye responded to a RFAC survey reporting on their dealings with FEMA, insurance companies and more.

According to RFAC:

Over 80% of households completed at least one project for mitigation

Six families are still displaced (some who are still displaced didn’t respond)

61% have no kitchen or no first floor and are living in difficult conditions

44% have NOT received any insurance money (18% got partial payments)

Of those households who received insurance payments, over 90% have had all or some of their money withheld by their bank.

38% of households received FEMA money (mostly under $2,000)

34% got denied FEMA money (excluding emergency payment)

26% did not apply for FEMA money

RFAC also found only one household has gone thru the FERM Board—the “combo” board of architectural, zoning and planning—that was designed to expedite the permitting process for those who are raising their houses. Six people are raising their house; two are considering raising their house and one family is raising part of their house.


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