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Long Island Soundkeeper Calls for Testing on Hen Island

Long Island Soundkeeper, a 20 year old environmental organization dedicated "to the protection and enhancement of the biological, physical, and chemical integrity of Long Island Sound and its watershed" made the following statement regarding environmental testing on Rye’s Hen Island.

Hen Island has been the subject of local controversy regarding alleged pollution coming from some island homeowners. MyRye.com reported rumors that the New York Times may be planning to report on the situation .

Terry_backer_soundkeeper_2(PHOTO: Terry Backer, Soundkeeper) Soundkeeper and Executive Director Terry Backer told MyRye.com "I have seen many applications for toilet water disposal as at Hen Island and more often than not they leach into the Sound. Testing would resolve the matter and I think (it) should be done."

Statement of Soundkeeper Terry Backer regarding testing for Hen Island:

"Soundkeeper has been watching the Hen Island situation very closely for the past year. We feel, as previously mentioned, that the effluent from Hen Island have only one place to go and that is into the Long Island Sound. The County of Westchester Health Department and The City of Rye are the agencies responsible for policing and testing the septic systems that are in place on Hen Island. If the Westchester County Health Department along with the City of Rye would agree to flow test and dye test the systems in place and should they all pass testing procedures, we would agree that no further action would be necessary. Long Island Sound is to important to us all to allow this situation to go on unresolved. Simple testing would put this matter to rest on way or the other. We strongly encourage the Country and the City to require appropriate testing.

–Terry Backer, Soundkeeper


  1. Below is our most recent mailer just incase you missed it.

    Ready. Set. Swat!
    Concerned about mosquitoes in Rye, Milton Point and Greenhaven again this year? Everyone should be. Because mosquitoes will be around in bigger swarms than ever this season. There are several reasons for the increase:
    Bats, who eat almost two times their body weight each night in insects, are dying off in droves …
    Mosquitoes continue to be welcome homesteaders in the water troughs on Hen Island …
    The Rye City Council continues to refuse to enforce mosquito control
    laws already on the books …
    Diligent mosquito control is the best way to curtail the mosquito population —
    We are not advocating spraying. Every good mosquito control program states “Spraying should only be used as a measure of last resort.” But please, read on. There are many other ways available to achieve effective mosquito control.

    Trouble in the Bat Caves
    Investigators are seeing a catastrophic die-off in the bat populations in New York, Connecticut and neighboring states. This is a big problem. Bats play a critical role in keeping us and our bird populations healthy by reducing the number of insects carrying potentially harmful viruses. A single bat eats an average of 1,000 mosquitoes and other flying insects each night.

    According to Alan Hicks, a bat specialist with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, “Most bat researchers would agree that this
    is the gravest threat to bats they have ever seen.” Scientists in Connecticut checking caves this year are finding close to 90% of the bats dead, heaped in
    piles on the cave floors. In some New York caves they’re finding death rates closer to 100%. It’s going to dramatically increase the mosquito population!

    Trouble at the Hen Island Corral On Hen Island you’ll find 37,000 gallons of stagnant, still water in open horse troughs. It’s an ideal, breeding ground for mosquitoes that hatch a new batch
    every five to six days. If you go to the Heal the Harbor link listed below you’ll see for yourself. Water is collected in open troughs typically used to water horses on a farm. Most cottages on Hen Island use three 375-gallon troughs totaling 1,125 gallons of still water per cottage. Hen Island has 34 such
    systems, spread out over 25 acres, all holding similar amounts. Some people have complained that Bob Schubert’s pond is a breeding site for mosquitoes; that’s a literal drop in the ocean compared to Hen Island.


    Although they can go farther, mosquitoes usually stay within a few miles of their origin. If you live in Rye, Greenhaven or Milton Point, regardless of what you do to keep mosquitoes away (e.g. remove standing water from kid’s
    toys, gutters, drains, puddles in tarps, etc.) you will fail — as long as the people on Hen Island do not implement mosquito control.

    Currently, there is no effective program in place for mosquito control on Hen Island. In fact, there are Hen Island homeowners who refuse to use their own homes due to the severe seasonal mosquito infestation every summer.

    Trouble with the Rye City Council
    This coming problem may be completely preventable — but only if the Rye city council requires that Hen Island homeowners comply with existing codes:

    Section 108- 40. Infestation and Screening:
    “Grounds, buildings and structures shall be maintained free of insect, vermin
    and rodent harborage and infestation. Methods used for exterminating insects,
    vermin and rodents shall conform to generally accepted practice.”

