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Toxic Chemicals and Playland: Friday and Saturday

Bring the family and the toxic chemicals!

This Friday, April 4th (1-3pm) and Saturday, April 5th (9am – 3pm), Westchester County will be holding a Household Recycling Day at Rye Playland. The event was formerly called "Household Chemical Clean-up Day". Westchester County Executive Andy Spano must have a branding consultant on staff.

Recycling_westchester_county_2Many citizens dream about bringing all sorts of nasty things to their local government officials and now is your chance. You can bring all your nasty goo to Playland on Friday or Saturday and Westchester County will dispose of it safely and for free. In addition to loading up your car with the usually pesticides and brake fluid, this year you can also clean out your medicine cabinet.

The fish in the Long Island Sound do not want your uppers, downers, blood thinners and pain killers, but Andy Spano does. With all the talk about recycling, conservation and leaf blower bans at city council, we hope Rye citizens take care of the nastiest part of spring cleaning this Friday and Saturday.

It also occurs to us the County might want to run a cross promotion when Playland Park opens for the summer. Think about it. "Toxic Chemical Day" at Playland. They would have offers like two-for-one rides for children under 12 who bring a toxic herbicide. What fun! We think the county would end up with more goo vs. appealing this event where they are solely to the good nature of people to show up with their goo.

Here is the official run-down of what you can bring (and not bring) Andy Spano:


Properly labeled household chemicals, including:
Most Automotive Fluids – antifreeze, brake fluid, gasoline
Flammable Liquids – kerosene, butane, charcoal fluid, turpentine
Metal, Jewelry & Furniture Polishes, Wood Preservatives
Pesticides, Insecticides, Herbicides
Photographic & Swimming Pool Chemicals

Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Fire Extinguishers & Small Propane Tanks (1 and 2 pound tanks ONLY)
Rechargeable & Button Cell Batteries
Cell Phones
Mercury Thermometers and Thermostats

E-WASTE – Computer monitors, TV’s, computer towers, accessories, printers, faxes, phones, cell
phones and small appliances, i.e. toasters, blenders, radios, stereos, speakers, lamps
Car Tires (maximum 10)
Expired or Unused Pharmaceuticals – Both prescription and over the counter

Plastic Grocery Bags


What’s Not Accepted:
Paint— Oil & Latex – (Dispose of with household trash in solid form. Air dry and use kitty litter or waste paint hardener.) Exception: Rye Brook, White Plains and Yorktown residents must dispose of empty or hardened paint cans on bulk pick-up days.
Motor Oil – Take to service station or motor oil retail outlet.
Vehicle Batteries – Take to a local scrap metal dealer or any vehicle battery retail outlet.
Non-rechargeable Batteries – Dispose of in trash.
Compressed Gas Cylinders – helium and oxygen tanks, 20 pound BBQ tanks
Freon & Appliances with Freon – air conditioners, dehumidifiers
Smoke & Fire Detectors
Explosives – flares, fireworks, ammunition
Medical Waste – hypodermic needles
Materials from Commercial & Institutional Users
White Waste – washers, dryers, freezers, air conditioners, stoves, refrigerators

Call the Household Recycling Info Line
(914) 813-5425 or visit


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