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Rye PD Tows a Turd: Tartaglione’s Mr. Floatie Mobile Impounded

Mr. Floatie Car

Your taxes are towing Tartaglione's turd.

Floatie Car Rye PD TicketOn Tuesday, May 12th, the Rye Police department towed "the Floatie Mobile" – a 1938 Chevy Deluxe owned by Ray Tartaglione -a frequent critic of Rye City and their policies surrounding Hen Island. The antique car is known as the "Floatie Mobile" because of its decals of Mr. Floatie, the 8-foot turd that Tartaglione uses as part of his agitation campaign against Rye City.

Tartaglione told MyRye.com "I was told by one of the police officers that complaints were received from one of the ex-councilmen, they would not tell me which one."

The car received five tickets from May 5th to May 12th for parking an abandoned vehicle violations before finally being towed and impounded. In a court appearance friday, Tartaglione pleaded not guilty. A trial is set for June.

Who do you think dropped a dime on the "Floatie Mobile"? Leave your comment below.


  1. If I had to guess who “dropped a dime” it could be Duncan Hennes or Bob Cypher or Theodore Fremd or Gerry Seitz or John Carey or Franklin Chu or Ted Dunn or Doug McKeon or Roz Larr or any another Rye resident with common sense and a distaste for the tiresome.

  2. I know plenty of people who could have dropped that dime – they are not shy about wanting the Floatie Mobile permanently flushed, so to speak.

    But my understanding is that the car was legally parked down by La Panetiere and the “beach parking” violation used to cite it was quite a stretch. Could this be an example of selective code enforcement?

    Selective code enforcement is apparently how we now handle the most serious of wetland and watercourse violation matters in the City of Rye these days – which brought us Mr. Floatie to begin with.

    Ray I suggest you ask Bobby Kennedy to step down off of your website and appear in person as your council in Rye City traffic court. Reading his analysis of the pattern of municipal malfeasance in these water pollution matters, he would be a unique voice for good in cleaning up what’s wrong in Rye City government presently.

  3. Dear Mr. Robert L. Byrne,
    You left the most important person off the list of people that would like to see me gone forever. His name is Ray Tartaglione. Now, that guy and the City Council can make it happen!

    Mr. Floatie (The friendly poo)

  4. Ted C,
    Thanks for the words of support. Mr. Kennedy personally supports our cause against environmental injustice on Hen Island and has connected our attorneys with his staff at the Environmental Division of The Pace University Law School. Mr. Kennedy has also provided other important help and encouragement to http://www.HEALtheHARBOR.com but I don’t think he would be interested in defending Mr. Floatie in Rye City Traffic Court. Like Mayor Otis, I’ll just say now that I will have to “take this matter under consideration…”

  5. I know times have changed, and say what you will about the influx of student cars at the HS, but now he’s taking up one of their precious spots with the turd-mobile. Ray, go pay some kid to drive it to school and I won’t bitch, but we’re tired of it.

  6. Kennedy coming to Rye? Great, just what this city needs. Another dillatente celebrity to bring unneeded attention to a non-issue. Hey Ray, has he kicked his heroin habit yet?

  7. The poop mobile meets the standard for obscenity

    “Appeals to prurient interest and has no social redeeming value”

    Your response to this blog will be
    “it has redeeming social value because..Blah blah…

    Bottom line it is OBSCENE !!!!!

  8. Thank God!! This thing is disgusting and an eyesore. It was parked illegally by La Panetiere, and not stretching it a bit–it sat there, day and night, overnight, for more than 6 days, and they didn’t ticket it until the 5th day. Should’ve towed it then.

  9. It should have been towed last year when it was illegally parked for weeks on end.

    The whole thing is a sham and a disgrace.

  10. Jackson,
    I’ll tell you what a sham and a disgrace is;

    A sham and a disgrace is a mayor that allows the below sewage pits to continue polluting the shores of the Long Island sound without enforcement of the city codes.

    A sham and a disgrace is a mayor that allows a community to collect bird feces infected rain water for domestic use without enforcement of the city codes.

    A sham and a disgrace is a mayor that allows a community to store over 34000 gallons of water that encourages mosquito breeding in an area where West Nile virus is prevalent.

    And what is more of a sham and a disgrace is when citizens encourage that mayor to continue his neglect.

  11. Thank goodness that school board election is over and we can continue on very important issues like where the crapmobile is parked.. Come on Rye peeps, get a grip…Going to be a long stinky summer behind the crapmobile…

  12. I drove past the turd mobile for several days watching the tickets on the windshield waive in the wind. Apparently, Mr. Tartaglione only gives a turd about the laws relevant to his cause.