    Section 108-43:
    Indicates that the responsibility to remove the infestation is the responsibility of the property owners of Hen Island and not the City of Rye.

    The first defense in an effective mosquito control program is to eliminate the breeding grounds, namely remove all standing water. On Hen Island, that is presently impossible because Hen Island is not required to obtain water
    from a well or public source. Please view our recent presentation before the city council with regard to mosquito infestation.

    Bring Your Fly Swatter to the Next City Council Meeting We’re all in this together. Mark your calendar and come to the next meeting.
    Ask why Hen Island is non-compliant. Ask what the city is planning with respect to mosquito control in all our eighborhoods. Bring your fly swatter with you! Last year Rye was the first city to test positive for West Nile Virus.

    Do you think that was an accident? This year, let’s change that.

  2. The below quote is from the HEALtheHARBOR.com homepage it is being used with the express permissions of Mr. Terry Backer the Executive Director for the Long Island Soundkeeper

    “Suffice it to say, we have enough information to know that Hen Island sewage has only one place to go, and that’s into the Long Island Sound.”
    “There appears to be pollution going into the Sound, and it’s good to see an individual taking on a group because of that.”
    — Terry Backer
    Executive Director, Soundkeeper


  3. Ray,

    Could you please move your car from the front of Resurrection Church? It is very distasteful. There is no need for these types of childish games.

    [I decided to take a page out of Ray’s playbook — I am going to hijack every thread – regardless of topic – and post this message.]

  4. What you are doing to Mayor Otis shows what a sick puppy you are.
    An angry man with a delusional cause against a summer retreat, smearing good names (weather you like them or not, they still deserve the title of good men)..
    distortions, followed by out right lies..on and on ..
    No wonder you feel like an outcast… you have made yourself one by your actions

  5. He who steals my money steals nothing, but he who steals my good name steals everything, enriching himself not and making me a pauper
    How dare you abuse your free speech to smear good names..Have you no honor, have you no sense of decency or are you just morally challenged?

  6. You guys surely have it right; I have probably one of the only homes on Hen Island with septic fields out of thirty four and I am the one polluting the sound. The bottom line is I am willing to have my system tested and should it fail I will be happy to repair or replace it. I don’t believe it is leaking but I could be wrong. What about the others, especially the ones less than ten feet from the shoreline facing the Greenhaven Homeowners Association beach? The residents of Greenhaven are swimming with Mr. Floatie; maybe you can explain your BS to them.
    In 1989 there were 11 outhouses on Hen Island today there is one. That translates to ten outhouses that were closed and ten bathrooms that were put in operation. They just dug holes in the ground along the shores of the Long Island sound. Guess what, No approvals, No plans, No permits. This can all be verified with the records in city hall.

    Hen Island polluters take notice of the Rye local law Mayor Otis is failing to enforce.

    ARTICLE I: Use of Public Sewers [Adopted 9-20-1950 as Section 4-3.5 of Ch. 4 of the General Ordinances]
    161-1. Use required; exceptions; inspections.

    Where a public sanitary sewer is not accessible, a building permit shall not be issued without submission of a copy of the written approval of the Westchester County Commissioner of Health, indicating that the premises may be adequately sewered by a separate sewage disposal system. The further approval of the Common Council of the City of Rye is required for such separate disposal systems. In addition thereto there shall be an annual inspection of all private sewage disposal systems by a contractor duly approved by the Westchester County Commissioner of Health on all properties bordering on all watercourses, including Long Island Sound, Milton Harbor and all tributaries thereto, and wherever else directed by the Sanitation Committee of the Common Council. A written certificate of such inspection shall be submitted to said Committee for such action thereon as it may direct.

  7. Ray..Talk.Talk Talk
    Answer the question..Did you get permits or not for your extention on your septic system..
    That requires a yes or no..Not blather about everyone else.
    Yes or NO?
    Saying when I was a kid
    “Shit or get off the pot”

  8. Oh! Here is one more;
    “Long Island Soundkeeper Calls for Testing on Hen Island”

    So Why??? would the Hen Island community spend over $150,000.00 building and defending an illeagle wall that now has to be taken down as directed of the City of Rye. Spend over 150,000.00 defending a lawsuit brought by me. Total $300,000.00 and still counting. When they could of just tested each home on the island as the Soundkeeper requested for less than 300.00 per house. You think they may be hiding something?

