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Home Events Candidates Forum at Osborn Retirement Community Tonight, 7:30pm

Candidates Forum at Osborn Retirement Community Tonight, 7:30pm

The Osborn Retirement Community will host a Candidates Forum tonight, Monday October 19th at 7:30pm in the Sterling Auditorium.  In attendance will be Rye Mayoral Candidates Steve Otis and Douglas French.  City Council Candidates Andy Ball, Myles Lavelle, Joe Murphy, Richard Filippi, Peter Jovanovich and Suzanna Keith will also be in attendance.  The Candidates will answer questions related to their platforms and goals for the City of Rye.

If you need directions please visit www.theosborn.org or call 925-8397. 


  1. The ability – or inability – of hard working people to still be able to afford living in Rye remains the prime question tonight. But here, once again, are some other revised specific granular management and judgment questions Mr. Otis should answer-

    What do you say about the 80% vote of no confidence recorded against your administration’s assigned Police Department management team by the Rye PBA membership? Why are there zero police cars or officers scheduled to be at any of our schools during certain weekday high traffic periods? Why was the paperwork submitted to Albany to again retain a police commissioner with such low managerial skills drawing a robust separate “retirement” pension on top of his robust Rye pay package?

    Concerning Mr. O. Paul Shew – our most recent “fantastic till fired” late City Manager – why is Mr. Shew now suing the City and when will he be available to answer questions concerning:

    1) his lifetime medical coverage and 2 lifetime pensions paid for by Rye taxpayers after ONLY 5 YEARS in Rye, (2) his ‘all-by-himself’ call to the crisis center to warn them about Bob Schubert’s mental health, (3) the joys of living in Massachusetts during his stay in office while drawing his big paycheck on Rye’s treasury, (4) and any and all other questions the heavily taxed taxpayers deserve candidly and truthfully answered?

    What is Rye City Attorney Kevin Plunkett’s actual employment arrangement with the City of Rye – please include length, salary, health benefits, and retirement benefits. What percentage, roughly, of the outside legal fees paid by the city this and the last 4 years was made to firms he was associated with and what are the dollars associated with each of those years? (Here’s a hint Mr. Mayor – it’s a figure with 7 digits)

    Since Mr. Shew’s hasty departure and the “cone of silence” fitted for him by Mr. Plunkett, have you found the missing Gates Wetland Permit now at the very heart of the Schubert Pond controversy? If you have please bring copies of this scientifically supported, very expensive for the homeowner to obtain document tonight for distribution to the taxpayers of Rye.

    What will you tell residents of Indian Village and other low lying areas contiguous to Blind Brook if we get heavy rains later this week and the residents are swimming across their living rooms the following mornings? Will THEY be required to submit wetland permit applications before or after their evacuations? Please try not to be repetitious here – if you do we have a bridge to sell you.

    What is your reaction to the PICTURES of unsafe sanitary and building conditions evident on the Heal the Harbor website? Before his departure for Albany, did you discuss any matters concerning the issues raised about Hen Island’s sanitary and building codes with Mr. Larry Schwartz at Mr. Andy Spano’s office? Same question concerning Mr. Andy Spano. Same question concerning Mr. Leonard Meyerson. Lastly, is Hen Island still a part of the City of Rye?

    Is the City owned church on Milton Road too worthless for a coat of paint? Is this how the Bird Property will soon be managed – trim the grass, photo op, memorial sign and then disgrace?

    If we took up a collection tonight in this room and came up with $300, would you give it to Mr. Culross and direct him to purchase a set of stop signs and install them on a test basis at the corner of Midland Avenue and Palisade Road?

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