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Rye Looking for New Police Commissioner

UPDATE (Monday, 9:32am). This just in from Assistant City Manager Scott Pickup: "The Commissioner has a waiver from the state civil service commission which is renewed every two years. The requirements of the waiver are more stringent for this renewal, and the City is reviewing a candidate pool as a portion of the application for renewal." Our commenters called this one, nice job.

Rye is looking for a new police commissioner. The following job specification has been listed on the Rye, NY city web site. The city has not yet responded to a request for further information.

What do you think about this development? Leave a comment below.

Police Commissioner
The successful candidate will be responsible for the management of municipal police department serving a complex suburban community of approx. 15,000 residents. Applicants should possess advanced degree (J.D., M.B.A. or M.A. in Criminal Justice or related field preferred); at least 15 years experience as a police supervisor, with at least 10 years as a Chief or Deputy Chief in comparable setting, or in ranks of Captain or above in major metropolitan police department; and advanced police management training such as FBI National Academy, Law Enforcement Executive Development Seminar, or comparable programs.  Advanced training in personnel and labor relations, or equivalent experience is preferred, and knowledge of the NY State Law Enforcement Accreditation process. The candidate will be expected to have a proven track record of community involvement, and to participate actively in professional organizations as well as in community organizations within the City of Rye. Upon hiring, the candidate must live within 10 miles of the City. Salary $100,000+. To apply, forward resume and cover letter, including names and contact information for at least 3 references, no later than July 6, 2009, to Police Commissioner Search, Office of the City Manager, City of Rye, 1051 Boston Post Road, Rye, NY 10580.


  1. Well – 2 down and 2 to go. Why do so many good honest people have to be hurt by these bad guys in Rye before they finally finally get the boot?

    Goodby Mr. Conners. Goodby Mr. Shew. There’s the door Mr. Plunkett. There’s the door Mayor Otis.

    I only hope the criteria in the want ad doesn’t knock out quality candidates that could really get the Rye Police back on top. School smarts aint everything.

  2. Ted C:

    Could it be that Otis made these job specifications to fit Connors qualifications?

    Connors 211 waiver that allows him to collect his full NYPD pension and his full Rye salary at the same time expires in October.

    Rye must be able to credibly show that they tried to fill the position but no one else was qualified except for Connors in order for Connors to get the waiver.

    Rye must also show that Connors is fit for the position. Anyone who signs any waiver swearing under penalty of perjury that Connors is fit for this
    position would have to be a moron themselves.

    Fire Connors and bring someone who isn’t an idiot to the Rye Police Department to lead the fine members of that department who have had to deal with Connors and his antics for far too long.

  3. another scam –

    Lord forbid you could be right – the old qualification gate scam! And this one has a very short window on it. Lets hope you are not correct here.

  4. Connors sells grapefruits in the fall and he and Otis think this qualifies Connors in the community participation portion of the qualifications.

    No one on Purchase Street even knows what this idiot Connors looks like.


    They say timing is everything….hey isn’t there an election right around the corner?
    Another reason that Otis must go! Not only was he responsible for bringing this useless individual to Rye but he is looking to repeat the same mistake!
    We don’t want or need another Commissioner!
    We should not need to look anyfurther than with in our own P.D. and bring back the Label of Chief of Police!
    When will the Merry Go Round of BULLSHIT END!!!

  7. Do not hold your breath, people. This is just another City of Rye Dog and Pony Show. Way too small of an application window. 211 Waiver ho!

  8. Why is Rye one of the only communities in Westchester with so many problems directed toward its administration? Mr. Otis, come to the oval office so I can spank you.

  9. Here is Connors resume. See if you can match it up to what Otis is looking for in a “new” Police Commissioner:


    9/80-10/84 Police Officer

    10/84-1/85 Patrol Sergeant

    1/85-12/89 Sergeant Counsel to Asst. Commissioner for labor relations.

    12/89-8/91 Lieutenant Personnel Officer Manhattan North.

    8/91-12/93 Lieutenant Confidential Aide to Chief of Patrol

    12/93-1/95 Captain Confidential Aide to Chief of Patrol

    1/95-6/97 Captain Commanding Officer 52nd Precint

    6/97-9/97 Deputy Inspector 52nd Precint

    9/97/7/98 Deputy Inspector Domestic Violence Unit

    7/98-3/2000 Deputy Inspector Office of First Deputy Commissioner

    3/2000-1/2001 Inspector Office of First Deputy Commissioner

    January 2001 Connors came to Rye.

    Connors rise in the ranks at NYPD does not mean that he was anything special. It probably means he simply had a so called “Rabbi” to usher him through the ranks. This is not uncommon at the NYPD.


    9/74-5/78 Fordham University; B.A. in Communications

    9/83-6/87 NY Law School Juris Doctorate

    March 2000-Jan 2001 Police Management Institute

    Now let’s compare Connors resume to that of what Otis wants in a “New” Police Commissioner:

    Applicants should possess advanced degree (J.D., M.B.A. or M.A. in Criminal Justice or related field preferred); (Check)

    At least 15 years experience as a police supervisor, with at least 10 years as a Chief or Deputy Chief in comparable setting, or in ranks of Captain or above. (Check)

    In major metropolitan police department. (Check)

    Advanced police management training such as FBI National Academy, Law Enforcement Executive Development Seminar, or comparable programs.