  13. Hester “Prin” –

    Dick Cheney uninformed? Dick Cheney a fascist? Do you have any idea of what you’re talking about? Given that you can’t even correctly spell the name of the main character of a Nathaniel Hawthorne character in a novel, I’ll be kind to you and assume you don’t understand what you’re saying.
    Even a cursory glance at Cheney’s record reveals that if he’s anything, he’s informed. You may vehemently disagree with his point of view, but if you listen to the man speak, you’ll quickly realize that not only is he well-informed, he’s also a very intelligent and a well-spoken person as well.
    Now regarding your thought of him being a fascist. While there is no common and concise definition of fascism, fascism advocates the creation of a single-party state, and forbids and suppresses criticism and opposition to government and the fascist movement. The fascist mind typically believes that the individual is subservient to the state, and the individual should exist to serve the state. While it is closely aligned to communism, it encompasses a nationalistic ideology which puts it in direct opposition to communism, as communism is viewed as a global struggle.
    I realize that it is always fashionable for certain individuals who yearn for a meaning in life to claim that Bush, Cheney and most every Republican are fascists, but the very freedom you people enjoy proves that Bush and Cheney were and are not fascists.
    Unless and until you can show proof of suppression of criticism, your words ring hollow. When did they move to create a single-party state? When did they move to forbid criticism? Please tell me who has been sent to concentration camps for daring to speak out against them.
    What was once a horrid slander has now become a common insult thrown out primarily by left-leaning individuals to describe anyone that doesn’t drink their flavor of Kool-Aid. The constant and incorrect use of the term is quickly changing its meaning to be simply one who dissents from blindfully following extreme liberal ideology.
    So, Hester, prior to tossing around such words, it’s always wise to understand their meaning and background. And by the way, your last name should be spelled “Prynne”. Just thought you’d like to be informed…

  14. Linus –

    Any chance I could sew on the letter? Branding is a bit too painful. And what letter would you choose?

    Say hello to Queeg Queeg for me!

  15. Dick Cheney is most certainly a facsist. Just because he didn’t accomplish absolutely everything he set out to accomplish doesn’t make him any less a fascist than those before him who were simply more successful. The erosion of freedom and basic rights over the last eight years seems to be lost on those who wish to create their own truths. I do, however find it comforting that we were all able to take such a short leap from an old car with a “nutty” turd on it, right to Dick Cheney. There is hope for America!

  16. RyeRes –
    Can you please define what you mean by fascist?
    You are following the methodology practiced by Joseph Goebbels – keep repeating a lie until people believe it.
    I will ask again for proof of your claim. What freedoms and basic rights did anyone lose under Bush/Cheney? The “right” to hijack planes and fly them into buildings? The “right” to plot and scheme for the murder of thousands? The “right” to conspire to commit acts of terror?
    Can you give one concrete example of where a law-abiding citizen was denied rights because of Bush and Cheney’s administration?
    Of course we all know about the three – count ’em, three – terrorists who were water-boarded. Cry me a f***ing river. Would you rather have a smoking crater where Grand Central used to be? Would you get all warm and fuzzy inside when you saw a mushroom cloud over NYC, knowing that no one was put through any short-term pain to get information which may have stopped it from happening? And please, don’t even pretend the demented camel-jockeys aren’t desperately trying to commit such acts. Get real, you idiot!

  17. Ryeres
    There is always hope in America.

    Dogmatic ideology..Left or Right..is the bane of clear thinking and both extremes violate our hopeful American nature.

    How about this for governance:
    Steer the ship from the middle and veer left or right according to the needs of the country.

    That’s not a sellout or flip-flop, its the removal of the political and thinking straight jacket that ideological dogmas put us into.

    Let us use the harpoon to pin the scarlet letter and Capt Ahab’s stinking dinghy.

  18. “Camel Jockeys”. What a lovely racial epithet. I am certain any of our neighbors reading your post who are decedents of Middle Eastern countries are now so proud to be your neighbor. Although I wont actually call you an idiot, as your obviously highly evolved intellect compelled you to call me, if you do not feel that America can find a better way to protect itself than practice torture, maybe we should just admit that our critics have been right all these years, and America is no better than any other country. While we always were taught that as Americans we could and should do better, you are suggesting that we can’t. We can take the low road like everyone else. If you feel we simply cannot do better, then perhaps we should just stop trying. This was always the country that tried to set an example for the rest of the world. No, I do not want a smoking crater instead of Grand Central Station. However, what I want less is for this country to simply relinquish our global position as the most free, fair, and moral society in the history of mankind. I would like to feel we have evolved beyond that. Certainly not every individual has (look in the mirror if you’d like names), but as a nation, I would hope we had. Please don’t give up faith in America. Despite what you feel, we can do better.

  19. Nice non-answer. Please answer the following questions.
    What freedoms and basic rights did anyone lose under Bush/Cheney? The “right” to hijack planes and fly them into buildings? The “right” to plot and scheme for the murder of thousands? The “right” to conspire to commit acts of terror?
    Can you give one concrete example of where a law-abiding citizen was denied rights because of Bush and Cheney’s administration?
    And I am not insulting all Middle Easterners, just the ones who want to kill us.
    In my mine, anyone who believes that it is a prudent course of action to risk the lives of thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, to avoid putting a handful of savages in discomfort for a short period of time qualifies as an idiot.

  20. Torture? It Probably Killed More Americans than 9/11
    A US major reveals the inside story of military interrogation in Iraq.
    by Patrick Coburn

    The use of torture by the US has proved so counter-productive that it may have led to the death of as many US soldiers as civilians killed in 9/11, says the leader of a crack US interrogation team in Iraq.

    “The reason why foreign fighters joined al-Qa’ida in Iraq was overwhelmingly because of abuses at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib and not Islamic ideology,” says Major Matthew Alexander, who personally conducted 300 interrogations of prisoners in Iraq. It was the team led by Major Alexander [a named assumed for security reasons] that obtained the information that led to the US military being able to locate Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the head of al-Qa’ida in Iraq. Zarqawi was then killed by bombs dropped by two US aircraft on the farm where he was hiding outside Baghdad on 7 June 2006. Major Alexander said that he learnt where Zarqawi was during a six-hour interrogation of a prisoner with whom he established relations of trust.

