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School District to Spitzer: Don’t Jack Us $408,205

The Friends of the Rye City School District want you to show up at Assemblyman George Latimer’s state budget hearing in Rye Brook tonight and ask him to send a message to Governor Elliot Spitzer:

Don’t jack us $408,205. Put the money back. In the budget.

The "Friends" group is encouraging all Rye parents to attend Assemblyman George Latimer’s budget hearing tonight":

The Assemblyman needs a strong turnout to convey to the Governor our disappointment with his proposal to remove supplemental cost aid from the 2008-2009 State Budget. The elimination of this funding category disproportionately affects Rye – more so than similar Westchester districts. We are sure the Governor did not foresee this effect and we need to have him hear from us.

You can email Assemblyman Latimer at Latimeg@Assembly.State.NY.US  and Senator Suzi Oppenheimer at Oppenhei@Senate.State.NY.US and attend the Budget Hearing Thursday. A sample letter to cut and paste is included below along with an invitation to the hearing from George Latimer.

TO:   Hon. Suzi Oppenheimer, State Senator
        Hon. George Latimer, State Assemblyman

Dear Senator Oppenheimer and Assemblyman Latimer:

I am writing as a Rye resident and concerned parent in the Rye City School District regarding proposed funding for RCSD in the Governor’s 2008-09 State Budget. The budget represents a net loss of $408,205 to our District, and if unchanged, will cause either a reduction in important services to our children and/or higher than anticipated property taxes for already-burdened taxpayers here in Rye.This reduction is caused primarily by the Governor’s statewide proposal to remove supplemental excess cost aid as a separate funding category.

Our District needs to receive fair treatment from New York State if we are to continue to meet the mandates sent down by the State Education Department and still provide the high-quality education our children deserve.

Please make every effort – as you have in the past – to increase our funding levels for 2008-09 through the adoption of the State budget on March 31st.  It is of the highest importance to the many parents and taxpayers who live in Rye.

Rye, NY 10580

Latimer’s public hearing will be held on tonight, Thursday, March 6th at Rye Brook Village Hall in the Council Chambers, 938 King Street, in Rye Brook, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Attendees may testify for up to five minutes on any aspect of the State budget proposal; written testimony will also be accepted at the hearing and over the ensuing week (until Friday, March 14th). The Governor’s proposed budget totals over $120 billion; budget highlights may be viewed on the Assembly website at www.assembly.state.ny.us.

A note sent to MyRye.com from Latimer promises: "The real story is not me presiding — it will be those who testify, and their stories. I anticipate representatives from libraries, nursing homes, local housing groups, etc., each with their own take on the budget. The busiest time will probably be the first two hours – it usually slows down the third hour."


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