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Hen Island Photos – Rye’s “Untamed” Island

Hen_island_north_dsc03345(PHOTO: north Hen Island) The New York Times story this past weekend said it best – Hen Island in Rye’s Milton harbor is "Untamed". Take a walk around the three islands and 30 acres – north, middle and south – that compose Hen Island, also known as Kuder Island, by viewing MyRye.com’s Hen Island photo album.

Sunset_from_helen_tierneys_home_d_6(PHOTO: Sunset viewed from the southernmost tip of Hen Island) In subsequent stories, MyRye.com will show you pictures of trouble brewing in paradise and a spot you can have of your very own on Hen Island for only $499,000.


  1. Well, Mr. editor or, Mr. photographer…..or, whomever…You’ve done a wonderful job of photographing Hen Island….The pictures submitted are just beautiful..A true representation of this little piece of paradise off the shores of Rye, NY……I hope you enjoyed your visit…..And, for those not fortunate enough to get out to the island, they’ve seen, through the lens of your camera, what the summer campsite owners experience daily…..Thanks for the photos….If you don’t object, I’ll print some for myself…..
    Mike Johnson

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