    Major Alexander’s attitude to torture by the US is a combination of moral outrage and professional contempt. “It plays into the hands of al-Qa’ida in Iraq because it shows us up as hypocrites when we talk about human rights,” he says. An eloquent and highly intelligent man with experience as a criminal investigator within the US military, he says that torture is ineffective, as well as counter-productive. “People will only tell you the minimum to make the pain stop,” he says. “They might tell you the location of a house used by insurgents but not that it is booby-trapped.”

    In his compelling book How to Break a Terrorist, Major Alexander explains that prisoners subjected to abuse usually clam up, say nothing, or provide misleading information. In an interview he was particularly dismissive of the “ticking bomb” argument often used in the justification of torture. This supposes that there is a bomb timed to explode on a bus or in the street which will kill many civilians. The authorities hold a prisoner who knows where the bomb is. Should they not torture him to find out in time where the bomb is before it explodes?

    Major Alexander says he faced the “ticking time bomb” every day in Iraq because “we held people who knew about future suicide bombings”. Leaving aside the moral arguments, he says torture simply does not work. “It hardens their resolve. They shut up.” He points out that the FBI uses normal methods of interrogation to build up trust even when they are investigating a kidnapping and time is of the essence. He would do the same, he says, “even if my mother was on a bus” with a hypothetical ticking bomb on board. It is quite untrue to imagine that torture is the fastest way of obtaining information, he says.

    A career officer, Major Alexander spent 14 years in the US air force, beginning by flying helicopters for special operations. He saw combat in Bosnia and Kosovo, was an air force counter-intelligence agent and criminal interrogator, and was stationed in Saudi Arabia, with an anti-terrorist role, during the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. Some years later, the US army was short of interrogators. He wanted to help shape developments in Iraq and volunteered.

    Arriving in Iraq in early 2006 he found that the team he was working with were mostly dedicated, but young, men between 18 and 24. “Many of them had never been out of the States before,” he recalls. “When they sat down to interrogate somebody it was often the first time they had met a Muslim.” In addition to these inexperienced officers, Major Alexander says there was “an old guard” of interrogators using the methods employed at Guantanamo. He could not say exactly what they had been doing for legal reasons, though in the rest of the interview he left little doubt that prisoners were being tortured and abused. The “old guard’s” methods, he says, were based on instilling “fear and control” in a prisoner.

    He refused to take part in torture and abuse, and forbade the team he commanded to use such methods. Instead, he says, he used normal US police interrogation techniques which are “based on relationship building and a degree of deception”. He adds that the deception was often of a simple kind such as saying untruthfully that another prisoner has already told all.

    Before he started interrogating insurgent prisoners in Iraq, he had been told that they were highly ideological and committed to establishing an Islamic caliphate in Iraq, Major Alexander says. In the course of the hundreds of interrogations carried out by himself, as well as more than 1,000 that he supervised, he found that the motives of both foreign fighters joining al-Qa’ida in Iraq and Iraqi-born members were very different from the official stereotype.

    In the case of foreign fighters – recruited mostly from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Yemen and North Africa – the reason cited by the great majority for coming to Iraq was what they had heard of the torture in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. These abuses, not fundamentalist Islam, had provoked so many of the foreign fighters volunteering to become suicide bombers.

    For Iraqi Sunni Arabs joining al-Qa’ida, the abuses played a role, but more often the reason for their recruitment was political rather than religious. They had taken up arms because the Shia Arabs were taking power; de-Baathification marginalised the Sunni and took away their jobs; they feared an Iranian takeover. Above all, al-Qa’ida was able to provide money and arms to the insurgents. Once, Major Alexander recalls, the top US commander in Iraq, General George Casey, came to visit the prison where he was working. Asking about what motivated the suspected al-Qa’ida prisoners, he was at first given the official story that they were Islamic Jihadi full of religious zeal. Major Alexander intervened to say that this really was not true and there was a much more complicated series of motivations at work. General Casey did not respond.

    The objective of Major Alexander’s team was to find Zarqawi, the Jordanian born leader of al-Qa’ida who built it into a fearsome organisation. Attempts by US military intelligence to locate him had failed despite three years of trying. Major Alexander was finally able to persuade one of Zarqawi’s associates to give away his location because the associate had come to reject his methods, such as the mass slaughter of civilians.

    What the major discovered was that many of the Sunni fighters were members of, or allied to, al-Qa’ida through necessity. They did not share its extreme, puritanical Sunni beliefs or hatred of the Shia majority. He says that General Casey had ignored his findings but he was pleased when General David Petraeus became commander in Iraq and began to take account of the real motives of the Sunni fighters. “He peeled back those Sunnis from al-Qa’ida,” he says.

    In the aftermath of his experience in Iraq, which he left at the end of 2006, Major Alexander came to believe that the battle against the US using torture was more important than the war in Iraq. He sees President Obama’s declaration against torture as “a historic victory”, though he is concerned about loopholes remaining and the lack of accountability of senior officers. Reflecting on his own interrogations, he says he always monitored his actions by asking himself, “If the enemy was doing this to one of my troops, would I consider it torture?” His overall message is that the American people do not have to make a choice between torture and terror.

