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Mr. Floatie Mobile Vandalized, Looks Like Cr*p

Floatiemobile damaged window 001 The "Mr. Floatie Mobile", a 1939 Chevy Delux with decals of Mr. Floatie used by Ray Tartaglione to bring attention to alleged misdeeds and pollution on Rye's Hen Island, has been vandalized and looks like cr*p. The car was vandalized while parked across from the Rye Nature Center entrance and in front of the Resurrection Church. Seeing the car around town has perturbed various residents.

"It's not like this was the first time my home or property has been vandalized. This type of intimidation has been going on since I first started exposing the Hen Island community for Health safety and pollution issues," Tartaglione told MyRye.com. "The Hen Islanders are trying to flex their (mussels) with intimidation tactics. Only problem is they don't realize they have a tiger by the tail that isn't intimidated. The more pressure they try to exert the worse it becomes for them and the more attention it brings to the cause."

The police report describes the reportedly over $4,000 in damages:

"On the above date and time, Ray Tartaglione, the complainant, walked into Police HQ to report that his 1938 Chevy Delux was vandalized sometime overnight while parked on the northbound side of the Boston Post Rd, in the vicinity of the Rye Nature Center entrance. Complainant reports two broken windows, damaged signs and decals, and key/scratch marks on both sides of the vehicle and in the rear area."

What do you think about the Mr. Floatie Mobile being damaged? Leave a comment below.


  1. Ray has an insatiable desire for media coverage, and there is no doubt in my mind that he inflicted this damage himself to get more exposure. He already defaced the car when he painted decals all over it, so smashing a couple of windows and damaging the decals is the next logical step in his quest for ink.
    I also find it troubling that he immediately tries to pin the blame on Hen Island residents. Kind of like Hitler invading Poland, then trying to blame the Poles for starting WWII.
    Shouldn’t the police now tow this car to the impound lot, and keep it there until the crime is solved?

  2. Too late. The picture looks like is was taken at some auto yard. Taking a picture through from the drivers side would always reveal the sidewalk. Either that car next to the mobile is parked on the side walk or the car isn’t still parked on the street. Why is it that everytime something happens to Ray Tartaglione he never lts the cops come out to investigate?

  3. I hope everyone has a safe 4th of July. As you celebrate, remember out founding fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence on the 4th and remember what it was all about. Go read it if you haven’t had the chance to since 5th grade. Then remember how Mayor Otis and the Town Council have admirably upheld the principles in that document this year. Thanks you, Mayor Otis and the Town Council.

  4. The car must have been vandalized several times as I walked past it about 2 weeks ago and there was a bit of glass or plastic lying on the ground from the passenger side of the vehicle. I did think at the time that parking it close to a school ground at the end of the school year wasn’t the smartest decision. Since it’d already had a small amount of vandalism 2 weeks ago, how come he didn’t move it elsewhere to a safer haven? And if the Grade 12 kids can be irresponsible enough to misbehave within their own school (setting loose rats, grasshoppers & parrots in the library) I’m sure a little vehicular vandalism wouldn’t perturb them. Just food for thought, and not intended as blame.

  5. Hey Ray –

    I hope you’ll take me seriously now. I enjoyed decorating your car and can’t wait to do it again. Where are you going to park it illegally next?

    Don’t forget to tell the Police that the Easter Bunny did it. I want full credit!

  6. Good work bunny! Can we sink the boat next. The only thing is Mr. Ray seeks attention only as his case has no merit. And that’s what he is getting.

    Tiger by the tail. OOOOOOOOHHHH I am scared.

  7. Good response Westchester!!!
    The vandal is probably the same person(s) who pissed in Floatie’s Hen Island water tank. Can wait for the next Council meeting to listen to Mr “Tiger” T.

  8. So its true what Ray’s been saying about certain Hen Island types – you are actual criminals. Criminals living among us talking about your rights and the law and how bad Ray is for uncovering your illegal practices. You guys need jail time – not screen time.


  10. Chris Henn –

    The joke is on the jokers. Actual crimanal activity can be investigated and prosecuted and sites like this can be required to cooperate in offical investigations. So like flypaper, the criminal writers among us have now been drawn into a simple trap. The Rye PD will sort it out. And what was it you were saying about Tartaglione’s boat?

  11. I think his boat is polluting and very contradictory to RT’s message about polluting the water.

    Maybe someone should do something about it.

