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Floatie Mobile No. 2 Due (Doo?) to Hit Rye Streets This Week

Soon you might be parking next to a potty.

The Rye PD might be towing a toilet bowl.

Floatiemobile Bowl On

(PHOTO: Edwardo Jimenez, auto body shop foreman at RJT Motorist Services, installs a toilet bowl on top of the new floatie mobile.) Get ready for Floatie Mobile #2, a minivan complete with Mr. Floatie decals and an actual porcelain toilet bowl mounted on its roof.

Ray Tartaglione already brings Mr. Floatie to city council meetings and parks "Floatie Mobile #1" around Rye to attract attention to alleged environmental misdeeds on Hen Island. Now "Floatie Mobile #2" is due (doo?) to hit Rye streets this week.

Floatiemobile Decals OnTartaglione uses these various manifestations (infestations?) of Mr. Floatie to bring attention to alleged environmental misdeeds on Hen Island.

What do you think about the addition of Floatie Mobile #2? Leave a comment below.


  1. I LOVE IT!!! Ray, you can park it on my street anytime. Call me on my cell, I would put my address here but Quincy “Tough Guy” Dolan is after me so I need to be xtra careful!!! He got especially upset because I used the term “BOY TOY”! You Know, thru my life experiences I have found that people get really upset when they are approached w/the TRUTH!!!

  2. This week we move one step forward in our efforts to expos Mayor Otis for his failure to enforce the sewage and potable water code enforcement on Hen Island. Floatiemobile unit “number 2” is our way to double the trouble for lower Westchester’s most infamous dirty water boys Steve Otis and Lenny Meyerson.
    For two years after my original complaints, Mayor Otis continually stated their inspectors found no violations after inspections were preformed in July of 2007. In May of 2009 the city changed direction and issued two pages of violations which included the mandatory removal of thousands of pounds of propane stored along the shores of the long Island Sound, improperly installed solar systems requiring electrical inspections of every electrical system on the Island, and unsafe foundations and construction in
    cottages in addition to mosquito infestations and using construction material and household debris to fill behind sea walls.


    Mayor Otis now claims that the sewage and potable water issues that the city failed to address are the responsibility of the County Health department. That could not be further from the truth. The city ordinances for sewage and potable water follow below;

    City of Rye Sewage Ordinances

    ARTICLE I: Use of Public Sewers [Adopted 9-20-1950 as Section 4-3.5 of Ch. 4 of the General Ordinances]
    161-1. Use required; exceptions; inspections.

    Where a public sewer is available and accessible in a street, alley, easement or thoroughfare to a building or premises abutting thereon, the liquid wastes from any plumbing system in said building shall be discharged into the public sewer unless otherwise prohibited, except that where a place of residence is so located that a gravity connection from the plumbing above the first floor thereof to the street sewer is not possible or such place of
    residence is located more than 150 feet from the nearest public sewer, a separate sewerage system may be maintained which otherwise complies with city, county or state health laws, codes or regulations. Immediately after
    the construction of a sewer connection every sewage tank, cesspool or privy vault shall be emptied, cleaned, disinfected and filled with clean mineral soil, rock or gravel. Where a public sanitary sewer is not accessible, a building permit shall not be issued without submission of a copy of the written approval of the Westchester County Commissioner of Health, indicating that the premises may be adequately sewered by a separate sewage disposal system. The further approval of the Common Council of the City of
    Rye is required for such separate disposal systems. In addition thereto there shall be an annual inspection of all private sewage disposal systems by a contractor duly approved by the Westchester County Commissioner of Health on all properties bordering on all watercourses, including Long
    Island Sound, Milton Harbor and all tributaries thereto, and wherever else directed by the Sanitation Committee of the Common Council. A written
    certificate of such inspection shall be submitted to said Committee for such action thereon as it may direct.
    Rye City Code: 108-25 Plumbing

    B. Water Supply
    Potable water from an approved source shall be available at all times in residential buildings. The domestic water supply system of the building shall be connected to such approved source and shall not be subject to
    contamination. When supplied from a public source, the potable water supply system shall not be connected to private or unsafe water supplies.

  3. Grow up NTOUCH.

    I didn’t get upset. I just pointed out that if we were having this conversation face to face, you wouldn’t start calling me names whether I was a tough guy or not.

