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Home History Airplane Coaster at Playland - Historical Photo

Airplane Coaster at Playland – Historical Photo

MyRye.com found a great historical picture of the Airplane Coaster at Playland on eBay (also spelled as Aeroplane Coaster). Per a previous write-up, the coaster was build in 1928 and torn down in 1957.

We have also reported on the fate of the "Mad Mouse" or "Monster" coaster that operated at Playland from 1967 to 1983.

Playland Airplane Roller Coaster Postcard


  1. Yes it was definately called the Monster Mouse! The company that builds that built that roller coaster usually calls that model the Mad Mouse…but Monster Mouse is so much better!
    In that spot at Playland where the Monster Mouse once stood was an incredible roller coaster called the Airplane Coaster. Many regard it as the greatest wooden roller coaster of all time! Sadly it was demolished in 1957. After the Airplane Coaster came the Wild Mouse then the Moster Mouse. Since the Monster Mouse there have been several metal coasters as well as flat rides. None of these however compare to the magnificent Airplane Coaster! I here the park is getting ready to rebuild it. I wish Playland would by back the Monster Mouse, and put in a diferent spot, and then we could have both the Airplane Coaster, and the Monster Mouse!!!


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