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Casting Call for Rye Republicans – This Saturday

The Rye Republicans are having a casting call.

The Rye Republican party is having an open meeting for those interested in running for public office this Saturday morning (April 4th) from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Damiano Center at Rye recreation (281 Midland Avenue).

Four spots in Rye government will be contested this fall — the expiring terms are the terms of Mayor Otis, and Councilmen Cunningham, Ball and Pratt. Rye Republican Party Chairman Tony Piscionere, former Councilmen Joe Latwin and John Alfano and current Councilman Joe Sack will be there to answer questions and hear your lines…

Former Rye City police officer and vocal critic of Rye City council Tim Chittenden announced his candidacy yesterday, so there is at least one candidate expected to turn out. Who else do you think should run on the Republican line?


  1. “TonyPiscionere”
    Everyone should keep in mind that Mr. Piscionere along with Mr. Alan Weil was the most vocal ZBA members that approved a cottage to be built this past summer on Hen Island with no health department approvals. (The two members that abstained from voting should be given credit they are Scott Beechert and Tamara Mitchel). They should be applauded for not participating in the continued cover up on Hen Island. After the ZBA approval, the cottage owner dug a hole in the ground and deposits his grey water with no septic fields along the shores of the long Island Sound. They also collect bird feces infected water from the roof for domestic use. Should Mr. Piscionere decide to run myself and Jack A will be camped outside his campaign headquarters letting people know just how environmental friendly Mr. Piscionere is. He should be credited for his efforts in allowing the pollution to continue on Hen Island.

    PS: I hear http://HEALtheHARBOR.com is in the process of creating a video documentary entitled “ Rye ZBA The Truth About Deception” centered on the ZBA’s decision not protect the environment with relation to Hen Island and the Ederer cottage.

    Mr. Floatie

  2. Someone just told me that official Committee to Reelect Otis, Pratt, Ball and Cunningham air sickness bags will be distributed at this meeting?

    And I thought republican dirty tricks ended with Daniel Segretti. For shame.

  3. 2 hours to meet? How many people are they expecting, besides Chittenden? Can Tim run for mayor and three council spots at the same time? The ballot could read Tim Chittenden on one line and The Wry Record on another.
    More importantly, who in their right mind would want to sit on the council and look at Mr. Floatie every Wednesday night without benefit of a firehose for flushing?
    Theres an outside chance of having a smaller council next year from lack of candidates.

  4. Scooter :
    Maybe the charter should be changed and a new form of government should be looked at since this one is not working very well. If we have an outside chance of having a smaller council due to a lack of candidates ,this would be a sign change is needed. Hopefully change will be in the air come November. Charter revision could bring about many changes that would bring us into the modern age!

  5. Any change to the charter should be looked at long and hard. Specifically what would you change, and what is meant by the “modern age” – having union members run the city government?
    Would you suggest providing compensation for the mayor and councilmen as a way to entice more people to run? Move to a “town hall” style of government? Abolish the city manager and have the mayor run the city? Be careful what you wish for – change for change’s sake recently brought us a new President who can’t seem to find anyone in government who pays their taxes correctly and on time. Their answer to every problem is to throw money at it, regardless of cost or effectiveness. Our country is rapidly moving to socialism (the equal sharing of misery), job losses are mounting and taxes are going to skyrocket. Yeah, change can be good, and it can also be very, very bad. So before we change our government, lets think long and hard.

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