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Rye Little League Parade – Photo Album Today

LL Lead banner 04-19-2009 078 In a follow-up to our story yesterday, here is MyRye.com's entire online photo album – over 200 photos – of Saturday's Rye Little League Parade. Tell us your favorite photo by leaving a comment below.


  1. Nice job, Jay. I think that it is better that you stick to these “powder puff” stories.

    You don’t seem to be able to be objective on any controversial issue.

    Again I ask, how much is Tartaglione paying you? Hopefully more than that idiot he pays to dress up like a turd.

  2. Journalistic Watchdog,

    I guess all the responses on Hen Island mean no one is interested in the subject. Or is it you don’t like the attention that it is generating? Are you on the city council or do you own a cottage on the island?


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