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Tim Chittenden by Tim Chittenden

MyRye.com asked Rye city council candidate Tim Chittendenfor a biography we could share with our readers. We hope to get biographies from other candidates as well. Here in his own words is what Chittenden shared with MyRye.com:

"I was born and raised in Rye. I am 48 years old.

My mom Joyce and my dad  Bob met at Playland where my dad was working as a Westchester County Police Officer Special. They married in 1958. They had four children.  My brothers Jake and Tod, my sister Amy and myself.

I Graduated from Rye High School in 1978.

I have an Accounting degree from Westchester Community College.

I am married to my wife Lucille Moran (Rye H.S. class of 1984)

We have three children. TJ RHS 2006, Hayley RHS 2008 and Chelsea RHS Junior.

Chittenden, Tim 3

My dad was a member of the Rye Police Auxiliary for many years and rose to the ranks to become Chief. My dad also was in charge of the Rye Police Marine Unit as a Sergeant for 20 years. My dad also worked security at the United Nations retiring as a Lieutenant. My dad has had a very distinguished life and career. He and my mom retired to Virginia.

My mom Joyce raised three boys thirteen months apart and our baby sister. She also has had a very distinguished life and career and is considered a Saint by many.

My brother Jake became a Rye Police Officer in 1981. He became a Detective in 1993 and has had a stellar career with many excellent arrests and lifesaving awards.

My brother Tod and sister Amy are raising their families in Virginia.

I became a Police Officer in 1984 following in my dads and brothers footsteps. I was elected PBA Treasurer in 1989 and held that position until 1992 when I was elected PBA President. I was PBA President for fourteen years until 2007. I am currently the PBA Treasurer. During this time there were many tumultuous issues that the PBA was able to bring to resolution. In addition, many contracts were negotiated during this time frame. My biggest accomplishment at the Rye Police Department has been serving the sworn members of the department to the best of my ability and being a strong advocate for the safety and well being of both the members of the PBA as well as the public.

I have sat on the Board of the Affiliated Police Association of Westchester for 10 years. I currently serve as Treasurer.

I have been a delegate to the Police Conference of New York for 19 years.

I have been a member of the Rye Fire Department for about 15 years.

I have been a member of the Rye Fish and Game Club for more than 10 years.

I served as a Coach and Manager in the Rye Little League and served as Treasurer of the Rye Babe Ruth League.

I was one of the co-founders three years ago of the Rye Police Association Golf Classic. Funds raised by the Golf Classic has awarded many scholarships to many graduating Rye seniors as well as the children of PBA members. The Golf Outing was also established so our members and the residents and business owners of the community could get better acquainted and have fun while sharing the same goal of raising money for scholarships.  It has been very successful on all fronts.

I have volunteered my services to many for City of Rye boards and committees."


  1. Tim will breathe a much needed breath of fresh air into our community. He is and outstanding police officer that is very familiar with the many trials and tribulations of our current officials and our community. He has a proven track record in protecting his PBA members, I am confident he will protect the Rye residents and our tax dollars with the same vigilance. Maybe he can team up with Joe Sack and take a look at my neighbor’s shenanigans?

  2. I have known the Chittenden Family my entire life also growing up in Rye. Although Tim was 2 years ahead of me are paths have always crossed as we shared mutual friends. He is and has always been an outstanding friend.Tim is a loving & caring Father who always puts his children & all children before himself.
    His honesty & caring personality will shine through as a Council Member bringing Rye back to old & new heights.
    When my son was hurt Tim
    came rushing to my side & has been there ever since.
    Tim has my vote & always will.
    GOOOO TIMMY!!!!!!!

  3. Hasn’t he been out on disability for a long time. Why no mention of that (and ability to fight fires while out on disability at least sounds a little suspect). Also no more recent picture? Two of the kids in the picture have graduated HS already and the only picture is from when they were 5 or 6.

    Tim may be a great candidate for the city council who will serve us well, but this living off of our dime on disability for all these years and it being really unclear what he’s done other than write angry letters since then gives me no window into his background. I still know nothing.

  4. What does being injured on the job & out on disibility have to do with anything? Why do you need a recent pic of someone? If you were to vote on looks alone how in the world does Otis & Connors get in? So what if the picture is out dated w/the kids….does it really matter? Is that something you put on your resume when looking for a job? Tim does not have the ability to fight fires nor did he say so! He said he was a member…. meaning a Volunteer;which means he can show up & direct traffic if he so wished. And if you paid closer attention to “EVERYTHING” he writes you would see the good in it! BTW….. Just what is it you do for our community or will be willing to do in the future!!!

  5. NTouch – Thanks for the compliment!

    By the way, will Tim inform the taxpayers that while he was out on disability pay, he was building fences to boost his income? As a member of the Fire Department, how much time did he “volunteer” at the bar? And will he disclose the amount of lawsuits he brought against the city? I’m sure the taxpayers would be most interested.

  6. A bar at the fire house? What’s the liability risk with that scooter? Do they proof at the door? Some underage drinker could leave drunk and have an accident. Oh, it already happened. What did the ex-city manager do about it? You guessed it, nothing. Unless you call sweeping it under the rug doing something.

    If Tim was out building fences the city would have nailed him on it. You can own a company and not do the manual labor. No law against that.

