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Say It Out Loud!

MyRye.com's social scene columnist Pamela Baur says: Say It Out Loud!

As I was walking in Port Chester the other night, a guy jogged past me, and as he passed he said “happy new year” then continued on his way. I kept walking, and looked over my shoulder twice in notation and pleasant surprise by his sharing of good wishes, and what I saw, as his choice to say out loud exactly the thought crossing his mind.

The THINKER His gesture to extend new year’s wishes to me, a simple passerby, got me thinking about how often we think things and choose not to open our mouths and say what we’d like to say, (sometimes even need to say).

Right now you may be thinking “so what?” or “I say what I need to say”, you know, having a conversation with that little voice in your head…the voice that just said “what voice?”, yes that one!

Well, I mention this because what happens by listening to that voice, and keeping our mouths shut is… absolutely nothing. Moments come and go, and in each moment, we either allow ourselves to say how we feel and what we think or we don’t. What I’ve found, and what was reconfirmed for me in that moment the jogger wished me a happy new year, is what a difference is made in ordinary moments simply by allowing our thoughts to pass our lips and be shared with someone in a genuine way.

Even more surprising, for example in terms of relationships, what happens when we allow our honest thoughts to be shared with someone we care for, sometimes in the face of being afraid of looking bad or being vulnerable – turns out not to be so scary and makes for a memorable impression, an honest moment; aren’t we all looking for that?

In those honest moments of authentically sharing intentions, thoughts, and feelings, even the simplest ones, creates the possibility for, well, anything. It’s the idea to simply put it out there, (whatever it happens to be) in the moment you think it with no real attachment to the outcome. Being in the presence of someone genuinely giving of themselves has certainly given me the space and comfort to do the same. 

Say your thoughts out loud, even if they seem unreasonable or you’re afraid of looking silly, you may just find your thoughts and feelings actually make a positive impression to others and even become clearer to you.

It’s much more fun to be clear and outside of your head in memorable moments than having the thoughts bounce around in a swirling conversation in your mind—of course resulting in nothing.

…so, with that I say to you, happy new year!…and pass it on!

Vino!2 Pamela Baur has enjoyed living in Rye since 2007. She works as a project manager with a local entrepreneurial business development firm.


  1. I like that Pamela Baur! So here is what my little voice says to me on a regular basis. Why would Mayor Otis not want to enforce the laws that protect the citizens of Rye, Milton Harbor and the environment? Why is he doing his best to make people believe that this community was inspected and received a clean bill of health? Why has the City of Rye allowed a new home to be built just this past summer on Hen Island along the shores of the long island sound without any Health Department approvals? Lastly why did the City of Rye not prosecute the homeowner when they found so many inconsistencies and lies on his applications to the zoning board and building department?

  2. Dear Mr. Floatie:

    I saw you at the (Mis) State of the City of Rye the other night given by Otis. You were sitting right behind Otis. You guys should pair up. You have a lot in common except when it comes being a leader. In my opinion Otis lacks accountability, credibility and integrity.

  3. Now, Now, Now, Bucky I didn’t know you were with the internet police. If you are my website is:
    Please drop me an e-mail, let me know what the criminal charges would be and I will be happy to turn myself in. In the mean time, let me tell you what my (DUTY) is. My (DUTY) is to bring attention to the health, safety and environmental conditions that are being ignored on Hen Island in Rye. I do that by just being me. By the way, have you seen my new holiday video “Miracle on Purchase Street”? http://www.healtheharbor.com/video/santa_floatie.html

    Maybe we can get Pamela to give us a review. I will take any attention I can get, good or bad it doesn’t make a difference. You see with me attention is attention and that’s what I like and need. The more I get the more people learn about this cover-up. It’s tough to ignore me even when you try to. The mayor and the city council try to ignore me when I attend the City Council meetings. It is amazing that they can keep a straight face and even that draws attention. Take a look at Wednesday’s meeting at City Hall.


    Some of the people on Hen Island would like to see the problems rectified and others would not. The ones that would not, are not concerned about the environment and don’t care if their community is safe or not. The same goes for some of the people in Rye. Like you, some despise me and others embrace me. Some applaud me and some think I am a piece of poop. They are both right. I love everyone because (I can see the love inside of you) if you know what I mean. If you don’t, listen to the words of my song and you will get it. http://www.healtheharbor.com/video/mrfloatie.html

    I don’t think the issues I bring attention too are petty but obviously you do. You must be one of the ones that don’t care. Also I don’t hi-jack anything. It is you and all that support your efforts not to enforce the laws that were put in place to protect the people and the environment that steal from Mother Nature and the comfort of knowing that our homes are safe.
    Instead of attacking me Bucky how about attacking the issues.

  4. Re “Say it out loud.” Ms. Baur is obviously vain, isolated, self-centered and presumptuous.I happened to be in Port Chester that night when the same jogger ran by me and shouted “up yours!” I was outraged and should have tripped him. Then I noticed his ear piece. He was obviously speaking to someone on his cell phone. So, Ms. Baur, why don’t we all just keep our thoughts to ourselves and suffer accordingly. Otherwise,I think you are a skilled writer and may you have a happier new year.

  5. Was Pam sober when she wrote this? Let’s succumb to the tyranny of feelings! The ridiculous notion that everyone will be healthier for expressing every fleeting equivalent of gas emissions is so puerile. But let me say what’s on my mind, since Pam has given us all the thumbs up: crawl back into bed with your beauty magazines and idiotic New Age crappy spirituality, you self indulgent poseur.

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