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Vote for City Council & Issues on MyRye.com Today

Only 71 days until election day. With last week's mayoral election vote completed, we thought we'd move on to Rye city council candidates and hot button election issues.

Today MyRye.com readers can vote in two polls. Both polls are just below (scroll down):

1. Rye City Council. Vote for up to three of the six candidates running for Rye city council this November: Andy Ball, Richard Filippi, Peter Jovanovich, Suzanna Keith, Myles Lavelle and Joe Murphy. Scroll down to vote now.

2. Issues. Vote for up to three issues you consider the most important facing Rye this election season. Your choices are: Flooding and flood mitigation (Bowman Avenue dam, Elm Place Wall, Central Avenue Bridge, etc.); Fiscal responsibility including taxes, budgeting and labor relations (Overall budget, taxes, legal); Public works including condition of sidewalks and roads and snow, leaf, garbage, recycling removal; Safety including policing, fire and traffic; Schools including quality and labor relations; Public recreation including parks and recreational programs; and Other (leave additional comments on MyRye.com). Scroll down to vote now.

These polls will be open Monday, August 24th until Wednesday, August 26th at 11:59pm.

Tell us why you are supporting particular candidates and your thoughts about specific issues by leaving a comment below.

Vote now.


  1. And just so you know – here’s a new “FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY” bombshell out this morning from Otis Administration critic and 2nd generation Rye police officer Tim Chittenden –

    In the run up to his September 22nd “disciplinary hearing,” Tim has researched the taxpayer costs to date for this “matter” and has added up close to $1 MILLION of billings by the city using our tax dollars as directed by Mayor Otis and his cronies to prosecute it.

    That’s right folks – $1 MILLION of our money has been paid to Rye City Corporation Council Kevin Plunkett and others to sue Tim on OUR BEHALF while we, the taxpayers, complain long and loud that we can’t afford to shoulder these ever rising and ludicrously high Rye City taxes.

    If this $1 MILLION number is even remotely close to true (even $500K would be nuts) then I believe this administration has been beyond grossly irresponsible to all of us.

  2. Ted C:

    To top it off the reason the City of Rye sued in the first place was because they said Lt. Falk, who brought the retaliatory charges to begin with, wouldn’t be able to testify because of a lawyer conflict.

    Otis, Connors and Falk erased the conflict while also erasing approximately $1,000,000 in taxpayer dollars.

    Now that Otis, Connors and Falk have erased the conflict, and approximately $1,000,000 in taxpayer funds, the City’s lawyers now say Falk is not going to testify after all.

    If Falk does not testify then he and Connors should have to pay back the $1,000,000 to the taxpayers. Maybe they can get Plunkett and Labor Attorney Vince Toomey to chip in a couple of bucks.

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