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Calling All Rye “Lifers”: MyRye.com Wants YOU

Calling all Rye, NY "lifers"… MyRye.com wants YOU.

MyRye.com wants YOU orange 

Have you spent most of your life living in Rye? Do you have a lifetime of memories of Rye High School, Playland and other special Rye places? Maybe some memories about the emergence of some of the venerable Rye institutions such as the Rye Arts Center and the Rye Nature Center? Or maybe memories about some of the Rye teachers and Rye PD that kept you out of trouble and on the right track…

MyRye.com wants YOU. Well, we want to interview you.

Contact us or leave a comment below with your suggestion of any great funny, serious, genuine or otherwise entertaining Rye lifer MyRye.com should profile. We need your name, email, phone and one or two sentences about you or your lifer recommendation.

Then we'll be in touch. Rye lifers will appear on MyRye.com and some may also appear in Rye magazine.


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