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Johnny’s vs. Sal’s: a Pizza Smackdown

Dsc02171Loyal readers of MyRye.com know we are fanatical fans of Sal’s Pizza in Mamaroneck. It’s pretty futile to even try to debate us. But several Sundays ago we bumped into a friend of ours in line at Sal’s. When this unnamed associate–a Sal’s loyalist since the early 1960s–whispered he could do one better, we could not believe it.

Dsc02174 Referring to our friend by the alias "Big Pepperoni" and keeping voices down, we asked him to take us to the drop point. We called some other bag men and one recent weekday evening Big Pepperoni took us to the rival that Zagat awards the same "25" food rating it bestows Sal’s.

The new joint–Johnny’s Pizzeria of Mt. Vernon–is not so new with roots back to 1942. Zagat’s raves:

“What a pie!” cry legions of Neapolitan disciples who liken the “thin-and-crunchy-crust”, “light-on-the-cheese”, “brick-oven pizzas” at this Mt. Vernon cash-only shop to a “near religious experience”; “Italian comfort food” is also on order at this spot with “great prices” that “can stand up to the best” in “New York City.”

"Elegant" said Big Pepperoni. The joint is a mecca to the New York Yankees with a nod to the Giants and the Rat Pack too. No slices at Johnny’s. Full pies, smaller, light on the cheese and a crisp crust.

A delicious new option, without question. But for us, Sal’s reigns supreme.


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