    Confucius say “One video is worth a thousand words”

  9. Councilwoman Parker could you please post this on your Facebook page?

    February 3, 2011

    Douglas French, Mayor
    Members of the City Council
    Richard P. Filippi, Paula J. Gamache, Peter W. Jovanovich,
    Suzanna S. Keith, Catherine F. Parker, Joseph A. Sack
    City of Rye
    1051 Boston Post Road
    Rye, New York 10580

    Re: Heal the Harbor.com and Raymond J. Tartaglione against the City of Rye, et al
    Seeking to Compel Enforcement of §161 of the Rye City Code

    Dear Mayor French and Members of the City Council:

    I read with interest, your comments in the January 28, 2011 edition of the Journal News, regarding the above referenced matter. (A copy of the Journal News article is attached as Exhibit “1”) To start with, your statement, “The decision is a validation of the city’s position”, is far from factual. The truth is, nearly the entire Decision was in my favor. You go on to say that, “Westchester County government has long served as the city’s health and environmental agency as they do for many local municipalities” and “The ruling affirms the city’s position that these matters be handled by the respective county department”.
    It appears that either you did not read the decision or you chose to intentionally misstate the relevant sections of Supreme Court Justice Barbara Zambelli’s well reasoned Decision. To refresh your memory, I have attached as Exhibit “2”, a copy of State Supreme Court Justice Barbara Zambelli’s January 20, 2011 Decision for your convenience. The following is just a sample of the City’s claims that were thrown out by the Court.
    Found on Page 4 of the Decision – The City argues that their motion to dismiss should be granted because the Westchester County Department of Health (“DOH”), as opposed to any City entities, has jurisdiction over the private sanitary sewer systems in the City.
    Found on Page 6 of the Decision – The City simply alleges that “essentially”, the Department of Health is the City’s Health Department and is the enforcement agency over the applicable County health regulations.

    “The City’s conclusory contentions herein are an insufficient basis upon which to grant dismissal of the parties claims. Moreover, while it is true that the County has enacted regulations regarding sewage systems, the County has clearly not usurped local municipalities rights to pass their own regulations regarding such systems, as the County Sanitary Code, of which the sewage regulations are a part, specifies that nothing herein contained in this code shall be construed to restrict the power of any city, town or any village to adopt and enforce additional ordinances or enforce existing ordinances relating to health and sanitation, provided that such ordinances are not inconsistent with the provisions of the Public Health Law, the Environmental Conservation Law or the State Sanitary Code. (Westchester County Sanitary code, §873.102(4)). While respondents’ claim that Code §161 has been pre-empted by County Legislation, they do not argue that it is inconsistent with it, and indeed, this Court finds nothing inconsistent in the inspection required by Code §161 and the County’s regulations. Accordingly, respondents’ motion to dismiss on this basis must also be denied”.
    Therefore, the New York State Supreme Court has found that the City clearly has the right to pass their own regulations and there is nothing in the County Sanitary Code to restrict the Power of the City to adopt and enforce additional ordinances or enforce existing ordinances relating to health and sanitation provided that such ordinances are not inconsistent with the provisions of the Public Health Law. As you know, §161 of the Rye City Code is not, inconsistent with the Public Health Law and accordingly, the City is not restricted by the County Health Law from enforcing this important chapter of the Rye City Code to further protect the important environmentally sensitive area, Milton Harbor.