    © 2009 Independent News and Media.tort

  21. I find it ironic that Mr. Tartaglione owns his own towing company……in white plains…..couldn’t get the rye contract, ray?….and, tow your own car??….hehehehe

  22. What does it take to get rid of this granstander and his eyesores? He is dropping down property values on Hen Island certainly and Rye in general. I wish I had time and money to put up a show that does nothing but serve his thirst for attention.

    Who will ever want to run for office? Who wants to volunteer their time to put up with this tool? Tartaglione why don’t you move out and torture another community. I hear some kid urinated in the public pool in Greenwich. Go to it!

  23. Rob Moore,
    When Doug French and a few brave others get into position they will show you how it is done. Maybe if things were handled the way it use to be around here people like Ray,Mr.Schubert,and myself wouldn’t have to resort to such measures. Everyone screams for the whole Hen Island thing to go away but not many talk about what brought it this far. I noticed recently that a few bloggers,including yourself are concerned about their property values.
    HOW SAD….nice to see everyone knows how to put things into perspective.

  24. HOW SAD it is to find someone that chooses to represent us all with a walking turd.

    I am tired of walking into my office in Manhattan, hearing from my brother-in-law from Connecticut, about your problem.

    It is not your message, it is your delivery.

    Lets take your sewage, treat it, and dump it into Mr. Schubert’s pond so we can all go on with our lives.


  25. Rob Moore,

    Glad to see you’re engaged but you have much to learn. Here’s a start –

    Nobody wants Floatie because he tells us something we’d expect was taken care of long ago, nobody wants to have to defend senior citizens property from construction accidents, nobody here on Milton Point wants the hungry crop of mosquitoes resulting from that accident, nobody doesn’t believe the city manager lost his job for the reasons we’ve been given, nobody wanted to see city government bloated to unbelievable size through multiple layers of managers making top bucks and benefits, nobody want to see the city refuse to test a simple stop sign at the site of a child’s tragic death, nobody can afford the extraordinary level of litigation fees created through mismanagement and paid for in our tax bills, nobody likes the way our police and firefighters get disrespected, nobody – nobody doesn’t think we can do better than this status quo as community.

  26. So– a walking turd is a prudent and respectable way to have us see such things?

    What a good methodology to point out what ails our city. Enlightenment through embarrassment.

  27. Rob,
    Your missing the point. Ray is no happier than you. You can hate all you want…. do you really think Ray has nothing better to do. All of us have something better to do than marching into City Hall TWICE A MONTH for 3 years and counting. Enough is Enough already!!! Maybe I should walk around in a STOP SIGN COSTUME! Seems to be working for Ray!
    Again….. stop and think when,where & why all this started!!!
    What you are witnessing is what comes from one person with one simple request that started 3 years ago.
    We(B.Schubert,R.Tartaglione,J.Amico) all approached the podium at City Hall with the upmost respect & integrity.
    This is not the course of action we expected or seeked in return. This is what was forced upon us through,lies,upon lies,upon lies. SO…..If you have hating to do I suggest you aim it in the direction it truly belongs>>>> CITY HALL!!!

  28. Am I Jim? Missing the point?

    I don’t hate Jim–well….

    I do hate a walking turd going to other town’s fairs representing Rye. Can Floatie at least be known as the Hen Island turd?

    Now that would be progress!

  29. I apologize…. hate is a strong word and I was also referred to with the same word on a different thread and didn’t appreciate it. How about dislike.
    It sucks that Ray has to resort to such measures….like or dislike we can all thank our Mayor for this. No complaint from any resident should be taken through these channels. Rye was never like this and it should return to it’s glory days with a few departures.

  30. Otis for Mayor.

    Otis has shown that he has courage to let people speak at the council meetings and not succumb to fear tactics. Even if popular sentiment is pressuring a change, courage is the intestinal fortitude not to give in to irrational fears. What we don’t need is a Mayor like Doug French who will institute every complaint voiced at the Town Council Meetings. We don’t need Special Investigations over ever disagreement. Mayor Otis has done an admirable job on many issues and has sided with common sense every time. Can Crye afford Doug French? No.

    Otis for Mayor.

  31. Crye resident,

    Let me tell you about fear – terror actually – and what a fitting time it is to do this being just past the day we citizens honor veterans of all wars.

    Say you’re an 86 year old war vetran who went to Nita Lowey’s White Plains office after receiving 3 letters of support from her because a local city manager refused to take your calls. Lowey’s office staff forces that manager to speak with you and you get his usual doubletalk. Then you drive home and the phone rings and a government mental health official tells you the Rye City Manager believes you are not quite right in the head and – by the way – they would like to visit you – today. If you refuse them then it’s likely that some locals who don’t love you will increase their whispers that you are crazy. There are such subhuman creatures among us and we know who they are. And if you agree to an examination and somehow don’t pass it you may be marked for immediate “institutionalization.”

    You debate the decision – it’s incredibly stressful given your age and physical health problems which are significant – and you ask friends who say “no way, no how, they are trying to lock you up as a mental patient and relieve themselves of you as a critic!” You take a few moments, summon the strength you draw from surviving the Okinawa Beaches, and decide to risk putting your very freedom in the hands of strangers from a thing called “The Crisis Team.” They come, they test you and they find you fully sane.

    Crye, your superficial obfuscations of this kind of thing is pathetic. There is a complete lack of “courage” in this administration. Partisan thuggery could be a more apt vision to conjure except that this bunch of bad actors actually embarrass and damage the Democratic Party county-wide. Believe me when I say they are not amused by the multiple citizen centric issues poorly handled by “The Gang of Steve.”