  7. You go Tim! We are tired of these pompous, arrogant council people! Do they not realize that they were put there by us to represent us and not demean us! AS far as BAR talk maybe the Rye Police should set up a DWI roadblock outside of Kellys after a council meeting! Be careful Scooter you live in a glass house!

  8. Scooter,
    You are a true HATER & a COWARD! No doubt you would never say these idiotic statements while standing behind your true identity. BTW- THERE IS NO LAW AGAINST BEING A BUSINESS OWNER! FYI-WE ARE ALL WELL AWARE OF TIM OWNING A BUSINESS! TIM…Your men do great work my fence looks marvelous!!! What the Tax Payers should be most interested in is WHY the Law Suits were brought against the City to begin with!!! Since you seem to always have first hand knowledge would you be so kind as to enlighten us with the facts.

  9. GoTim –

    What happened when an ex-cop got drunk and crashed his car through a resident’s hedge down by Rye Town Park? You guessed it, nothing. The cop was whisked away pretty quickly, and no charges were filed. The blue line can descend pretty quickly to protect one of their own.

    The city did not nail Tim for the work he did building fences. Who do you think is responsible for investigating the validity of disabled claims in such cases? Could it be the union? Who was the head of the union? Hmmm…

  10. DWI check outside of Kellys wouldn’t be fair to the Maguires. The fact that Scooter drinks at Kellys is his only saving grace.

  11. If he’s so righteous, drop the disability pay and live on the fence company earnings. Many of us who live in the city don’t have the cushy disability package the cops do and if we’re injured to where we can’t do our job, we would probably lose the disability payments if we were able to run a company. Was his disability even on the job? The double dipping irks me, especially when he talks of saving money for the city who’s paying him to run a fence company.

    Being injured and out on disability would mean next to nothing if he had done it in Harrison. But us residents of Rye have been and will need to continue paying him here. He’s be the only council members being directly paid by Rye which to me has plenty of opportunity to be a conflict of interest.

    No I don’t put my picture on my resume. But if I did and I put one up from 8th grade, I’m sure it would draw some questions.

    My resume also has dates on it, his has almost none. How long was he even a cop, his proud accomplishment? How much are/have his benefits costing us?

    If he gets elected will he have to drop the PBA post and thus stop suing the city? Would we even need full-time counsel if he wasn’t around?

    Kelly’s wasn’t serving when the kid got nailed for being drunk. You could also stick a checkpoint outside the Milton Hilton.

    How disabled can you be if you can install fences?

    Sorry, I have a lot of issue with the unions. While everyone else’s 401k have been nailed, we the Rye tax payers are going to have huge hikes over the next year or two to make up for the losses in the teachers’, police and others’ pension funds. That seems fair.

    Tim are you also going to keep pushing for the Rye taxpayers to give in to all of the teacher’s demands too (to support your union brothers and sisters?)

  12. Stop laughing and answer the questions.
    Did Tim’s disability occur on the job?
    How long was Tim a cop?
    How much are his disability benefits costing us?
    If Tim gets elected, will he drop the PBA post? Will he stop suing the city?
    How disabled can you be if you can install fences?
    Would Tim keep pushing for the Rye taxpayers to give in to all of the teacher’s demands, too?
    Or don’t you think the voters need to know this information? If so, please let us know the reason Tim’s changed his stand on transparency.


  14. Scooter,

    Obviously Tim was injured on the job.

    Tim stated above that he became a cop in 1984.

    They cost the same for all employees.

    I’m not a cop but I’m pretty sure Franco is PBA pres.

    Who told you Tim installs fences. Just because you repeat it doesn’t make it true.

    I didn’t know that the teachers negotiate with council members. Or that council members can give into there demands.

    Scooter I’m still laughing, just now at your silly questions.

  15. Laugher –

    If Tim shared your attitude, he’d make a lousy councilman, and a lousy candidate. I hope he’s willing to face up to questions about his lawsuits and his disability. He claims he’s for more transparency. Here’s a chance to prove it.

  16. Tim Chittenden is an active citizen with an impressive track record of public service. Trouble is, he might not be paying all his taxes. Anyone who’s bought a fence from Tim knows he runs a cash business and receipts are in short supply. A thorough audit and investigation of Tim’s business activities is needed to make sure he’s the right person to decide how Rye’s tax money is spent.

  17. hey oscar,
    That is a pretty pathetic post. Fences are not cheap so I don’t see why you think it is such a cash cow biz. Being in the cash biz doesn’t make you a dishonest person. What does the way anyone runs their biz have to do with being a councilman?

  18. Tim was not doing the manual labor himself during the fence company so there really should be no further discussion about it. And whoever has a problem with the picture is just a bit creepy, I dont see why a necessary recent picture of the kids and Tim has anything to do with Tim running for city council. A handful of you people are clearly attacking Tim for your own personal problems you have with him. Tim Chittenden would be great for Rye City Council, he is the most generous, helpful, and overall experienced man for the position. He wants to help and improve Rye for everyone. He has my vote, and I wish you luck TIm!

  19. GoTim, did you really mean to type this:

    “What does the way anyone runs their biz have to do with being a councilman?”

    Wow..if you don’y know…

  20. Did not mean to imply that there is anything not on the “up & up” but was just amazed at the comment.

    I definitely would consider how someone runs their business in weighting whether to support them or not. Don’t you think that that could be an indication of the type of councilman they would make?


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