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Food For Thought — Socialize For The Sake of Service!

Join MyRye.com social scene columnist Pamela Baur for Date in the City Cares on Friday January 30th 6:30-10:30pm at Taj Lounge in New York City!

DateintheCity In my last post, Say it out loud! I shared how communication has the power to feed relationships and creates opportunities and breakthroughs. This event takes that thought one step further. The socializing, dating, and fun we create can serve a greater purpose beyond ourselves and make an extremely powerful impact to our community and therefore stretching out to the world. Our socializing can feed New York!

The Date in the City Cares event will welcome 500 attendees and raise $10,000 for  The Food Bank for New York City.

• The event will include a free martini hour for all guests in addition to live music and a fashion show
• Every one who attends will receive a 1-year subscription to TimeOut New York
• Personal Connectors to serve as personal concierges for our guests and introduce them to the people that they want to meet! 
• Raffles and gift bag giveaways
• Be a part in collaborating how we will bring this movement and event to Rye in spring 2009!

The mission is to create an environment where people do what they love, have a great time, and enroll in contributing to a valuable cause; socializing in the name of service!

Like communications and relationships, participation to achieve the vision of what we want takes a bit of effort! I invite you to please show your support for this event and take the step to join me in attending.

Thank you in advance for sharing this with AS MANY people as you can to spread the word and offer them the opportunity to attend and lend support!


I'm committed to everyone who reads this recognizing the opportunity to make a difference by getting on the court to have fun and get in the game of giving! I'll be gathering a group to travel down together from Rye and you can contact me at pamela.baur@gmail.com to inform me of your participation, number of guests your bringing, and that you are in the game! I look forward to meeting and sharing this event with you!

If you are unable to attend, your contribution and sharing this event with others who would be interested to attend and donate is greatly appreciated!


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