  32. Crye Resident,
    If you are referring to Hen Island, here is what Otis has shown:
    That he has the ability to avoid enforcing the laws that were enacted to protect the people and the environment.

    That he has the ability to expose Rye to unnecessary liability and embarrassments as a result of the above.

    That he has enough political steam (or use to) to have a few sheep in County Government follow his lead.

    I believe he is a hot potato right now and the leaders that once looked upon him as a good candidate for the future wouldn’t touch him now with a ten foot pole. (He just like Mr. Floatie, an embarrassment to all involved)

    Here is a short TV commercial including a few of the irrational fears you speak of, one of his sheep is also named in the commercial.

  33. Laurie and Ray Tartaglione,

    No, I’m not refering to your specific causes rather I’m refering to your tactics. Laurie shows how Mr. Schubert’s age and military backround should supercede the facts of the case and Rye should side with Shubert. Mr. Tartaglione uses environmentalism to strike irrational fears into the public. In both cases Otis has allowed both Mr. Tartaglione and Mr. Shubert to state their cases and decided to make a decision that a man of lesser courage wouldn’t make. He didn’t side with the sympathetic figure. I admire that sort of against the grain courage. We need to re-elect Otis for Mayor.

  34. Crye –

    Otis? Courageous? For what? His breathtakingly selective enforcement of the laws? His hiring (and firing) of multiple flawed city managers, his bloated budgets and his ruinous litigation fees to outside lawyers?

    If that level of Otis “allowed” municipal mismanagement takes “courage” then I’ve got a bridge to sell you. Or make that a tunnel. Please provide your name and home address and I’ll try sending “The Crisis Team.” Oh wait; I’m not a government official paid by Rye taxpayers. Maybe you should call them yourself, see if you can pass their tests and then report back under the screen name “Profiles in Courage.”

  35. Here is a video of Rye’s “courageous” Corporation Counsel Kevin Plunkett berating an 85 year old man and an even more “courageous” Otis doing nothing about it.

    In watching Plunkett’s tirade and lunatic like look on his face, I came to the belief that Shew may have sent the crisis team to the wrong place.


  36. Crye Resident,

    “environmentalism to strike irrational fears”
    How about this?
    After the no name storm of 1992 there were 100 pound propane tanks scattered along the shore washed out into Milton Harbor. Some were recovered and only heaven knows about the ones that were not. They may still be somewhere in the harbor for all we know. Did any of the environmentally responsible Hen Islanders happen to mention this to anyone at the time? No. Why? Because they didn’t want to draw any attention to their Island. They couldn’t have given a rat’s as_ about anyone else or the environment. They were more concerned in keeping a low profile.
    Rye has addressed this just last month by ordering the removal of all excess propane tanks from Hen Island. (Approximately 5,000-10,000 pounds of propane)My hat is off to Frank Culross who finally stepped up to the plate to protect the people and called for the code enforcement . I don’t think Hen Island was written two pages of violations by the City because of “irrational fears”. I think they were real concerns.

  37. Yes Rob the then Rye City Manager actually did. It was quite a story countywide this winter.

    Of course he claimed to be doing it to “protect” Mr. Schubert. And he claimed to be acting alone – without any interaction with anyone else in the world.

    The lesson we residents were maybe supposed to learn is – don’t dare ask Nita Lowey for anything unless it’s “cleared” locally by the “right people.”

    Might this whole event sound a little “Orwellian” to you? And could you imagine a sitting councilman and a former Rye City Mayor and Federal Judge suggesting a formal investigation might be in order? As did many other long time local residents with long and strong public service credentials?

    And what would you guess was this administration’s reaction? First it fired the City Manager. Then it stonewalled any investigation. Then it worked out a “confidential” arrangement for that manager to prematurely “retire” and sign agreements taking any potential evidence from him concerning the possible involvement of others off the table. Then it continued stonewalling any investigation.

  38. Crye,
    Please carify the question;
    “Do you own a food business? Do you know anyone who does”?
    How in the world could anyone vote Otis in for another term of smoke screens,lies,mismanagement,cover ups,disrespect,embarrassment,spineless,coward,etc.,etc.,etc….
    You say we can’t afford Doug French….It’s more like we can’t afford not to have Doug French.
    You say Otis has the courage to let the residents speak at council meetings…. that is what he is suppose to do and it is definitely not courage.
    You say Doug French will institute every complaint voiced at the council meetings…. I wouldn’t go as far as institute but he will definitely listen with COMPLETE RESPECT investigate the facts and make the right decision for all of Rye and not in the act of self serving.
    You say we don’t need special investigations for every complaint… your right,handled properly(with common sense) and we won’t need special investigations.
    Mayor Otis has done NOTHING admirable and wouldn’t know common sense if he tripped over it!!!!
    If common sense was utilized from the beginning Ray,Mr.Schubert,and myself would not be returning to City Hall for 3 years and counting.

  39. Tedc,

    Explain to me how the Mr. Shew refering Shubert to a health expert , which was agreed to by Schubert, is relevant to the facts about Schubert’s pond? They are totally unrelated. That’s what I’m talking about.

  40. Jim Amico,

    I just want to know if you know anyone who deals selling food. Do you know anyone? I don’t want names, I just want to know if you know the food business.

