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Chittenden Ends Rye City Council Candidacy

Timothy Chittenden has ended his run for city council. He released the following statement this morning. What do you think about this development? Leave a comment below.

"For reasons beyond my control I have to regrettably end my campaign for the Rye City Council.

Recently, the New York State Retirement System informed me that it would be at least six months before I will be retired thus I would be unable to serve on January 1, 2010. In addition, I am still rehabbing from my back surgery.

I want to thank my family, friends, colleagues and supporters who had the faith in me to encourage me to run for a seat on the Rye City Council. 

I plan on running for a seat on the Rye City Council in 2011. For the time being I will remain a strong advocate for a change in leadership at the Rye Police Department, real fiscal responsibility and stability at Rye City Hall as well as making Rye an open and transparent government.

I look forward to some substantive debates amongst the remaining candidates. Good luck to them all.

Timothy Chittenden"


  1. “In addition, I am still rehabbing from my back surgery”.
    Looks to me like all the Chittenden critics now share the same egg on the face. I guess Tim really did get hurt on the Job if he had to go thru back surgery. I bet that could have been avoided if he had a taser. Just one more thing he was right about, in the long list of this administration wrongs. Personally Tim, I am happy to have you on this side of the fence exposing all that you have in the past. Feel better and a quick recovery!

    Ray Tartaglione

  2. Tim would have been a powerfully honest force for change on the council so it’s Rye’s loss that he will miss this election cycle.

    Now watch all the usual miscreant authors jump on that “fence” reference in Mr. Tartaglione’s comment above…watch for claims that Tim went under the knife only to prove he wasn’t faking the injury so as to run a fence installation company on the side…pathetic nonsense but expect it soon.

    Keep up the good work bringing transparency to our city affairs Tim, a major fumigation of city hall is in order.

  3. This is undoubtably sad news for the time being. Everything happens for a reason. For some reason beyond our comprehension our higher power thought it would be best for you to wait until 2011. There is no doubt in our minds that you would serve this City well. We will be waiting patiently for your campaign in 2011. For now Doug French and his running mates will have to hold down the fort. Make no mistake about it, we all know that you are never far and will be right there with us fighting the right fight at all times.

    Ted…I couldn’t agree more. But I prefer “will be” a powerfully honest force for change in Rye. This is just a small bump in the road to recovery. The fumigation will have to begin without Tim for now.

    Ray…NOW that Otis’s plan has backfired in his mug can I buy Floatie #2? I just have one request…can you install a compositing toilet before you sell it to me?

    Tim…Get healthy buddy, there is nothing more important!!!
    WE GOT YOUR BACK…no pund intended!

  4. Enjoying this beautiful Summer afternoon, gentlemen? We certainly deserve it after such a soggy season.
    Now we’re looking down the barrel of the silly season, otherwise known as election time.

    One question guys. You’re all pretty outspoken on this blog, and none of you are too craven to sign your name to your opinions.
    So, here’s a question for you all.
    You all express regret that Mr. Chittendon is unable to run, although you have all, and please correct me if I’m mistaken, expressed support for Doug French’s slate.
    So…seeing as there are a limited number of seats open, which candidate running with Doug French do you view as less qualified for office?
    Or, to put it another way, anticipating your response that they’re all equally qualified, for which candidate would you NOT have voted in order to cast your ballot for your friend Tim Chittendon were he eligible to run?
    Just curious …Rye politics is a continual source of fascination for me.

    PS Jim, if you’re around, lets discuss my driveway blind spot.

  5. Otis will continue his fine work as Mayor. We will certainly see that on election day.

    What are you going to do then Ray? Buy a third vehicle to annoy us?

    Good luck Tim–thanks for the service–I wish you well–

    Otis and his slate for Mayor!

  6. Charmian,
    I honestly would not answer this if I did have a definite choice in mind. At this point I honestly don’t.
    I’m curious…what on earth is so fascinating about our current RYE POLITICS??? Personaly I think it is a joke and an embarrassment to us all and it is time for change! I know that you are close with Otis so maybe you wouldn’t mind telling me what he has and is doing that is so FASCINATING???
    for street safety upgrades. 5 projects are on the list for receiving this money 4 of 5 are definite projects written in stone, take a wild guess which one is last with no definite plans???

