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Seaside Johnnie’s Open for Business

It may not feel like summer is here given this past week's weather, but the opening of Seaside Johnnie's says otherwise.

Seaside Johnnie's Seaside Johnnie's opened for for business last Friday, May 1st and is serving lunch and dinner seven days a week. They are open Sunday – Thursday from 11am to 11pm and Friday and Saturday 11am to midnight, though they reserve the right to close early during bad weather. Best to call ahead on cold rainy days.

Reservations are not accepted, unless you plan on coming for Mother's Day, in which case, call in advance to secure a spot. They will be having a special menu of their most popular items.

Seaside Johnnie's
94 Dearborn Avenue (Forest Ave)


  1. Anybody know for sure when does the Rye beach parking lot begin charging a fee?

    The Rye Town website is very vague. I emailed and asked and did not get a reply.


  2. We’ve been calling them “Seaside Stinky’s” for years. Lousy food. High prices. And filled with low life out-of-towners. Just awful.

  3. mr. Flotie at it again carpetbagger horning in on some elses thread with a narrow nasty vendetta.
    Ray understand protocol..use your own damn thread to attack what ever

  4. I was driving down Milton Road recently and saw the wonderful “Floatie Mobile” parked outside La Panetiere. A welcome sight. Spring must be here when we see the the Floatie Mobile back again on the streets! Welcome, Floatie!

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