  41. Mr. Tartaglione,

    The “No-name” storm of 1992 was also known as the 100 year flood. There was no one alive who could remember a worse storm. The whole eastern seaboard was washed into the water. Ironically, no one was killed by a propane explosion. That’s what I’m talking about. Using irrational fears. If the worst storm in 100 years doesn’t cause death by propane, who are you to say that propane tanks from Hen Island will kill in the future. Maybe you should change your name to Raystradomus. You’re living a lie if you think that Frank Culross has fixed anything. If another storm of that magnitude hits Rye during the boating season the odds of your dock breaking away and smashing into a million dollar AYC sailboat are higher than someone exploding from a Hen Island propane tank. If another storm of that magnitude hits Rye during the boating season, propane tanks could still be ripped off the houses on Hen Island and float in the water. You have not made it safer. You are using irrational fears to further you’re cause. You have a better chance of getting killed in a car crash than being incinerated by a Hen Island propane tank. You get in your car everyday but warn everyone of the impending improbable propane death. Additionally, you still have yet to document any reported cases of illness from swimming in Milton Harbor in the past 100 years. Another example of using irrational fears. You complain about mosquitoes in a wetlands. Absurd.
    Mr. Floatie uses a 2 cycle outboard to get around and your Floatie Mobile is a mobile grandfathered violation that doesn’t have a catalytic converter. You are disingenous. You complain about collecting rainwater but still collect it. You complain about propane but still use it. You complain about sess pools but still use one. You have done nothing to set an example of how you want people to live but expect people to follow you. Besides that you seem like a decent guy.

  42. Crye,

    In Rye the proper chain of such a referral goes thru the Rye Police Department. They make a contact like this – not a county office from White Plains. Shew knew this – he was after all the city manager – on top of the food chain if you will. Actually don’t you think if this wasn’t, in fact, a political rather than a health situation that Shew would have placed the first call himself to Schubert after their Nita Lowey office discussion – before calling in anyone else?

    Shew wasn’t qualified to make any mental health determinations of this nature but let’s face it; Shew clearly wanted Schubert gone in a big way. Remember what came out immediately after Shew pulled this stunt? The former Rye City naturalist came forward to The Rye Record and said Shew had effectively instituted a cover up of the permitting process that lay at the heart of the Schubert controversy. Shew was not “protecting Schubert,” he was apparently protecting his own hind quarters from potential charges of municipal malfeasance.

    So Crye – is this actual background not “relevant” to the very real appearance of selective application of multiple statutes under Chapter 195 Wetlands and Watercourses?

  43. “So Crye – is this actual background not “relevant” to the very real appearance of selective application of multiple statutes under Chapter 195 Wetlands and Watercourses?”

    No, It is not.

  44. The application on “Wetlands and Watercourses” only applies to the Gates. Not the Schuberts. You see how convoluted the whole situation has become?

  45. Funny the city manager that was known for doing nothing. Finally did one thing and it got him fired. Let’s not forget that Otis choose him even though a simple search of his name on google turned up some unflattering comments from his previous employers.

  46. Application of “Wetlands and Watercourses” applies to the Gates because they are the ones that did the work. Problem is that it’s the Schuberts that the assholes have used to further the cause of embarrassing the Council and Mayor. Tedc is #1 cheerleader of ruining peoples careers. Tedc has no life.

  47. That’s just sophistry rather than an argument Crye. Gates sits in what has been characterized by the City’s hired hydrologist as the concentration point center of an 8 to 10 acre drainage field resolving in the Schubert pond. Almost all of the properties in that field have wetlands including Gates (again per the hydrologist) and Schubert. Shew was confronted with a City Naturalist determination that a mistake in permitting was likely made and he did nothing to rectify it. The Chapter 195 application applies

  48. He who reverts to personal insults loses the point. But you’re right – enough of this and time to get back to my back reading of Bill Ayers greatest hits. Fight the power Crye.

  49. I predict that the entire Hen Island controversy is going to be over soon. Many of the violations have already been written and it is just a matter of time before the sewage and domestic water issues will be addressed. The powers to be, are no longer willing to hide behind the lies of the past. The new Rye City Manager will compel compliance and Hen Islanders will be forced to be responsible to their neighbors and the environment as well. Mr. Floatie will no longer darken the city council meetings or the streets of Rye. And I predict this will all be accomplished within the next sixty days.

  50. Crye,

    You make very good points. The septic and water systems on Hen Island are grandfathered in just like the exhaust system on the old turdmobile.

  51. Crye,
    I’m going to answer your question against my better judgement. I’m curious to see where your going with this.
    I use to own a food biz and I do know people in the food biz.
    Now please explain what this is all about?

  52. Cry and Jackson,
    You are only part right about the grandfathering laws. What you fail to tell everyone is that “you cannot grandfather in an illegal use”. If the systems are not polluting the sound they can be grandfathered in. Some of the systems on Hen Island are not polluting and can be grandfathered in but many are along the shore are in a 2 foot water table and are polluting. With regard to potable water I have copied the applicable law from the Rye City code so you may see for yourself that it is illegal to dispense any water from any faucet that is not potable.

    1. No person shall provide or make available or accessible a supply of water for domestic use, unless such water supply is potable and unless the source, treatment and distribution of such water shall be so protected from actual or potential pollution and so maintained as to deliver at all times a potable water.

    2. Water delivered for domestic use shall not contain microbacterial, chemical, radiological or other contamination in such quantity as may be injurious to health or as may indicate such water to be unsatisfactory for human consumption as determined by a test or tests in a laboratory approved for such purpose by the State Department of Health.

