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A Cup with Joe: The Latimer Coffee Report

State rep George Latimer submitted the following "Latimer Coffee Report" to MyRye.com after having some caffeinated beverage and spirited talks with various Rye "Joes" along with his fellow pol county rep Judy Myers:

Coffee with George and Judy

A small group of residents visited On the Way Cafe last Saturday (Dec. 6) to share a cup of coffee – and a few comments on government – with Assemblyman George Latimer and County Legislator Judy Myers, as part of their continuing Coffee with George and Judy programs. The two electeds, who represent Rye in State and County government, are usually available four times per year in this format — a causal conversation at a local luncheonette. Saturdays are busy days for Rye residents, but a few people stopped and sat down to talk about their concerns, while another half-dozen or so waived hello passing in and out of the local eatery on Forest Avenue at Playland Parkway.

Some of the visitors included:

  • Pat Sales of Orchard Avenue presented a consumer protection issue elating to oil delivery companies and their billing process regarding pre-payment plans;
  • Bill Lawyer of Hillside Place inquired about the background of the announced improvements to County sewer treatment plants along the Sound Shore to reduce nitrogen emissions to the L.I. Sound, as mandated by State and Federal governments that will cause sewer rates to rise;
  • Jim Amico of Midland Avenue discussed his advocacy for a stop sign at the corner of Midland Avenue and Palisade Road to deal with traffic safety at that intersection;
  • Joe Murphy of Franklin Avenue wanted the state to re-examine  the ways to bring about school district mergers to reduce school spending and taxes;
  • Blu Hancock of Brevoort Lane asked about programs and organizations that benefit children-in-need across the county.

Both legislators took notes, and divided the follow up duties, based on the issues, with a promise to get back to each constituent as needed. Residents can always call Myers at 995-2802 or Latimer at 777-3832 throughout the week to discuss issues large and small in their respective governments.


  1. Thanks for the tip. If I would have known in advance, I would have escorted one of our supporters to meet them on Saturday. I have heard that they are both open, honest and helpful. We have already left a message this morning for both of them to return a call referencing all that is being ignored on Hen Island. We also sent them both a copy of my recent video “On the Waterfront”(http://vimeo.com/2356357). Hopefully they will be more helpful than the Mayor and the city council have been. We will let you know.

  2. Can somebody ask George to comment on how he and all his jackal pals in politics can explain how NY residents are paying the highest gasoline prices in all United States ?


    and within NY State ? Rye has the highest observable gasoline prices by a mile …….

    we can continue to be laughing stock of America on taxes , costs , etc .

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