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Hen Island “Spokes-Turd” Mr. Floatie Visits Rye City Council

Mr_floatie_at_city_council_10012008This past Wednesday, Mayor Steve Otis and the entire Rye city council had a special guest. Mr. Floatie–the eight foot "spokes-turd" for Ray Tartaglione’s HEALtheHARBOR group that is concerned about pollution on Rye’s Hen Island–made an unannounced appearance to press the case of the Hen Island group.

The video of Mr. Floatie’s appearance can be seen it its entirety below:

The group submitted the following report regarding their appearance before Rye city council:

"On Wednesday evening, October 1, Jordan Glass, Esq., a spokesperson and supporter of HEALtheHARBOR.com presented the Rye City Council with copies of e-mailed correspondence between Westchester County Deputy Health Commissioner Leonard Meyerson and Chief Health Commissioner Joshua Lipsman, which confirmed that, “none of the wastewater disposal systems [on Hen Island in Milton Harbor] were approved by the Westchester County Health Department.”  Mr. Meyerson’s email offered four recommendations to remedy the unapproved polluting septic systems on Hen Island.

The e-mails were obtained thru a “FOIL” (Freedom of Information Law) request of the Westchester County Health Departments records.  Glass, also stated that Ron Gatto, lead investigator of the Westchester County Environmental Unit, wanted to close Hen Island until the corrections were made.  He also supplied the Council with minutes from an emergency management meeting which took place in 2001, during which Rye’s Fire Inspector, Jim Dianni, suggested that dry hydrants be installed throughout Hen Island.  Glass also noted that, now seven years later, they have never been installed.

He drew references to the 1974 Gulliver’s fire in Portchester during which 24 lives were lost and how vigilant the local municipalities became regarding safety inspections after that tragedy.  Glass questioned the Council as to why they were not enforcing the fire safety, and health codes on Hen Island.

On a much lighter note, Glass introduced the Rye Council to “Mr. Floatie,” the 8-foot turd mascot for HEALtheHARBOR.com.  “Mr. Floatie’s purpose is to educate.  He is a lovable environmentalist devoted to clean water awareness.  His mission is to draw attention to the need for a safe environment, which he does by ‘high-fiving’ children and giving out Hershey bars.”  When Mr. Floatie presented Mayor Otis with a Hershey bar, the Mayor asked, “if there was any e-coli in the bar.”  Glass assured the Mayor that it was all done in good taste and the bars were safe – as we all hope Hen Island will be one day."


  1. Dear Mr. Johnson,
    Although I am bi-partisan and I have been known to “go with the flow”, I have been watching the political arena with great interest. Fortunately, I did have the occasion to watch the most recent debate at one of my supporter’s homes. I apologize if I seem to be plagiarizing one of Senator McCain’s comments but if you want to address Ray Tartaglione, you should address him directly. I am not Ray Tartaglione. I am Mr. Floatie. I would however, like to address your comments, if you don’t mind. It’s not “All about meeting Chicks”. It’s about health, safety and the environment. It is about protecting the Long Island Sound so that our children, grandchildren and future generations can enjoy the waters as we have when we were growing up. It’s about enforcing the laws that are put into place to protect the people and the environment. It’s about a Mayor (Steven Otis), a Deputy Health Commissioner (Lenny Meyerson) and all the others involved in this despicable cover-up. It is about a community that you are a part of that consistently refuses to act responsibly.
    Mr. Johnson, you should be ashamed of yourself for protecting and contributing to the pollution. I, sir am just a turd that “walks a fine brown line between raising awareness and causing a stink”, and what you see are “some of the stools of my trade” used to bring attention to this travesty occurring in our beautiful, home town of Rye, NY.
    I will have dinner or drinks with anyone who is willing to listen to my cause. I will tell my story over and over again to anyone who will listen. I will come to your home and speak. I will sit in the park with your wife and grown children, if they are willing to listen. I will come to your birthday party as a surprise guest, if you or your guests will listen to my short speech about a very dangerous and unfriendly, environmental community. It will be all in “good clean fun”, in an effort to spread the word about http://www.HEALtheHARBOR.com.
    It doesn’t make a difference to me if you are a male or female for I am a turd and do not have a gender. I am from everyone, and “if you are from Hen Island, I am surely from you”. There is however, “a methane to my madness”! It is my wish that one day I may find a home in the sewer where I belong. It is lonely and getting cold swimming in the waters off of Rye. I would like to be contained with others of my own kind where we can all be “treated” appropriately.
    “I have to go”. I hope you are looking forward to a Happy Halloween. This is my favorite holiday of the year! Thank you for listening and I do hope that one day you will understand.

    Mr. Floatie
    (The Friendly Poo)

  2. Oh…..My bad! ..But, I thought I WAS addressing Mr. Floatie…I didn’t mention Mr. Tartaglione in my little note, did I ?…Enjoy your “favorite holiday”..Actually, I never realized Halloween is a holiday…I’m learning a great deal from you, Mr. Floatie…hummm….But, I can see why it would be a favorite time for you…..LOTS of FREE toilet paper !!

