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The Chin Jabber for Sleepy Drivers

If you have problems dozing off at the wheel while buzzing down the Boston Post Road, K. H. Liman of Rye has an invention called the "chin jabber" that will keep you awake. Check this out courtesy of Popular Science. No word when the chin jabber will be available in local stores…

Chin jabber

"You shouldn't fall asleep at the wheel with this chin jabber on the job. Worn around the neck, it holds a sharp prong under the driver's chin. If his head nods, the point quickly awakens him. Invented by K. H. Liman, of Rye, N.Y., it has a rubber knob below the tip to prevent serious injury."


  1. Love the Karl Malden look-alike. Very “Streets of San Francisco”, complete with tie and fedora and the wheel of a ’60’s era American built sedan. I wonder if KH is related to Rye’s late and great lawyer Arthur Liman of Texaco-Getty and Ollie North fame. The world could use a few more of him!


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