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One Tree Down, 18 Left To Go. Rye Town Park Breathes a Little Easier.

One tree down, 18 left to go. The Friends of Rye Town Park (RTP) are working to plant new shade trees in order to replace some of the nineteen dead trees that were removed from the park in 2008.

The other day, two local garden clubs, The Little Garden Club of Rye and the Rye Garden Club (fierce rivals…) kicked off a special five-year joint Centennial Tree project by planting a white oak (Quercus alba) in the Rye Town Park. 

CentinnialTreePlanting Rye Town Park

(PHOTO:  Quercus alba poses with admirers. Left to rightback: Frazer Pehmoeller (Bartlett), Fred Gioffre (RTP), Rye Mayor Steve Otis, Chris Duncan (LGCR), Geri Moore (RGC), Frank DeLeo (RTP), Rita Schubert (LGCR); front – Chris Murray (LGCR),Stephanie Hoover (LGCR) & son , Bill Lawyer (RTP))

The new white oak tree can be found in the northwestern section of the 28-acre park, not far from the Forest/Rye Beach pedestrian entrance. Arborphiles interested in helping RTP's tree planting project can call 967-0965.


  1. People taking responsibility for their town instead of waiting for the Gov’t to do something. We have just entered the Twilight Zone.


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