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Latimer Files “Cup of Joe” Report with MyRye.com

Latimer in diner Last month State Assemblyman George Latimer held his regular "cup of Joe with with George and Judy" (County Legislator Judy Myers) where he makes himself available to the citizens of Rye to hear the pressing issues of the day.

Latimer filed this report with MyRye.com:

At the Rye session of District Office Hours, held at Ruby's Oyster House in Downtown Rye, the following residents stopped by to express their concerns/issues:

  • Barbara McKenzie, Mead Pl. – Concerned over NYS policies and practices over sales tax collection for small businesses
  • Thomas Conlin, School St. -  What's new on the LI Sound Tunnel; prospects for expanded gaming in Yonkers
  • Bob Sweeney, Manursing Ave. – Follow up on Playland breakwater repair, boardwalk markers; avdance info on household hazardous waste days; NYS' plans to deal with pension fund losses
  • Anne Dooley, Brevoort Ln. – County 2010 Capital Budget questions; the future of Playland
  • Dennis Spillane, Thorne Pl. – The County's affordable housing settlement
  • Plus, four candidates for 2009 election: Doug French, Suzanna Keith and Rich Fillipi (Reps) and Joe Murphy (Dem) also visited and asked questions including: the housing plan, update of plans for United Hospital site development; NYS increased permit fees for retailers

…and a couple of additional people just came to sit and listen without identifying themselves….

George and Judy divided questions based on jurisdiction – State and County – and will respond as requested over the next few weeks.  Also spent 2 hours in Mamaroneck that afternoon at The Nautilus Diner; questions that came up there included property revaluation/reassessment, turf fields, and local Lmt-Mmk issues.

Thanks to Assemblyman Latimer for filing a "cup of Joe report" with MyRye.com.

Have an issue? Contact Assemblyman George Latimer at 777-3832 or email him at latimerg@assembly.state.ny.us.


  1. Very Temporary King Kevin,

    Saw George yesterday – he looks tired as well he might be. Sure hope he builds plenty of distance between Suzi “I voted for ALL the tax increases!!” Oppenheimer and himself. Being a liberal democrat don’t mean nothing if you’re voted out of office. George is smarter than that.


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