  7. Ray…NOW that Otis’s plan has backfired in his mug can I buy Floatie #2? I just have one request…can you install a compositing toilet before you sell it to me?

    Posted by: Jim Amico

    Ray, even your supporters see your hypocrisy. Install the composting toilet and stop the charade.

  8. Jim,

    If Ray actually “did know better” and was not a land grabbing phony, he would have installed a composting toilet long ago and pushed for the installation of composting toilets for all homes on Hen Island.

    But, that doesn’t suit his agenda. He wants to force massive expenditures for water and sewer lines run through Greenhaven to force the common folk off the island and recreate it as a summer haven for the wealthy.

    Composting toilets destroy his true agenda and expose him as the fake environmentalist he is. That is why he has not promoted the idea and has ignored it.

    Jim, you have a noble agenda promoting traffic safety in Rye and I support your efforts wholeheartedly.

    It seems that your support of Ray is based on the perception that you share a common enemy.

    Please answer this question, why hasn’t Ray used his efforts to push for composting toilets?

    He has already spent more money slinging mud and suing people than what it would have cost to outfit every home on Hen Island with a non-polluting toilet.

    The answer is simple, his agenda has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with redevelopment of the property on his terms.

  9. Garnet Graduate,
    Tim has done nothing but try to right the sinking ship of Rye that Otis has sailed. His efforts would be in your favor along w/the rest of the Rye Tax Payers!!!
    Why Don’t You Knock on his Door and take it up with him??

  10. Quincy,
    There you go again putting words in my mouth. I have said all along that there are many fixes for the sewage problems on Hen Island one of which is composting toilets another is storage holding tanks another is incinerating toilets and yet another is a connection to the city sewer system which in my opinion is the best option because it can receive grant money presently available from the feds. By land grabbing are you saying that I am trying to buy Hen Island? If that is what you are trying to sell everyone you could not be further from the truth.

  11. You are putting words in my mouth. I never said that you wanted to buy Hen Island; I said that you “want to force massive expenditures for water and sewer lines run through Greenhaven to force the common folk off the island and recreate it as a summer haven for the wealthy.” In short, you dislike living in a shantytown and want to change the community on your terms regardless of how your neighbors feel..

  12. Hen Island is about two miles long. Do you really think it is feasible to run sewer pipes through the beaches, properties and streets of Greenhaven, under the Sound and across over two miles of protected wetlands????????

    It would cost millions of dollars.

    It would be an environmental disaster.

    Greenhaven would not allow it.

    The City of Rye would not allow it.

    New York State DEC would not allow it.

    It would take years of legwork and lawsuits to implement and would face unbelievable opposition just for it to be considered.

    Environmentally friendly toilets can be installed at a reasonable cost and can be installed RIGHT NOW.

    You should install an environmentally friendly (composting, chemical, incinerating) toilet at your house NOW and promote the installation of these toilets on all homes on Hen Island. You could complete your installation for pennies compared to the money you have spent disrupting our city.

    Failure to install the composting toilet proves your hypocrisy.

  13. Ray, you are so full of Floatie. Instead of answering my points about the infeasibility of a sewer line, you post a bunch of BS about the past.

    Composting toilets are the best, legal alternative. Yet you want the expensive solution for your own agenda.

    I challenge you to prove me wrong. Install the composting toilet and promote installation of same in all Hen Island shacks.

    Less talk, more action.

  14. Comical. If that sewer line exists in that location, what would it cost to run the pipe about two miles through a wetland to the other end of the island?

    No way to get that approved.

    I do not know if those houses are polluting the Sound or not, but I do know that the best solution is using composting toilets.

    A sewer pipe will never happen.

  15. Quincy–

    Stopping the charade would give Ray nothing to do to get attention, which is the only thing he really is looking for.

    I have found a way to get to him–just wait–worry not.

    Hit him in the wallet–that will be the end of Floatie!

    This is going to be absolutely hysterical! And totally legal, just waiting to here back from my counsel.


  16. This story about the recession in Rye was in the Washington Post yesterday.

    There is no mention of the $1,000,000 Otis spent on the Save the Otis Campaign property on Milton Road.

    There was also no mention of the house Otis bought for Novak that she pocketed $300,00 when she sold it.

    There’s also no mention of the crazy, perks filled, contract Otis gave to Shew which because of Otis, it is now coming back to haunt the taxpayers in the form of Shew’s lawsuit.


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