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Saturday, September 24, 2022
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Rye PD Issues Reverse 911 Call

On Tuesday, the Rye police department issued a reverse 911 call to Rye residents warning of recent larcenies in the area. Assailants have been entering unlocked vehicles in driveways and using automatic garage door openers to gain access to homes.

Lock your car. And like they say, if you see something, say something…

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  1. Connors is not capable of such a task!!!
    If I was not a MYRYE reader I would not have the info posted here. I did not receive a reverse 911 call and never do. I’m guessing it is because my # goes thru my computer and if that is not the reason then why don’t I receive them? If reverse 911 calls can not reach out to residents w/phone # connections like mine then why doesn’t Connors back these calls up with a bulk mailing letter to “EVERY RESIDENT”,that way even the residents without a phone can have this info???
    After all, this is a matter of PUBLIC SFAETY as most PD matters are!!!
    I would like to mention that on the first day of school Midland Ave. was swarming with cops in patrol cars. I thank the RPD for that and would like to remind all of them that school does not OPEN & CLOSE for the year after one day!!! I constantly see people flying thru the 20MPH SCHOOL ZONE and no attempt to slow down with a BIG YELLOW FLASHING LIGHT in their face!!!

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