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Rye Off the Record: 30 Homes in Forclosure, La Panetiere is Cheesy, This Home Not in Forclosure, Lehman Real Estate Brain from Rye

Every once and a while this publisher devolves into complete panic thinking there will be nothing else to write about Rye, the city by the shore we call home. The feeling has been and is always completely unfounded.

The foreclosure crisis has hit Rye, with banks after 30 home owners here, according the The New York Times. (see Foreclosure Crisis in Westchester Crosses Economic Boundaries). La Panetiere is cheesy, at least according to travel blog RatesToGo.com, which names the famous Rye French eatery one of the 10 best places to eat cheese in the United States.

This Rye home is definitely not on the list of 30 above but instead has designer Eddie Ross gushing over various appointments and its inclusion in the annual Rye house tour "Elizabeth, overjoyed at the arrival of a 1930s Sauce Terrine with Gold Embellishment from our Etsy store. Her home in Rye, New York, she wrote, was to be featured in a local house tour, and this terrine was the perfect finishing touch on the dining room table." Scroll down to see the stair runner, which looks like a bad accident between a Rye Suburban and Bambi.

Speaking of all this real estate, the brain of Lehman Brothers real estate empire, Mark A. Walsh, was the subject of a front page piece in The New York Times: "By all accounts, Mr. Walsh made piles of money. He had perks like a corner office over Park Avenue with a private conference room. Yet his ego never matched the size of his deals. Friends say Mr. Walsh lived in a modest home in Rye, N.Y., with his wife, Lisa, and their three boys. His main interest outside of work and family was fishing."


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