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Home Current Affairs Rye Off the Record: French Food, Basketball, Hookers and Hybrids

Rye Off the Record: French Food, Basketball, Hookers and Hybrids

Mamaroneck's Le Provençal Bistro received a tepid review in The New York Times that called the upscale French Bistro "inconsistent" and "sloppy'. AZCentral.com on Knick's coach and Rye resident Mike D'Antoni:

"His family lives outside the city in Rye but near the Knicks' two-court training center where chefs make breakfast and lunch daily. He heads into the city only for home games, and a personal driver takes him there."

The Knick's training center, if you are wondering, is in Greenberg. The license plate on a local Toyota Prius: Ryebrid. And, according to Amlawdaily.com, the settlement between the Connecticut AttorneyGeneral and Craiglist.com in regards to how Craiglist was going to crack down on listings for illegal prostitution was hammered out in our fair city and leafy suburb of 15,000. Blumenthal is the Connecticut AG and Buckmaster is the Craigslist CEO:

"The key turning point in the relationship between Craigslist and Blumenthal's office came in July, when Wes, Janotta, Blumenthal and Buckmaster met in an office near the Rye, N.Y. station on the Metro-North train line–a convenient spot for everyone. Wes says he and Buckmaster pitched the credit card fee idea, and Blumenthal liked it."


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