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Home Government Vote for Rye Mayor on MyRye.com Now (Day Two)

Vote for Rye Mayor on MyRye.com Now (Day Two)

Back in August, with 78 days until election day, MyRye.com conducted its first Rye Mayoral poll.

Now, only 19 days out from election day, we thought we'd ask you again and see if any of you have changed your mind, evolved your views or otherwise thrown your support behind a particular candidate.

Readers can vote for Rye City Mayor by casting a vote for Republican challenger Doug French or Democratic incumbent Steve Otis. Readers can also vote "Undecided".

This poll will be open Wednesday, October 14th until Friday, October 16th at 11:59pm.

Cast your vote now (just above).

Tell us why you are supporting your particular candidate by leaving a comment below.


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