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Otis Wins Second MyRye.com Mayoral Poll – this time with French on His Heels

Otis French Vote # 2 I won 

In the second MyRye.com mayoral poll of the election season, challenger Doug French closed within five points of poll winner and incumbent Mayor Steve Otis. The results for French were substantially better than the first MyRye.com mayoral poll in August when Otis trounced French with a 16 point margin of victory.

Otis French Mayoral Vote #2 Tally 

Otis was enjoying a similar wide margin going into Friday, the third day of polling, when the French forces took hold and closed in making the race a real competition. The final results of the MyRye.com October mayoral poll are Doug French (Republican, challenger) 45.3%, Steve Otis (Democrat, incumbent) 50% and  undecided 4.7%.

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  1. More and more Rye taxpayers are seeing Me Me Otis for what he really is. A self serving, self absorbed, non-transparent, no accountability politician who wants to play dress up and be the City Manager.

    Me Me Otis has damaged Rye’s reputation, its standing and its financial stability with his poor judgement and the paying back of political favors.

    Shew couldn’t keep any of the many jobs he had prior to Me Me Otis bringing this no show idiot to Rye. Shew never qualified for a pension or medical benefits at any of his many previous jobs. So what does Me Me Otis do? Me Me Otis brings Shew to Rye and after only 5 years Shew gets lifetime medical and 2 very nice lifetime pensions paid for by us taxpayers.

    Me Me Otis did the exact same thing for Suzy Morrison so she could get a lifetime pension and lifetime medical after only 5 years of service.

    Me Me Otis is using our money to pay off his friends and his political debts.

    Me Me Otis has overstayed his welcome in Rye and needs to go.

  2. So, after I put up my own NO SPEEDING sign in my yard the city installs a BRAN NEW 30mph Speed Limit Sign on a telephone pole @ the corner of Ellis/Midland traveling North.
    This must be what Mayor Otis has been referring to when he says;” i’m responsible for all the changes around all the schools” and what he meant 3 1/2 years ago when he said; “we will do something to honor the death of your son”




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