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Residents to Rye Town Park: You Auto Be Concerned

Rye residents are gathering with officials tonight to discuss how to reduce the overflow of cars in Rye Town Park during the summer months.

Area residents are known to be unhappy with the overflow parking situation in the summer, when cars are parked across much of the upper grassy area of the park alongside Forest Avenue. In an  announcement just a few weeks ago from Rye resident and Rye Town Park assistant director for park development Bill Lawyer, 2009 park revenue was projected to be up by at least $40,000 over 2008 with parking revenue up by nearly $100,000. That's a lot of cars.

The meeting is open to residents and will be attended by various officials including Rye Town Supervisor Joe Carvin, Rye Mayor Steve Otis (if he's back from Albany in time), Rye Mayor-elect Doug French, Port Chester Mayor Dennis Pilla and several current as well as incoming Rye City Council members.

Rye Town Park meeting:  Tuesday, November 10th at 7:00-8:30 pm at 365 Rye Beach Avenue (corner of Forest Avenue) Optional RSVP: Caroline Walker CCTWalker@optonline.net.


  1. Is there something new here please? For as long as anyone can remember, cars get parked where space is available on hot summer days. I’ve seen them covering almost every square foot of open ground and generally there is ZERO lasting damage resulting from this. Rye residents should be aware that this is Port Chester’s park – not ours. And I for one believe that Port Chester does a pretty good job in policing the really heavy traffic days.

    Is someone itching for yet another wildly expensive fight with our honorable neighbor? Let’s just start by listing all the dead and injured kids from all that crazy Home Depot traffic Port Chester has brought to Rye. Who is going to add the first name???

  2. Ted, I was thinking the same thing re: the grass. I have not seen any lasting damage to it. Without the additional parking, do you think the park would be able to financially survive? I’m guessing that it is close to a 10:1 ratio for cars parked on the grass vs. the pavement. If you don’t allow parking on the grass, revenues would drop incredibly.

    Am I missing something?

  3. How hard can this be ? Sell parking stickers like they do at train station and lock in the revenue in advance and limit parking to those with a sticker and whatever number beyond sticker sales you have room for . Overflow should get directed to Playland given its a short walk over to Oakland Beach park .

    This is going to be a difficult issue ? Spare us the lunacy and get to work firing people ( or reducing hours ) and cutting City of Rye taxes before housing prices go into a permanent spiral and then you have REAL problems to contend with .

    By the way , Astorino won by a landslide just like French did ( despite My Rye polls put up twice claiming Otis was crushing French ) for the exact same reason ! Cut head count of local and county workers ! then cut taxes on homeeowners at the breaking point ! Anything less and Astorino and French will be gonzo bynext election .

    Cut Cut Cut is all we voters want to here .

  4. Parking stickers? What about the people that want to show up a few times a season?

    And my point is that, if the asphalt holds 200 cars and the grass 1000, then if you limit the cars to just the asphalt, your revenues are going down. That’s a lot of scratch you’re foregoing. I don’t see how the park could support itself without the additional parking. And I don’t see people parking in Playland and walking over…ain’t gonna happen!

    And this is Rye Town Park. It’s my understanding that no city taxes go towards this. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  5. Dear Goony Goo Goo:

    It was Astorino who was duped. You make it seem that because Plunkett was appointed, he must be qualified.

    The residents of Westchester will soon find out for themselves what kind of person Plunkett is.

    Speaking off Loons check out this out:


    Someone in that video needs a check up from the neck up and it isn’t the guy that Shew sent the men in the white coats after.

  6. “Area residents are known to be unhappy with the overflow parking situation in the summer, when cars are parked across much of the upper grassy area of the park alongside Forest Avenue.”

    Ahem. When did these “area residents” arrive in the area and what representations were made to them about traditional sunny summer weekend overflow parking patterns within the boundaries of the park? And WHO exactly made these representations, if any?

    I suspect we are seeing some (mostly) new resident learning curve action here along with a dash of NIMBY. But we just might be seeing another provoked municipal legal fight in its early innings and if that’s what’s up then it’s time to out it and stop it.

  7. > same new folks just sent Steve Otis and his fellow Democrats into retirement by a landslide . Lets face it , democracy is a bitch when too many of those pesky newcomers are let into the town .

    Why not decide in advance how many cars you want to allow in the park in the summer and sell that many stickers in advance . If they don’t sell out ( and i doubt they will ) , then sell day passes til max number is achieved and send overflow to Playland .

    Now you have EVERYBODY in the decision process on what is proper max capacity .

    As for people refusing to go to Playland lot ? you gotta be kidding ! Its the same beach , same Long Island Sound and a 5 minute walk back to Rye Park for those who really want to be there .

    The idea that some family that has driven to the park from White Plains is going to turn around and go home when plenty of parking exists at Playland right next door is the real laugher .

    And if demand for the park is so huge ? Lets raise the price of admission and sell fewer passes .

  8. Think about where you would have to park in the Playland lot (even if it is half full) . That is a loooong walk. No one will want to go to Oakland Beach (and Playland Beach has a horrible crowd).

    The only way you can limit parking at RTP is if you are willing to forego the revenue. And, in my opinion, there is too much revenue to be had.

    Again, no one is complaining that the beach is too crowed, just the parking area. Even on the most crowded days, there is still tons of room for people to enjoy the grass area near the water.

  9. We auto be very concerned. Seems like an outdated system in this day and age. Eventually, a formal audit will be requested. The cash is very likely already in the pocket of the stellar supervisor rewarded for parking so many cars!


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