  4. Quinc,
    IT’S ALL IN FUN… Including the boy toy comment! I personally find all this back & forth crap you guys do with Ray amusing & comical and totally unnecessary. Unless your from Hen Island & have something to lose or gain…
    You are definitely entitled to your opinion but you have made your point as have others. Ray, along with several other Rye residents are fighting to right the wrongs around here. They are not making this stuff up. So every time a resident comes forward they should expect to be greeted in this manner by the MYRYE LINCH MOB!!!. Gimme A Break!

  5. So Ray –

    What is your solution to the potable water issue ? Hopefully you have a cost-effective way to bring the Island into compliance instead of just bitching about it. What is your solution ?

  6. Dear Mr. Floatie (Ray).

    I don’t know you and to be honest, I find this whole campaign you are waging childish at best, but I do support your right to free speech.

    However, I do draw the line when the people who are parking your vehicles are reckless in our town.

    On Wednesday of this week, I was riding my bike home from work on Purchase Street when your driver sped through downtown Rye and then pulled a U-Turn in front of Chase Bank so he could score a parking spot.

    He not only almost hit me, but also cut-off traffic coming the other way on Purchase Street for your self-indulgent purposes.

    This kind of behavior is outrageous, and had any law enforcement personal observed this, he would have certainly been given a citation.

    While you may believe your rights are being trampled, it does not give you cause to trample on our rights.

    Shame on you sir…

    Steve Mochel (I’m not afraid to sign this with my real name!)

  7. Mr.Mochel,
    I’m sure Ray does not condone this behavior and he shouldn’t be held responsible for the wreckless act of others. What you are describing is the behavior of 90% of the licensed drivers in Rye and in case you haven’t been paying attention the RPD is a mess and until we replace the current leadership it will continue to stay this way.The morale has hit bottom so if you want something done about this don’t vote for Otis and what he stands for and we can fix this much quicker.

  8. Dear URKIDDNME,

    I find your comment really interesting.

    Considering Ra is the guy who’s single-handedly waging the Mr. Floatie Campaign (according to his posts here) with 2 vehicles now being parked at various locations around Rye, how would he not be responsible for the behavior of the people he is paying to park his various vehicle around Rye? He pays for these people to drive his cars – unless they are volunteers? Even then, he’s responsible in my mind.

    Furthermore, I ride my bike through town on a daily basis, and I rarely see the kind of reckless driving that I saw this week from Ray’s driver.

    So to suggest that this is a RPD problem in this particular case, is utterly ridiculous and totally off-topic. The driver and his employer are responsible.

    BTW – I’m totally comfortable posting this using my real name…why aren’t you?

  9. Mr.M,
    You are total right about the person that was driving the Floatiemobile, It is my responsibility and I assure you I will speak to the person that was driving and it will never happen again. I do appreciate your input, without it I would have never known it was going on.

  10. Mr.Mochel,
    I was merely trying to point out that Ray was not driving the car and was not a passenger so since he had no knowledge of this how could he be to blame.Since Ray has taken full responsibility for his drivers actions there is no need for me to comment further. As for your comment:
    “Furthermore, I ride my bike through town on a daily basis, and I rarely see the kind of reckless driving that I saw this week from Ray’s driver”.
    Either you ride your bike with your eyes closed or you really don’t spend as much time on Purchase as you think! As for the RPD I am not suggesting that they are responsible for the wreckless act of others I am stating that they can fix the problem and don’t! Since you live in the Forest Ave. neighborhood you must surely understand where I’m coming from, for example: if the RPD cracked down on the speeding that goes on on Forest don’t you think it would happen less often or maybe not at all?

  11. Jim, yes I do live in Rye. I was just asking Ted (for clarification) if he was OK with the RPD. From his comment, it wasn’t clear to me if he supported them or not. Ted’s response that he did support them cleared up any doubts that I had.

    That’s all. No need to assume since I don’t always agree with you that I don’t live in Rye.

  12. Avg.citizen,
    LOL! Pretty funny assumption. To answer your question; I support the RPD and fully understand the difficult position they are in. I won’t go as far as saying they are in a whole not doing what they have sworn to do. The problem I have as well as most of us in Rye have is when a taxpayer files the same complaint over and over again and nothing is done about it. There are many streets in Rye that share the same problem and nothing is done about it! As I said, I am sympathetic to their position but I don’t see why citizens and their children have to be put in harms way for the shortcomings of their leaders!! Internal issues or not we should not be subjected to the every day dangers that are presented before us! School starts in 2 days, I’ll be back on Friday to further my point or thank them for listening!


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