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Old computers, Blasting, Flood Stories on the City Council Agenda for April 16, 2008

Think of it as a highlights reel.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 16th at 8pm, the city council has twenty items on the agenda including a “Recap of completed and ongoing efforts related to the April 15, 2007 flood.”

We expect this recap to be a slightly more formal presentation than the impromptu update Rye Mayor Steve Otis delivered at the February 13th council meeting when Indian Village residents showed up and started asking questions.

Old_computer(PHOTO: Hey, Can We Get Rid of this Thing?) City council passed a seasonal leaf blower ban at the last meeting, but they are still after noise scofflaws. Agenda items seven and nine are about noise – looks like a discussion of rock chipping and blasting. There are some appointments and some positions to fill at the Rec department and the venerable Rye TV – the folks that bring the city council live into your homes on channel 75.

There is also a "bid rejection" for a tree mounted trimmer that is sure to please. Maybe the thing made too much noise. Imagine the guy’s friends… "Did you see Bernie’s bid get rejected live on channel 75?"

And the favorite is item 13: "Request by the Police Department to dispose of obsolete and inoperable computer equipment". They need permission to ditch the broken printer?  Something is wrong here. Even worse, they just missed Household Recycling Day at Playland where they could have safely disposed of those old computers. Sorry, they will have to go in a garage for another year.


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