    Found on Page 4 of the Decision – The City claims that Code §161 is no longer applicable or enforced in the City.
    “The City’s motion to dismiss based upon their contention that Code §161 is no longer applicable or enforced in the city, and that the Department of Health has preempted the regulatory field in regard to private sewer systems, is also denied. As with respondents’ allegations regarding the Common Council and the Sanitation Committee, only insufficient, conclusory statements are offered in support of their allegation that Code §161 is no longer applicable. Respondents fail to point to any evidence the Code §161 has been repealed or superseded; indeed, Code §161 still appears “on the books” today and its history, while reflecting that the ordinance was originally adopted on September 20, 1950 and that certain parts were amended in the 1980’s fails to reflect any such repeal (Respondents” Exhibit B). Moreover, while it is true that the County has enacted regulations regarding sewage systems, the County has clearly not usurped local municipalities rights to pass their own regulations regarding such systems, as the County Sanitary Code, of which the sewage regulations are a part, specifies that “nothing herein contained in this code shall be
    construed to restrict the power of any city, town or any village to adopt and enforce additional ordinances are not inconsistent with the provisions of the Public Health Law, (Westchester County Sanitary Code, §873.102(4)). While respondents’ claim that Code §161 and the County’s regulations. Accordingly, respondents’ motion to dismiss on this basis must also be denied.
    Therefore, the Court has found that §161 of the Rye City Code is still “on the books” today and that the City has the right to pass their own regulations regarding septic systems and that “there is nothing in the County Code that shall be construed to restrict the power of any city to adopt or enforce additional ordinances”.
    Fortunately, the predecessors of this City Council had the foresight to provide even greater protection to Milton Harbor than the requirements of the County Health Department.
    Found on Page 3 of the Decision – The City of Rye moved to dismiss my Petition, arguing that I lack standing to maintain the proceeding.
    “Addressing the issue of petitioners’ standing, it appears to this Court that at least petitioner Tartaglione and possibly petitioner HTH would have standing under the analysis of the Court of Appeals in Matter of Save the Pine Bush, Inc. v Common Council of the City of Albany, 13 N.Y.3d 297 (2009), as petitioner Tartaglione, the president of petitioner HTH, asserts that he uses and enjoys the affected natural resource of Milton Harbor in a way different from the public at large (Tartaglione Affidavit ¶¶ 14-17) and alleges that the municipal action (or in this case, inaction) directly harms his use and enjoyment of the harbor”.
    Therefore, the New York State Supreme Court has found that Raymond J. Tartaglione and possibly Heal the Harbor have standing to bring action against the City with regard to matters pertaining to Hen Island.
    Found on Page 7 of the Decision – The only issue that the Court did not resolve in favor of the petitioner was the request of the petitioner that the Court compel the City to enforce their own City code.
    “The decision to enforce a municipal code rests in the discretion of the public officials charged with its enforcement and is not a proper subject for relief in the nature of mandamus to compel”.
    Therefore, the New York State Supreme Court has found that the decision as to whether or not the City of Rye should enforce their own Code (§161), lies with the City Council, as the Court is not, as a matter of law, empowered the City Council to do so.
    This was of course, a disappointment, yet, it is still a victory because now everyone in the City of Rye knows the truth and I am sure that they are just as appalled as I am that the Mayor and the City Council would outright refuse to enforce a code that was put in place for the protection of the very people who elected them. Who ever heard of a City refusing to enforce their own code? The shame is still on all of you.

    Also regarding this particular issue, I would like to bring to your attention, a recent article published by “The Rye Sound Shore Review” which quoted City Attorney Kristen Wilson as saying that, “The city has no reason to enforce §161 of the code. Also, the Rye City Council may look to revise the law and clarify language highlighted by the county as in health concerns”. (A copy of the referenced “My Rye” article is attached as Exhibit “3”). I was not aware that the Corporation Council’s responsibilities included setting policy. It would appear from Ms. Wilson’s statement that the Council has without meeting, decided not to enforce their own code and intends to revise §161. The council should carefully consider this statement and their intentions. §161 was made law on September 20, 1950 by the Forefathers of this City Council, I am sure after much thought, to further protect Milton Harbor, one of the most precious resources of this city. It has remained law for over 60 years. And now we are told that this Council has “no reason or intention to enforce this Chapter of the Code”. I for one, would like to know why not. Something is very wrong here.
    In the same “Rye Sound Shore Review” article, you, Mayor French claim to be pleased with the ruling and stated, “It speaks to the fact that we’ve always believed the county is our health department and we look to them for that service”. Incredibly, you also claim that the city was within its right not to enforce the code that is on its books and you go on to say, “We don’t have the level of expertise, it’s part of a range of services that the county provides”. These are blatant misstatements of fact, whether intentional or due to ignorance of the code of the City over which you preside. There is no expertise required, with regard to this issue and the County does not provide this service, nor is either necessary.
    I urge you and the City Council to review §161 of the Rye City Code, paying particular attention to 1 through 4. For your convenience, I have attached a copy of §161 as Exhibit “4”. For now I will quote §161-1, “There shall be an annual inspection of all private sewage disposal systems by a contractor duly approved by the Westchester County Commissioner of Healthy on all properties bordering on all watercourses, including Long Island Sound, Milton Harbor and all tributaries thereto”.
    The annual inspection would be the responsibility of the property owner. Accordingly, there would be no cost to the City to enforce the existing Code. In fact, as stated in §161-4, “Any person violating any of the provisions of this article shall, upon conviction thereof, be punished by a fine not exceeding $500 or imprisonment not exceeding 15 days, or by both such fine and Imprisonment. Each day such violation shall continue shall constitute a separate offense”. Rather than costing the City money, it would actually bring additional revenue, assuming the occasional violation.
    While the City has claimed a victory with regard to this decision, this is clearly not the case and it appears the residents of Rye agree. Judging from the comments that followed the article in the Journal News, the consensus of the general population in Rye, seems to be in my favor as you will see on the following page.

