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Osborn Ballroom Dance Team Advances

The Osborn Elementary School Ballroom Dance Team, designated as the Emerald Green Team in this round, advanced in the semi finals held at PS69Q in Jackson Heights Queens on December 11th, and will proceed for the first time to the Fall Semester Finals Team Match in an actual ballroom setting at Alfred Lerner Hall at Columbia University on Tuesday, December 16th.

Thanks to Marshall Toppo and Osborn for this video of the competition:

Team Members:

Fox Trot:     Emma Stearns and Sung Joon

Merengue:   Cheyenne Mion and Mark Croughan

Rhomba:     Taylor Noto and Daniel Severance

Swing:        Deirdre Potter and Will Colwell

Tango:        Dana McLaughlin and Ryan Anderson

Team Captains: Melissa Mina and Stephen O'Connell

The children have taken their duties very seriously under the direction of their faculty advisors, fourth grade teacher Amy Carman and music instructor Marshall Toppo, and Rodney Lopez of the American Ballroom Theater Company. Osborn will be designated as the Red team in the upcoming competition. The three Gold Level teams that win this match will go on to compete in the Grand Final Competition in June that takes place at the Winter Garden at the World Financial Center.

-Judy Croughan.



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