    Advanced training in personnel and labor relations, or equivalent experience is preferred. (Check)

    Knowledge of the NY State Law Enforcement Accreditation process. Rye is accredited. (Check).

    It doesn’t take much to see that Otis has severely slanted the requirements for his “New” Police Commissioner to fit in a very bias way into Connors resume. So it may be just another one of the many Otis ploys we have endured whereas Otis rewards another senior idiot senior staff member whose only real qualifications is blind loyalty to Otis and to coverup for Otis.

    Connors will get rewarded with yet another biased 211 waiver to allow him to collect his full NYPD pension along with his full City of Rye $150,000 salary.

    The Rye Police Department members and the residents of Rye get rewarded by having this idiot Connors, who has destroyed the Rye Police Department with his incompetence, selective investigations, discrimination, continually placing Officer safety at peril and his union busting tactics, stay here at least another 2 years.

    Bravo to Otis for shortchanging the taxpayers and employees of the City of Rye with your own political agenda, your coverup laden administration and to your win at all costs reign of terror.

    Someone (Probably Otis or Culross) has to sign off on Connors 211 waiver application to the NYS Civil Service Commission under penalty of perjury that they did everything on the up and up. Connors is certainly not the best and only person available to be a Police Commissioner or Police Chief in Rye.
    If Otis or Culross sign a biased and predetermined 211 application under penalty of perjury that he is, if I was them I would be looking over my shoulder for a criminal investigation.

  10. First let me congratulate the Republican party for having the smarts not to back TC. Re: the 211 waiver the Commissioner earned his pension for working over 20+ years for NYC.. He is only getting a paycheck in Rye and not another pension. By the way, how long has it been since TC has worked at all. 6 years on disability, a lucrative fence company and for 20 years has he ever approved of anyone in any kind of management position?

  11. I just saw the MyRye update from Scott Pickup which basically confirms that the City of Rye is not looking for a “New” Police Commissioner but rather just looking to get Connors another 211 waiver.

    I guess we owe Scott Pickup a big thank you for coming forward to confirm the scam.

    I guess we owe Otis a big Bronx cheer and a nice forearm salute for keeping this idiot Connors on the City of Rye payroll while allowing him to collect his full NYPD pension.

    Otis needs to go.

  12. Has anyone seen the very damaging audit the State of New York Office of the State Comptroller did on how the City of Rye, Connors and the Rye Police Department handle Police Officers out on disability?

    Did you know that Connors and the Rye Police Department have no records of any of the Independent Medical Exams that were done by their Doctors on the Police Officers who have been injured on the job?

    Did you know that there were at least 10 Independent Medical Exams that were done by the City of Rye Police Department’s own Doctors that cleared Rye Police Officers to return to work that were ignored by Connors?

    Maybe that’s why Connors seems to have conveniently lost, misplaced or shredded any evidence of these Independent Medical Exams that the State of New York Office of the State Comptrollers Office were looking for.

    Are Culross and Otis going to cover this up as well? Perhaps the State of New York Office of the State Comptrollers Office needs to take another look at how Connors does business or refer this to the Attorney General’s Office for their review.

  13. I guess when Otis and Culross do Connors 211 waiver they can add this new damaging New York Sate Comptrollers report to Connors resume along with the very damaging New York State Correction Commission report, the two citations from the New York State Department of Labor and the overwhelming Vote of No Confidence Connors received from the employees of the Rye Police Department.

    To be complete Otis and Culross should probably also include Connors having Rye minors detained illegally and unconstitutionally for doing nothing wrong except for being on the sidewalk on Purchase Street. If these minors disguised themselves as tables there wouldn’t have been an issue.

  14. Tedc-
    I think several Playland
    rides shook a couple of your screws loose. Rye’s PBA are nothing but wining middle schoolers.
    Whether its Connors, Pease etc..
    PBA history is the same. Complain
    about police leadership and show little respect to the citizens they proclaim to protect serve.
    I guess your buddy Chittenden is an election year dud-not not one party endorsement-not even a PBA, Firefighter or RTA endorsement!

  15. I can’t wait to see the running mates Otis comes up with. I hear he was still calling around to Rye bars on Friday looking for running mates.

    He found one. They live in Port Chester. Oh well. Get out your rolodex Steve. Maybe you can start calling around to some of Shew’s friends or one of the few people who were crying when Shew got fired.

  16. Enough already! We need Mr. Culross to do a clean sweep of these malingerers. We should be proud of our police officers, they don’t put a negative image on Rye like the actions of some police officers in other communities. I received a mailing last year that the members of the police department had a vote of no confidence in this commissioner I think it’s about time to support our officers! I didn’t notice the requirement of “a no confidence vote” in the job posting, maybe steve forgot to put that one in!

  17. update so far Colin Powell, Norman Schwartzcoff,and Tommy Franks have applied but apparently they are not qualified! Great job steve even the rye police officers can no longer aspire to lead their own department!

  18. Dear Commissioner Kelly:

    I’m sorry to say that even your qualifications in leading a 39,000 member police department would probably not be enough to meet the requirements Otis has set to run a 38 member police department.

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