  53. Mr. Tartaglione….suggest you become familiar with Traffic Laws in Rye, rather than wasting your time on attempting to rewrite factual City Codes…You’ll need to read up on Chapter 191, Article III of the Rye Traffic Laws, for your court appearance in June….High and Dry in Rye..

  54. High and Dry,

    What gives you the confidence that any particular code section in Rye City will currently be properly enforced? This is still the Otis Administration after all. Enforcement comes and goes – much like City Managers and annual promises of fiscal responsibility. Maybe traffic court is still immune to the meddling.

  55. Blah Blah Blah. Ti’s a story of an obscene car.

    Ti’s a pity our fair city talks of a tale so gritty

    Tell of a star, go to a bar and not dwell on an obscene car.

  56. Jim Amico,

    I see you happen to have knowledge of the food business. That’s good. Ever recieve a visit from the Westchester Board of Health? Did you throw a party when you knew they were coming?

  57. Tedc,

    I’m not fighting the power. I’m fighting for people who are doing their job in good faith. You too are disingenous. I sense you have absolutely no pride.

  58. Mr. Tartaglione,

    You still have not shown any documented cases of anyone getting ill from swimming in Milton Harbor. I’m still waiting. According to the BOH, everything is fine on Hen Island. It would be hard to believe that a community that was saving money by not having the tree trimmers clean up the debris have enough financial influence to sway the Commissioner of the Westchester BOH. Again, irrational thinking proposed as fact by yourself.

  59. I agree–is it all that bad? There is no doubt this Floatieman likes attention and grandstanding–that we know.

  60. Mr. Moore,
    I would like to personally invite you to tour Hen Island with me. You can call me @ 914-948-1100 to set up a time that is convenient, should you be interested. I believe you will be amazed by the beauty and disgusted by the way the issues I complain of are handled.
    PS Bring your mosquito netting and bug spray.

  61. Mr. Moore –

    Don’t forget your 12 gauge shotgun, just in case you stumble across the breeding grounds of Mr. Floatie.

  62. Inviting perfect strangers out to Hen Island is one way to prove to fellow islanders you have “friends”….I guess you’d be happy to have just about ANYONE be with you….How about enjoying some of the peace and quiet you mentioned in your New York Time article several years ago….Oh, and PROOF of Polution, please….Oh, that’s right, there isn’t any….per Westchester County Health Dept.’s TWO inspections…High and Dry in Rye


  63. High and Dry,
    Here is a copy of the proof of pollution for your review:

    ) ss.:

    William Canavan, being duly sworn, deposes and says:
    1.I am a certified geologist and currently the president of HydroEnvironmental Solutions, Inc., with expertise in analysis, operation, maintenance and implementation of water supply and waste water systems, including analysis of impacts upon ground water and water supply.
    2.Recently, I have had the opportunity to assess the impacts to the groundwater and the Long Island Sound as a result of the use of the non-engineered subsurface sewerage disposal systems for the existing 33 homes situated on Hen Island, located in Rye, New York. I also assessed the cistern water collection systems currently utilized by the Hen Island residents for household water use.
    3.On May 3, 2007, I conducted a site visit to Hen Island, an approximately thirty (30) acre island (twenty-five (25) acres at high tide) located between Milton and Mamaroneck Harbors along the Eastern Shore of the Long Island Sound. It consists of a single till covered bedrock island with thirty-four residences located on the “North Island,” “Middle Island” and “South Island.” The North Island currently has fifteen (15) homes situated on it, the Middle Island has four (4) homes on it, and the South Island has fourteen (14) homes on it. Thirty two (32) of the residences use subsurface disposal system, or privies and one residence on the South Island is served by an outhouse.
    4.As observed, none of the residences comply with the applicable Westchester County Department of Health (“WCDOH”) Codes and Regulations, for the design and Construction of Residential Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems (effective January 1, 2002). None f the existing systems are engineered with appropriate septic tanks and leaching fields designed in accordance with WCDOH Codes , New York State Codes or the Department of Environmental Protection Regulations as they relate to location and distance from residential structures, depth to groundwater, depth to bedrock, proximity to wetlands and surface body water.
    5.These illegal systems are therefore discharging high concentrations of nitrates and phosphates, as well as pathogens and other bacteria associated with wastewater to the groundwater beneath Hen Island, as well as to the nearby surface water of the Long Island Sound, thus contaminating the ground water and the surface waters of the Long Island Sound, and creating a dangerous and noxious condition, not only for the resident shareholder-licensees, but also for the public at large. In addition, I observed that all of the thirty-three (33) residences currently obtain water for household use by means of cisterns, filled by drainage from rooftop leaders and gutters. The means of collection are antiquated at best and poorly maintained. In their current condition many of the collection cisterns are exposed to the atmosphere and act as breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Such collection cisterns are also subject to impacts from surface water runoff and contaminants, and expose the users to additional unsanitary conditions as they are exposed to the atmosphere, contain bird droppings, and are subject to surface water runoff and contaminants. As such, these so-called “systems” of water collection are unsanitary and fail to meet current regulations that apply to residences. In my expert considered opinion, based upon my personal observation and experience, I would recommend certain actions in order to ensure the sanitary and safe disposal of household waste water and sanitary household potable water supply. Those recommendations would include the use of an existing easement with the City of Rye to allow hookup to the sanitary sewer and municipal water supply system. Such a hookup would mitigate the discharge of untreated sewerage into the ground water and Long Island Sound and ensure a safe and sanitary potable drinking water supply for all Hen Island residents. In addition, the existing homes should not use cistern collected water for household use.
    Sworn to before me this
    ____ day of May, 2007


  64. That only proves that you paid an geologist to back up your opinion just like you pay your army of lawyers to constantly twist the truth to suit your vendetta.