    Comments for

    Judge tosses Rye activist’s Hen Island petition; both sides declare victory

    1/28/2011 11:45:02 AM
    DumpCountyGovt wrote:
    Good for Mr. Tartaglione. Why is Mayor French not utilizing the laws already on the books in Rye to keep L.I. Sound clean and free of human waste from Hen Island?
    Mayor French cannot hide behind the county any longer. The Judge told him Rye has the ability to enforce the law. Why isn’t he? Does Mayor French have relatives who own a home on Hen Island?

    1/31/2011 10:22:42 AM
    ryedemocrat wrote:
    No he doesn’t have any relatives, just a neighbor.

    1/28/2011 10:24:58 AM
    georgefrancis wrote
    It appears this is a victory for Mr. Tartaglione. I thought it was a county issue but Judge Zambelli ruled otherwise. I don’t question her judgment. In light of this decision, the City of Rye probably should err on the side of enforcing health and sanitation codes. I do not approve of the personal attacks on Rye’s former mayor Steve Otis or counsel Kevin Plunkett. there is nothing to indicate they acted in anyway other than in Rye’s best interest as they saw it. Both men are highly intelligent and honorable.

    1/28/2011 8:22:58 AM
    SeniorCitizen wrote:
    We should all be thankful there are people like Mr Tartaglione in Westchester, whether or not we believe in what he’s fighting for. It’s the activists/gadflies/loud-mouths (politely said, of course) that make the rest of us aware of what’s going on. This man believed enough in his cause to keep The LI Sound clean that he took the time, and spent the money, to do something about it. His cause wouldn’t help him ONLY; keeping the waterway clean is something that will benefit everyone. I find it extremely sad his local government tries to pass the buck. I applaud you, Mr Tartaglione, for your efforts in trying to help keep the LI Sound clean.

    1/28/2011 7:04:30 AM
    dondebar wrote:
    Nice work! Maybe the next move should be to run Mr. Floatie for mayor or city council!

    Mayor French, during your campaign, you promised to resolve the Hen Island issues and the Schubert matter. Not only did you not keep your promise, you have gone to great lengths at the expense of the Rye City taxpayer, to keep those matters unresolved. Had you taken the appropriate course, both these issues could have and should have been resolved at no expense to the City and ultimately to the taxpayers. I find your lack of concern, as well as the City Council’s, to be reprehensible. I have remained silent for over a year now, while I waited for you to fulfill your campaign promises to resolve these significant problems, but since it is obvious at this point that you have no intention of doing so, it seems I must pick up where I left off and continue to do everything in my power to protect Milton Harbor and the Long Island Sound. Obviously, I have no choice, since you will do nothing. You could have made your mark as a decent, caring, “for the good of the people” mayor, with the resolution of these issues. Instead, and sadly, for the residents of Rye, you have accomplished nothing since taking office, which makes you just another politician. You will be hearing from me further.

    Very truly yours,
    Raymond J. Tartaglione

  10. Again Ray tell me what its like to be the biggest asshole in the world? I saw that video of you and the former councilman. More proof of the grandstanding self serving popularity seeking asshole that you truly are.

    Again, if you do not like the bird feces etc why the f–k do you simply leave? I am CERTAIN no one will miss you. Or you feel it is your moral duty to carry on this charade with no merit.

  11. Chris Hen
    Is chris Henn Ray Tartaglione seeking a faux platform to spew his false statements?
    If so I have no response.
    If indeed “Chris Henn” is real and opposed to the Tartaglione agenda I suggest you oppose him more constructivly. What you are doing now adds heat and little light.
    Chris or Ray?