  12. Fed Up –

    I pointed this out to Ray Tartaglione last week, but maybe you didn’t catch it. I’m not from Hen Island. I live on Easter Island, a lovely place in the South Pacific, where I enjoy a rabbit hole with running water, electricity and working toilets. I’m not a criminal – far from it.
    Every year I donate quite heavily to those in need. Unlike the Tooth Fairy, I do not look for compensation in any way, shape or form – so my donation is most altruistic.
    While some may consider me subvertive or corrupting (I can think of a few dentists with some strong feelings), I am, for the most part, welcomed and loved by most every child.
    While I freely admit to decorating Ray’s car with some old rotting eggs, and fertilizing his gas with some soda, I’m not worried about getting caught – When I get hopping, it’s amazing how much ground I can cover.
    And for all this talk about “illegal activity” on Hen Island – the city, county and state authorities have all opined that there’s no illegal activity out there, and Ray’s case was found wanting by the courts. So the 15,000 residents who live here year round are FED UP with Ray’s stupid antics to get attention.

  13. Fed Up –

    I would love to see the headlines, “Police seek Easter Bunny for Questioning”. Even better, I’d love to see the Police Department put out an APB on a large white rabbit with a basket full of eggs. Perhaps they can bring Tim Chittenden out of retirement to pursue leads down the bunny trail.

    You might want to consider a career as a detective – using flypaper to catch “crimanal” writers is truly a stroke of genius!

  14. Here here you merry hare! Did you say you have some nice young female natives that are friendly on your island?

    Let me know!

  15. Yes, some true Polynesian babes. Very friendly, will keep you warm at night.
    We also have some funky statues in the shape of Mr. Floatie.

  16. I feel bad for Mr Floatie and Ray. That was a very nice car — a collectible no less. I hope they find the bastard kids who did this. I don’t mind if it’s parked near me. In fact, it always gives my husband and I a good laugh when we see the Floatie Mobile out and about.

  17. Nice–do I catch a plane or can I come along in your pouch? Oh–that’s kangaroos–

    Yes, we may need to call in the crime lab E bunny. Have cops working in shifts round the clock. A dragnet seems pertinent, local state and federal will all need to get involved.

  18. Fed Up writes:

    “Criminals living among us talking about your rights and the law”

    That is hilarious. If you value your rights as an American, you are a criminal. ROFLMAO. MAy everyone remember that our real Captain America is Mayor Otis.

  19. Mrs. Frank Reynolds –

    I’m glad you’re joining the rest of Westchester and laughing at your hometown. How do you know it was “bastard kids” who did it? Don’t you think it possible – just possible – that a very pissed off large white bunny could have done this? Ray seems to think so – he’s going to report me to the police. Doesn’t that make you laugh?

  20. Now that the Pres. of Heal the Harbor has admitted that composting toilets are a viable option for the collection of shit on Hen Island, when is he going to install one?

  21. That would make way to much sense–Ray actually do something that would help the situation he complains about?

  22. I don’t condone vandalism or criminal activity of any kind.

    However, if a vehicle is left unattended for long periods of time in any location, it should be deemed as abandoned, ticketed and towed by the police. I am fairly certain that the City of Rye code has provisions related to that.

    Also, if a vehicle is left unattended for long periods of time,it would naturally become a target for vandalism. This is especially true if the vehicle is decorated offensively and is the subject of controversy as is the case here.

    Given Mr. Tartaglione’s penchant for the theatrical, one can only wonder if the vandalism was self inflicted. That theory is supported by the fact that he did not bring the police to the scene of the crime, but rather “walked in to the police station” as documented by the report. Strange indeed.

    It is truly unfortunate that our city has been subject to this circus because of a fanatical individual that has made a mountain out of a molehill.

  23. Mr. John Thomas Taylor III or whatever your real name is,
    Your song sounds the same as the song sung by the other Hen Islanders. I say that only because you speak to discredit me. FYI, I did call the police from the scene and was instructed to come to police Headquarters to make the report, additionally you are allowed to park a registered and inspected vehicle along specifically designated area’s in Rye as well as many other communities in Westchester. I am sorry if you don’t like the statement my vehicle is making but I do. Lastly it is only the Hen Islanders that try to suppress the truth that try to make it seem as if I am making a mountain out of a mole hill. If you look at the facts you will see all I say is truly a mountain of issues allowed to continue by Mayor Steven Otis. As soon as the Mayor decides to enforce the laws put in place to protect the people, we will be able to say goodbye to Mr. Floatie, his crew and the car. I have attached a link to a small portion of the mountain for your review.