    The proof is that the governing municipal body (Westchester County Department of Health) and the courts disagree with your false claims.

  65. Mr. Tartaglione
    Blah! Rubbish..Hurtful Blah ..
    hurtful rubbish.
    You are consistent in this line
    of reasoning

    ASSUMPTION followed by
    ALLEGATION followed by

    This does not lead to truthful conclusions.

    Personal attacks sans motivation
    Judges wrong
    City hall lies and covers up
    Health Department Lies and
    covers up.

    People on Hen Island live like animals ( as quoted on your web site)

    You have lost in the courts
    City Hall is done with you
    Hen Island community (I think)
    has no use for you.

    Blah Blah Blah…just go

  66. Mr. Tartaglione,

    If your “expert” was correct then people using Milton Harbor would have been sick already but your silence on the subject of the number of people who have fallen ill from exposure to Milton Harbor water says it all. Since no one has ever fallen sick from swimming in Milton Harbor, maybe Myerson isn’t lying after all. Nothing better than real life data over hypothetical BS from a guy with a degree. Even IF there was sewage leaking into the sound from Hen Island the “Parts per million” would be so low as almost unmeasurable. Hen Islanders are only out there about 3 months a year, and only on the weekends. You disingenuinely compare it to a full time residence and pretend to not know there is a huge difference. BTW, if there were pathogens in the sewage on Hen Island, Hen Islanders would have bigger problems then whether or not there is sewage in the water. It looks like your expert doesn’t know his ass from his elbow.

  67. Ray,

    I have re-read you so-called “evidence” of pollution emanting from Hen Island’s sewage systems. Nowhere in Mr. Canavan’s affidavit does he state that testing was ever done. Mr.Canavan makes the leap from his opinion based on experience to relavant fact. As any good trial lawyer knows, you can buy any “expert” witness and have them say whatever you’ve paid them to say. The conclusions he comes to are based on SUPPOSITIONS only. If there had been actual dye testing, I’m sure we would have seen the test data. Please do us all a favor and refrain from using suppositions from bought and paid for “experts” as hard evidence where none exists.
    With respect to the mosquito problem. You state that there are 30k gallons of water stored on the island. As I understand it, mosquitoes do not breed at the bottom of 300 gallons of water. My understanding is that they breed on they surface so to use the 30k gallonage of water stored on the island is very misleading. Part of Hen Island is a designated wetland and as such contains tidal pools that are breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Can you honestly blame the mosquito problem on Hen Island on the extremely small surface area of stored water ?
    Should the water troughs have covers ? Absolutely.
    With respect to the propane tanks. I will agree that there are many funky propane connections and they should be corrected if ony for the safety of the particular owner.
    Back to the begining: I call on you to publicly release the results of flow and dye testing of the sewage systems on Hen Island. IF THE RESULTS OF THESE TESTS (that should be based on the actual gallonage of use) show polution entering Long Island Sound, then that particular system should be brought into compliance so that it no longer pollutes.

  68. Voice of Reason,
    Did you forget that the Long Island Soundkeeper called for the City and the County to require testing on Hen Island? Perk tests were done on the island and all of the systems along the shore were in a two feet water table. Any system in a two foot water table is polluting, if not the Sound then the aquifer below. I agree, all the remaining systems should be flow and dye tested with the ones that fail being corrected and the ones that pass should be left alone. Here is a link to the tests of the water sample results taken from random cottages:


    So let me get this right, you believe that I bought the hydrologist, Bobby Kennedy, The Long Island Sound Keeper, The environment investigation Unit of Westchester County Police and the lab that did the test results? Maybe you think I now bought the Rye building department that wrote all the violations for building and safety items last week.

    Trust me the only ones complaining here are the Hen Island polluters that want to keep on polluting and living in filth instead of providing the testing. You people spent $135,000.00 on lawyers. Why didn’t you spend 5,000.00 on tests that prove me wrong? I spent it to prove you wrong. Here is what you bought for the 135,000.00. You bought a lawyer that got lucky for a little while riding on the coattails of a few crooked officials. That’s all over now and the truth is starting to roll out. Just sit back and watch.

  69. You got it all wrong Mr. Tartaglione. If Hen Islanders were living in a dangerous environment there would have been cases of illness already. You still haven’t shown me your evidence that they are getting sick. What is causing the filth is the sewage treatment plants in Mamaroneck and up Blind Brook. The same treatment plants that you want to use and that Xouncilwomen Parker thinks is making her waste disappear into thin air. I guess Councilwoman Parker thinks life is like Disneyland. Just a little magic dust and her shit disappears. Ask anyone about the new “green” and the answers are not sewers. I assume you are going to follow your experts advice and push for Hen Island’s sewage to be pumped to Mamaroneck then dumped in the Sound. Great idea Ray. What an environmentalist. Hpefully it doesn’t rain to hard and they just “open the gates” and dump the sewage right into the Sound untreated. Great idea, not to mention digging up all the bird nesting grounds to lay your sewer pipe. What a conservationist you are. At least it’s consistent with Mr. Floatie’s 2 cycle engine.


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