  12. RW,
    If you are, I can assure you that I am not. I can also assure you everything I post; I can back up with facts. Slander settlements can be very high. That is why I can call the Hen Island people polluters and the mayor a polluter enabler. Because they are. I do not engage in ad hominem attacks and I do try and stick to the facts. I have found that when people start to attack you personally it is only because they can’t attack the facts. If you watch the City council meetings and the confrontations between me and Scott Pickup, you will see that is exactly what he does. Attack me personally!! He realizes he is a looser when it comes to the facts so he accuses me of “harassing the city council”. Any idea who Chris Henn might be? I think Chris wants everyone to think he is from Hen Island. In the big picture of things it is really not important as long as you understand it is not me.

  13. Ray, let’s parse your latest response:

    “I can also assure you everything I post; I can back up with facts.”

    So where exactly are they?
    a. so-called pollution to milton harbor
    b. so-called pollution to greenhaven
    c. so-called pollution to milton point

    “Slander settlements can be very high”

    is slander when you make false and/or misleading statements that are purported to be facts?

  14. My name is JIm Wagner, my family use to own a cottage in the middle of Hen Island from the beginning of Hen Island. Iuse to spend the summer on the island. It was truly paradise. This was in the 1950s. The only time we were not allowed to go into the water is when the PUBLIC WASTE PLANTS polutted the water. They even ruined the claming we use to do. It would be nice if certain people got a life and minded their own business. We use to bring fresh water from the mainland to the island in large 10gallon milk cans filled by a water hose.take showers from water collected from our roofs and had a little put,put generators.Everyone got along fine. No crime ,no cops,no problems. CHECK THE SEWER PLANTS BUB

  15. Hi Jim,
    When I was young (4 years old) I would stand next to my mother on the front seat of the car as she was driving and we would sing songs together. When I was 5 years old my mother would watch me from the window getting on a public bus to use as transportation to school. At 12 o’clock she would be waiting for me at the front door of the house not at the bus stop. (The bus fare at the time was 5 cents round trip.) When I was in grade school, if we got out of line the Nuns and the Priest would hit us with rulers if we were lucky and if you came home and told your parents what happen, you would get another beating from them. Years ago slavery was legal and no one ever thought that some kook would be able to murder three thousand plus people New York City at one time. All very hard for a person to even entertain today. Fortunately times change and people now know better than to put children in a car without a car seat. No one would even think of handing their 5 year old to a bus driver. If you hit a kid (regardless of who you are) or owned a slave you would be in jail today in about 30 seconds. I think the comfort level and frequency of traveling would change drastically if there were no security in our airports. We paid a heavy price to learn those lessons over the years and there is no way we can ever repay those that lost loved ones in the process.

    My name is Ray Tartaglione and I own a cottage on Hen Island today. In this day and age if you pollute the water anywhere else but in Rye you go to jail. If you have a home and collect domestic water from the roof anywhere else but in Rye you will not be allowed to live in the house. Sixty years ago when you got bitten by a mosquito all you got was a little sting because West Nile Virus was only in Africa. Click on the below links and take a look at what can happen to young children or our senior citizens in today’s world.



    I agree Jim 50 years ago we all lived in a different time and my memories of those times are great, just as I am sure yours are but we can’t stop the hands of time or turn the clocks back. So we should live that our memories will be part of our happiness but we should strive to be wiser today than we were yesterday. I hope you enjoyed the weekend.

  16. Rye Wit,
    How about these (facts) supplied to the stockholders of the Island at the last meeting. (Facts) where Mayor French attempts to lie and mislead Rye citizens into believing that composting toilets will be legal and solve the pollution problems. Nothing could be further from the truth. Read the letter and you can see where the Mayor is now going to allow Hen Island residents to literally handle their own sewage.

    This is a community that will not cut their own grass, clean their beaches


    or protect their own children from West Nile Virus.


    Do you think they are going to empty composting toilets and dispose of the by-products correctly.

  17. OK Ray. What is your solution ? For years we’ve seen vitriol and condemnation with no solutions offered. You’ve obviously done your homework so you must have proposals in mind. Let’s hear them although somehow I’m not confident that anything other than the tired old trite will be forthcoming.

  18. Voice of Reason,

    It’s been about 6 years since this battle has begun, so excuse me for not remembering if Ray has brought forward solutions or not…..If he has or does now do you think the City will act on them?

    The City seems very reluctant just to commit to “ownership of their responsibility”…..

    Everyone wants this to end, what makes you think City Officials do?