  24. Ray, why every time someone disagrees with you, you assume that that they are from Hen Island? Believe me, a lot of people don’t like you — not just your neighbors.

  25. I am not from Hen Island and I can’t stomach this nut. BTW the car is now parked heading south on Milton Road just north of the Blind Brook Lodge. Easter Bunny take notice.

    And yes, it certainly is a mountain from a molehill. There is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that the harbor is effected by Hen Island.

    Good point about him self vandalizing. He needs to be in the press.

  26. I don’t need to speak to discredit you. You discredit yourself every time you speak or write.

    I am not from Hen Island, I live in Rye. You are making a mockery out of my city instead of working with you neighbors towards a viable solution.

    Your cause is questionable at best. Your methods and approach are distasteful to say the least.

  27. There is no question the city sent a shrink to investigate the wrong resident. If we can find a good psychiatrist with a straight jacket and a boat, perhaps Mr. Floatie will finally float away. “Vandals aweigh!!!! Perhaps Ray has forgotten the civil in civil disobediance.

  28. Hey, I live on the other side of the world, and I think that Ray’s the biggest ass this side of Panama.
    Ray, do you really think you’re improving the quality of people’s lives (including your own) by alienating people who you rub shoulders with, both on Hen Island and in Rye?
    And a wheads-up to anyone thinking of helping Ray de-face his own property – there are security cameras located in Blind Brook Lodge that will cover the Shitmobile, so if you’re going to deposit your dog’s droppings in the car, smile for the camera!

  29. Its far enough away–and we don’t have the cameras installed in BBL yet.

    BTW, Easter, I hear sawdust in the engine is far more effective then sugar.

  30. Ray, you are such an a-hole sometimes. So the Mayor admits he made a mistake. Isn’t that the type of person that you want? Have YOU ever made a mistake? Takes a big person to admit their mistakes…are you a big person???

    If you expect anybody — elected officials, neighbors, family — to be perfect, you are in for a big surprise!

  31. And please tell us –besides the whole “Mr. Flotie” angle, what are you doing currently to avoid polluting the Sound? You seem to be a very pro-environment person. I would think that you would be pro-active in doing your part.

    Serioulsy, what steps are you personally taking to ensure your cottage is as green as possible?

  32. Good question.

    Ray, now that you have admitted that composting toilets are a viable option, why haven’t you installed one?

  33. Now that the Pres. of Heal the Harbor has admitted that composting toilets are a viable option on Hen Island, why hasn’t he installed one? How about getting rid of the 2-cycle on the back of your boat? Are you still polluting the Sound? How can you say you’re healing the harbor when you’re doing your best to destroy it?

  34. Please keep the Pres of Heal the Harbor away from my friends. The Sound is very clean except when that 2-cycle engine that belongs to the Pres. of Heal the Harbor cruises by.

  35. Is Mayor Otis Rye’s Captain America? Remember when you celebrating the 4th what this country was built on. RIGHTS. Rights that Joe Sack and the new Republican candidates want to water down in favor of environmental terrorism. Remember that on Sat. when your watching the fireworks and remember that when you go to the polls in Nov. PERSONAL RIGHTS. The RIGHT to PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY/ASSETS. so that is the choice. Unalienable personal rights or Joe Sack and the republican’s version of the USSR.

  36. Happy 4th of July. God Bless America and God bless Mayor Otis and the Town Coucil. They are true patriots! Of course that doesn’t include Joe “Special investigation to water down your personal property rights” Sack.

  37. Captain America, you’ve been sniffing your shorts again.
    Mayor Otis protects rights? Sure, unless you happen to be Henry King, Bob Schubert, Mary Jurs, Gwen Hughes, all of Indian Village, Paul Shew, Julia Novak and countless others he’s royally screwed over the years.
    The 4th of July is about INDEPENDENCE and FREEDOM, and here’s hoping next year we can celebrate a Rye FREE and INDEPENDENT of Otis and his kind.

  38. Scooter,

    First off, the Declaration of Independence was about life liberty and the PUSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Gates dug a drywell ON HIS PROPERTY because it made him happy. I rest my case.

    Gotta love Doug French in charge of the new field in Rye. That’s fiscal responsibility for ya. Why don’t we just build a dome. Money is no object for these communists disguising themselves as Republicans.

  39. I hate to stoop to Scooter’s level; but he is a big, fat, City Council Member, jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You wear your intellectual insecurities like a GIANT BANNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I write home about this stuff and NO ONE BELIEVES IT!!!!!!!!!


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