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Rye Will Not Be Invaded This Sunday

Rye will not be invaded this Sunday, according to a reverse 911 phone message sent from the Rye police department to all Rye residents on Thursday, May 22nd. According to the automated message "several helicopters will perform an overhead sweep before landing outside the Edith G. Read sactuary… [there is] no cause for alarm".

Marine_helicopter_2Not so reassuring? Relax. It is Armed Forces Appreciation Day, and the US Marines are conducting a "live raid demo" at Playland. After the helicopters "sweep" they will land and the Marines will set up a perimeter (AKA surround the cotton candy guy). The demonstration is part of Fleet Week in New York City.

According to the official announcement:

"The county will be one of only nine locations throughout the metropolitan area where U.S. Marines will perform a live “raid” demonstration. Several helicopters will perform an overhead sweep before landing outside the Edith G. Read Sanctuary (easily viewed from the boardwalk at Playland) where a group of Marines will disembark to secure the “landing zone” and set up a perimeter just as they would during a conflict. After the demonstration, the helicopters will be available for public display along with the weapons typically used by a Marine Corps rifle platoon. The participating Marines are part of a Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force from 2nd Battalion, 10th Marines, Camp Lejeune, N.C.

In a special day-long tribute, those who have served their country will be entitled to ride discounts (2 for 1 Fun Bands) for the entire family and free parking. Military personnel in uniform get free rides all day. The Memorial Day ceremony will include an honor guard, firing squad and bugler, and be held at 1:30 p.m. at the Music Tower Theater. The Marine Corps demo will be from 2-4 p.m., weather permitting."

"Only" nine locations? That’s like saying you’ll be one of my "only" three wives. The entire tri-state is going to think it is being invaded–the dream of all red states. And military get 2 for 1 fun bands? That’s fine, but these guys from 2nd Battalion, 10th Marines served in Fallujah, Iraq. How about raising some money at the park for PTSD or other disabled veterans?


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