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STOP Sign Policy (Finally) Gets Green Light

Green_light_stop_2It all started on July 8, 2006, almost two years ago. On March 5th, after a sudden unscheduled addition to the city council agenda, the council unanimously adopted a STOP sign policy for Rye City.

Back in 2006, Bradford Park residents clamored and fought for a 4-way STOP sign at the intersection of Bradford and Florence Avenues after citing safety concerns and risks for neighborhood children. The eight month ordeal, widely reported on this web site, pointed to the need for a published policy and procedure for all Rye resident STOP sign requests. There is still a backlog of STOP sign requests that will now need to be processed by the City.

The final policy, which was drafted by Commissioner Connors in February 2007 and finally passed by council at their March 5, 2008 meeting, puts reasonable burdens on residents and the city. Some but not all of the Bradford Park policy recommendations were incorporated into the policy.

Most hopefully in the policy is the promise of transparency of the process and the current status of any requests.

"The City will make available the status of pending stop sign requests on the City website or through other means and in a form determined by the City Manager."

A final copy of the approved STOP sign policy is here (this was provided to MyRye.com by Assistant City Manager Scott Pickup and is the final approved version although it does say "draft" on the document).

We hope this ushers in a new faster and transparent process for STOP sign requests.


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