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Nanny 911: The Shoplifter

Nanny 911 Do you have a story about a negligent neighborhood nanny? We found this gem on I Saw Your Nanny. Are nannies maligned in Rye for no good reason? Or do you have your own horror story about Rye's nanny nation?

"I am a mother with my own nanny in the small town of Rye, NY. Last evening I was at the drugstore when I noticed some employees gathering and whispering. Their intended target was the nanny of one of my children's friends; the mother of whom I know only casually. The employees were recollecting the nanny's previous visits to the store, empty wrappers she left behind, merchandise she had stolen, and they spread out to observe her in the store. They stated, 'this time we're calling the police'. They weren't very quiet about it and I think the nanny was spooked. She bought a magazine and a pack of chewing gum and left, (under the watchful eye of several employees). The made several references to the bag she was carrying as being the 'infamous' bag. I noted the bag was like a large messenger bag in a soft green leather material. The bag was very large and looked to be empty as she left the store. One of the employees said, "oh she's good, that's for sure, but without the kids, I think her and her big bag are too obvious". This nanny is not married. She is a live-in nanny. I have met her and she seems very normal, pleasant, usually on the ball with the children she works with. In my position, how many of you would contact the mother of this nanny? My husband is of the school of the thought that this is clearly a case of MYOB."

What do you think? Leave your comment below.


  1. Think about this… if this story is to be believed, the nanny is obviously stealing from the store in front of the kids. The kids, rightly or wrongly, look up to this young woman as a role model. If it were your kids who were witness to this activity, wouldn’t you, as a parent, want to know about it so you could take steps to stop it? Many housewives in Rye entrust their children to nannies in order to pursue careers so they can afford to stay in Rye.
    A lucky few wives get live-in nannies so they can go play tennis, golf, shop, dine and get their nails done without having to worry about shuttling Johnny or Jenny to all their extra-curricular activities designed to make them more perfect individuals. Are they really accomplishing this by exposing their child to a petty thief? If I were the mother who witnessed this, I’d call the casual friend and tell her exactly what happened, without passing judgment on her or the nanny.
    I’d also talk to my own nanny to let her know that shoplifting is a crime with some pretty severe punishments, not least of which is a permanent record – making future employment difficult.
    In this case, “MYOB” is the wimpy way out. Ten bucks the husband who advised this is a lawyer with no backbone who’s been trained since day one of law school to not get involved unless he’s paid.

  2. No one likes a RAT……BUT!! If she is stealing from a store then she is a THIEF where ever she goes.Including her employer’s
    “HOME”. What if she came to your house for a visit with her employer & you never exposed her…then what would you do? What if she gets caught with the kids present, they will have to witness her being arrested,put in hand cuffs,etc.. If the parents are working they will have to spend time at the RPD[won’t that be fun w/some of Rye’s finest],and possibly CPS will get involved. “THIS IS A NO BRAINER” You need to protect the children….the hell w/the MYOB nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Concerned,
    I don’t think Linus is referring to accessory as far as the law is concerned. I think what Linus is saying is…. If you turn a blind eye you are an accessory to knowing & allowing the consequences to fall as they may. If I knew the names & addresses of all involved I would make a phone call whether I witnessed it or not. Not the guilt I would want to walk around with every day……

  4. A witness to a crime may or may not be an accessory. An accessory must have knowledge that a crime is being or will be committed. A person with such knowledge may become an accessory by helping or encouraging the criminal in some way, or by simply failing to report the crime to the authorities. The assistance to the criminal may be of any type, including emotional or financial assistance as well as physical assistance or concealment.
    If you see the nanny stealing, you’re a witness. If you then don’t report it to the store or the police, then you become an accessory after the fact… but I wouldn’t break out into a cold sweat if you’ve witnessed a shoplifter and didn’t report it.
    A violent crime such as murder or rape, on the other hand, is a different animal entirely. You would (and should) be prosecuted for failing to report the crime.

  5. A nannie sets the example for her charge on a moral basis.
    Law has what you must or must not do.
    Morals has what one ought to do or not to do.
    Often the two do not agree..I believe the ought is more inportant than the must.

  6. BOY- Talk about being technical.
    Only a Keystone Rye Cop would charge someone for accessory in this case. Don’t you guys have to get ready for tonights Council meeting!!

  7. I didn’t know. If you know this resident, maybe you could suggest to her that she start a similar site for kids who have working parents – I saw your Mommy and I saw your Daddy. It’d be nice for the kids to see their parents, even if only on the computer!

  8. 1. what does the fact that the nanny is not married have to do with anything?

    2. i agree with the person who said if she steals from a store she will probably steal from an employer

    3. if you tell the employer remember to point out you do not know for sure, you were eavesdropping on store employees and this is what you surmised. there is a chance you are mistaken.

  9. Rye Chick,
    Just give your friend a heads up that this “might” be going on & to keep their ears & eyes open. Then the employer can make his/her own assumptions & decisions. Seems this is keeping you up @ night….you might want to hurry

  10. Soundbounder,
    ANY & ALL RESPONSIBLE ADULT would & should report this. Everything happens for a reason & what goes around comes around. Just because you report something doesn’t mean the party you are reporting it to has to know where it came from!

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