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Rye Little League Parade – Photos All Week

The New York Yankees – after giving up 14 runs in a single inning (a record) this past weekend – might be able to use a couple of these fine young men and women. Rye's 52nd annual little league parade kicked off the season this past Saturday.

LL Reds 04-19-2009 157

(PHOTO: The Reds march down Purchase Street.) Tomorrow we'll run an entire online photo album of Rye's Little League Parade.

The event makes you feel good about living here, and the 70 degree weather made one feel even better. Kids, parents, coaches and public officials all enjoyed the spectacle. The march began at the Rye train station lot, and with police car and fire engine escorts, made its way down Milton Road and ended at Disbrow Park on a beautiful new field where there was pomp, circumstance, our national anthem and lots of hot dogs.


  1. I have lived in Rye for only 4 years and the number of children hit by cars in that time is shocking. There are 3 other times I can recall children being hit plus, no doubt, countless near-misses and those involving adults. Sadly for the Amico family they are enduring the worst outcome of them all, and it’s pretty obvious that there’s something wrong with the roads, drivers and pedestrians in Rye. The Council should be looking at protecting their youngest citizens, and Midland Road should be at the top of the list with the speedway-condition road running between two child-frequented areas of Midland School and the Rye Rec.
    The modus operandi of the Council seems to be denial until public pressure becoms too much (I use slow action on the Pond on Forest Ave and Hen Is as the basis of this view) … and encourage all citizens to rally with the Amico family to get the Council to pull their collctive heads out of the sand and instigate some safety measures.
    To the Amico family, Jarid is always in our hearts and minds as our children explore small amounts of freedom. Jarid will always be remembered by so many who, like us, do not even know you.

  2. There can be no tragedy worse than that experienced by the Amico family. But the prevention of future similar tragedies is not to be found in a City Council action, but rather in educating children to be constantly aware and vigilant when crossing streets. I would hope the Rye community would support the Amicos in spearheading a campaign in our local schools to teach children safe habits that will protect them throughout their lives. Not a one time campaign, but ongoing, safety first awareness.
    Speeding was not involved in the dreadful accident that has changed the Amico’s life forever, nor in the accident on the Boston Post Rd. It is our responsibllty as a community to be sure our children have the knowledge and conditioning to protect themselves from such horrific incidents.

  3. Rebecca,Concerned,
    You have both,in my opinion hit the nail on the head!!! As I have ALWAYS stated Jarrid’s death WAS NOT the result of a speeding vehicle. That does not mean that roads such as Midland,Milton,Forest, all with major attractions for childern do not have dangerous concerns……..
    SPEEDING! It is my opinion that with further education from home combined with the efforts within their powers from City Council,BOE,TTC,SRTS,RPD,RFD we can make Rye as safe as can be for all of our children of today & tomorrow.
    A community does not just exist of a select few…. it includes all of the formentioned Volunteer & Paid Services.
    WE ARE A WHOLE & MUST ACT AS ONE. I would be more than willing to spearhead such a campaign. I can not think of a more worthy legacy to leave behind. The message must start early & often for children of all ages. Safety Measures Should Not Start and Stop With One Street but they should ABSOLUTELY Start & Stop With One Tragedy!!!
    I’m ready….And I’m not hard to find!!!

  4. Nice little league parade! Just keep this in mind when the Journal news wants to do an article about Rye Police Overtime! How do you think they staff these community events! And guess what there will be some sort of walk-a-thon or fair or derby or triathalon every weekend now, you get the point!$$$$$$


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