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Buzz Off: Thain’s Bees Are Dead

Bee_movie_beeNew Merrill Lynch CEO and Rye resident John Thain is immune from a lot of things but not a global scientific mystery that is killing American honeybees.

Thain raised honeybees on his Rye/Harrison/Rye Brook estate until last year, when they all died, according to a report this past week in Bloomberg News.

Bloomber_story_on_thain_beesThe honeybee mystery has been extensively reported including a 60 Minutes report on CBS this past October:

"Airdate: 10/28/07 What is killing American honeybees? They’re disappearing from their hives by the millions in a mystery scientists are calling colony collapse disorder. Why have so many hives become ghost towns? Could it be pesticides, mites, viruses, malnutrition, or a combination of those elements? If the answer isn’t found soon, Steve Kroft reports, many beekeepers could go out of business, crops will die on the vine, and fruit and vegetable prices will soar."


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