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Casting Call for Movie Set in Rye

And you thought Mariah Carey filming a music video at Playland was an outlier.

Get ready, get set, get famous. If you want to hit the silver screen, check this out from BroadwayWorld.com:

"The film is called Chasing Zero and will film next week in Monroe, CT and Rye, NY. There is no pay, but actors will get copy, credit, meals, and reimbursed for travel.  The film stars Bonnie Somerville (Cashmere Mafia, Kitchen Confidential, The OC).

Actors should email their picture and resume to CSA Casting Director Chrissy Fiorilli at chrissy.fiorilli@gmail.com, and they will have auditions later this week.  Union or non-union welcome."

(PHOTO: Bonnie Somerville)



  1. TedC,
    Don’t worry I am in. Take a look, I have an extensive background in acting.

    Here is a still from my last movie On The Waterfront;

    Here is my resume to go along;


    If you are interested in watching the entire move you may view it below;


    FYI: Bonnie Somerville and I will both be on location for the filming regardless if I get cut or not. We must let Hollywood and the entertainment world know how the city of Rye deals with its environmental issues.

  2. Hi Mr. Floatie,
    I’m sorry I was away on ass-ignment for a few days. But I am back now. Hey I’m great with make-up and fast on my feet should they need a little soft Shew. We are going to have a great time on location in Rye for the shoot. That Bonnie is one hot little saddle holder, can’t wait to meet her.

    Scooter how have you been? Long time no talk. Looking forward to seeing you at the city council meeting on Wednesday.


    Jack A. (Mr. Floatie’s ass-istant)

  3. Welcome back Jack A.

    I heard the old $oft $hew wants a public hearing on the charge$ brought against him by Oti$ and the City Council. That $hould be $ome $how unle$$ Oti$ can $omehow entice $hew to forego a public hearing.

    Any idea$ on how Oti$ may be able to entice $hew?

  4. If I was an Agent I would have Mr.Floatie and Jack_A up in lights on Broadway , on every talk show on T.V. and on the front page of every News Paper, Gossip Magazine and anyone else who would listen… Jack A is an ASS-et to Mr Floatie and Ray Tartaglione please keep up the FIGHT….Who wants to swim with S**T. Rye City Council Shame on all of you. Stop sitting up there and trying to look noble and innocent when you all really Know whats going on but refuse to admit you have made mistakes and take responsibility for your actions. Dont be a part of the problem any longer try being part of the solution step up to the plate be fore some-one makes a movie about you ” AS THE CELL DOORS CLOSE “


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