  3. We appreciate all of the support we have been receiving from individuals concerned especially residents from the Sound Shore Communities. We are in the process of producing a documentary that will include pre-recorded comments on the Milton Harbor/Hen Island conflict.
    We would appreciate your comments whether pros or cons, on this very important issue.
    Please contact us at info@healthe harbor.com if you would like to be a part of our upcoming documentary. We will be happy to accommodate busy schedules by
    making any interviews as convenient as possible. We are willing to come to you if necessary.

  4. Mr Flotie:
    Your publicity episodes (car and custume) have no traction with either local press or Rye citizens . The Westchester
    Board of Health continues to allow the seasonal residents to occupy
    their cottages and the Fire Inspection visited in July and
    islanders made suggested safety. changes. My suggestion – rather
    than handing out candy bars
    is to end the your petty law suit vs fellow islanders. You live in New Rochelle not City of Rye.

  5. If Ray Tartaglione had any real concerns about the environment, his campaign would be directed towards the millions of gallons of raw sewage that is dumped into the Sound by sewage treatment plants every time that there is a major rainfall. The few cottages that are occupied for weekends in the summer produce nothing in comparison.

    More raw sewage enters the Sound in one hour during a major storm than has been produced by Hen Island’s occupants during the last century.

    It is painfully obvious that Tartaglione is the epitome of the spoiled, petulant child that cries like a baby when he doesn’t get what he wants.

    Get over it Ray, sell your house on Hen Island if you despise it so much.

  6. Dear Mr. or Ms. Garnet Graduate,
    Your spelling, grammar and punctuation were a little hard to digest even for someone like me that is very familiar with the digestion process. I think in addition to a few English classes, you might consider a few lessons in civic responsibility. “We need to push together to get movement on these Hen Island issues. Great behinds stink alike!” I am a turd with no formal education and even I know the difference between right and wrong. “The Sound is not a toilet!” Your statements and positions are wrong about Hen Island, and your non- supportive comments against the Rye Teachers Association are also out of line. I assume you didn’t pay attention in school and you are not paying attention now. The name you use to disguise your identity should be changed. I would suggest you use “pollution supporter”.

    Also it’s Mr. Floatie not Mr. Flotie

  7. Good grief
    Bathroom humour is usually reserved for the kindergarden set ( some of whom have temper tantrums).
    You need to mature and shed both of the above afflictions as it is most unseemly in an adult.
    Please go to your room, stand in the corner and say 100 times “I will grow up”

  8. Ada,

    You can hide under any internet alias that you like. But this is who you really are. You are the owner of the cottage on the south-end of Hen Island that has a blue garbage can buried partially in the ground, with only the top exposed. This garbage can is used to dispose of your sewage along the shores of the Long Island Sound.

    The top is accessible to enable you to remove the contents when the sewage pit is full or clogged. You are one of the more serious “Polluters” on Hen Island, and Major Otis is one of your enablers.
    I’m sorry if you do not like my bathroom humor, but I do not like your bathroom effluence polluting the waters of the Long Island Sound. I leave you and Major Otis with the following quote from Ansel Adams:
    “It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment.”

  9. Dear Concerned Citizen,
    I must admit, I have already pondered some of the questions of your response with regards
    to overflow pollution from the sewage treatment plants in Westchester. I do agree that the overflow pollution is a very serious issue and needs to be addressed. However, that does not negate the fact that Hen Island is home to sewage pits discharging raw sewage into the sound. Your cries that we should go after the sewage treatment plants guilty of overflow pollution and not Hen Island is similar to saying not to go after bank robbers when we can go after the CFO’s of Enron. The fact is we should go after both.

    I am going after Hen Island because Hen Island is in my backyard and it is a relatively easy fix. Here is what has to happen to repair the problems with the sewage effluence from Hen Island. Officials have to issue a violation and request to have all the systems on Hen Island flow and dye tested as requested by the Soundkeeper. Once that happens, the repair process begins.

    It is just like the old story about the elephant in the living room. Everyone is stepping over him and no one wants to admit that there is an elephant in the living room. Once someone admits that he is there, then all we have to do is figure out how to get him out. Although I have not posed this question to others involved in my organization, I am confident all would agree to pay for the testing of any systems that would pass flow and dye test on the island.

    My question to all on Hen Island is “if we are willing to pay for testing, should they pass, why would you not have the testing performed unless you have something to hide?”

    Lastly, I can tell you the only citizens that are objecting to our quest to clean up Hen Island’s little elephant problems are the Hen Island residents themselves, (I’m guessing you might be one of them). Otherwise, everyone we speak to is very encouraging and enthusiastic about the cause, with the exception of the officials. Most agree with us, some are annoyed by us but they all admit, we may not be able to get rid of the elephants but we are going to be effective with polluters.

    Ray Tartaglione

  10. Your Enron comparison is pure hyperbole. During a storm surge, millions of gallons of raw sewage are dumped into the Sound. By comparison, the few seasonal cottages that you are so obsessed with produce virtually no sewage.

    And, those sewage treatment systems are also “in your backyard.”

    If you truly wanted to “heal the harbor” you would be after the real cause of pollution, the sewage treatment plants.

    By the way, how do you dispose of your sewage on Hen Island?

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