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Aletti’s Christmas House Rocks

DSC07981 Even scrouge would like it. Roy Aletti, the man who bear hugs any holiday he can find and expresses himself by turning his home into a theme park, is at it again.

DSC07996 The proprietor of Harrison Paint (great store), who just finished hauling away the half ton pumpkins he had in his yard for Halloween, has decked out his home for Christmas. The house has more lights than you can imagine, Santa, reindeer, Frosty and many others. Seeing this house will take you out of your economic morass and put you in a holiday mood. The place has that sort of healing power.

Take a walk or drive over to the house, just over the Rye border at 50 Parsons Street in Harrison.

See MyRye.com's Aletti Christmas House 2008 album and our story from last year too.


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