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AOL Exec on New Rye Patch.com News Site

AOL running man way to Rye Recently, MyRye.com spoke with Warren Webster, the president of AOL's new local media company Patch.com about the company's plan for its new upcoming local Rye Patch.com web site. Patch's mission is "to strengthen communities and improve the lives of their residents through information."

Warren Webster When asked if the Rye Patch is a platform (basically a piece of technology that lets others publish) or media outlet Webster (photo, right) told MyRye.com "It's really both – designed to capture news and information." Patch has targeted towns "where people are involved" for expansion. "I lived in nearby Connecticut for a long time" said Webster where he worked for Gannett in White Plains in one of his jobs before becoming the first employee at Patch.

The Rye Patch editor "ideally" lives in Rye and is equipped by AOL with a laptop, blackberry, photo and video camera. "We want their voice to come through" said Webster, also saying the pro will be a "writer, editor and curator." The job description for the spot continues: "Must be a flexible, independent, self-starter – you’ll work from home, the coffee shop, your car, the high school football game; Tools for the job … best of all we will provide them: including a laptop, video camera, police scanner, etc.; Must own a car… Ability and willingness to work various hours outside of the typical M-F and 9-5. To include some weekends."

Should The Rye Record, The Rye Soundshore Review and other local media see AOL's Rye Patch as  friend, enemy or "frienemy'? "I hope friend," said Webster. "(There is a) real void in the market for information." No Rye residents are currently involved any where within the Patch organization but they are planning an "informal advisory board."

What do you think about AOL bring a version of its local media Patch brand to Rye? Leave a comment below.



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