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Laura Slack, Board of Education Candidate

The following is a board of education candidate statement from Laura Slack. What do you think of Laura Slack as a candidate? Please leave your comments below.

Slack Three years ago the Rye community honored me by electing me to the School Board. I currently serve as the Board’s Vice President. I have served on nine RCSD committees, including currently serving as chair of the policy committee and Board liaison to the Curriculum Committee. I have also served on the

Finance, Budget Analysis, Health and Safety, Communication, English Language Arts, Math and Technology committees. I have lived in Rye for over 12 years with my husband and three children. I served three years as the Midland PTO President after being Vice-President. I also served as the President of SEPTA, Rye’s special education parent/teacher association. I am a member of the Woman’s Club of Rye. I am proud of my association with the Caring Committees now established at our schools. A founder of the first caring committee at Midland school, I currently serve as co-chair of the High School/Middle School caring committee. The caring committees help families who are in the midst of significant hardship. After graduating from Northwestern University I worked as a high school history teacher. I ask the voters for their continued support on May 19th.


  1. An honest, hardworking, board member who has shown her contributions to the district and our students through her volunteer work before joining the board and during her board tenure. Laura is the one board member who really understands special education.

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