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Rye City Council Minutes – October 21, 2009

Rye City Clerk Dawn Nodarse released her notes for the October 21, 2009 city council meeting today (original agenda is here).

Some of the topics covered in the minutes: Red Cros, sluice gate, budget schedule and traffic safety. Residents speaking included Bob Zahm, Elizabeth Zahm, Jim Amico, Ray Tartaglione and Michael Clay Johnson.

Happy bed time reading. Any observations, leave them as a comment below.


  1. Excerpts from the City council meeting of October 21st

    “Michael Clay Johnson who owns a campsite at Hen Island”

    “he did not believe the cottages on Hen Island qualified but instead might qualify under the definition for hunting and fishing cabins”

    First Mr. Johnson would like everyone to believe the residences on Hen Island are campsites. Then Mr. Johnson would like everyone to believe the residences on Hen Island are hunting and fishing cabins. Well which is it Mr. Johnson? Are they campsites or are they Hunting and fishing Cabins?

    I know of no one that has ever participated in hunting on Hen Island, even during duck season and there are just a hand full of us that fish. In fact, Islanders forbid Duck hunting on the Island. Can you tell me how many residents live in tents?

    Mr. Johnson would like you to believe that the cottages on Hen Island are campsites and hunting and fishing cabins because he doesn’t want to spend the money required to bring our community into the 21st century. He would prefer to twist the truth and allow the laws to be avoided; he wants to live in the 1950’s.

    Let’s give it up Mr. Johnson. This community has heard enough of the Hen Islander’s propaganda. Let’s fix it once and for all and end the charades.

    Barbara and Claudio Iodice
    Cottage #13 Hen Island

  2. Claudio…..The fact of the matter is, the campsite I’m on is exactly the way I want it, the way it was meant to be, the way our family likes it. No electricity. No Heat. No provisions for living year ’round. No TV. No air-conditioning. No real convieniencies to speak of. We have our year ’round home for that. Hen Island is a place to get away from technology and appliances….A place to relax. Sort of like camping. But, in a cabin. Not a tent….And, my understanding is my neighbors out there, for the most part, want it that way and purchased or were left their campsites with full knowledge there are no roads. No phone lines. No electrical lines. No cable lines…..Michael Clay Johnson….By the way, living in the 1950’s was not so bad….It’s the 1960’s I had trouble with !! LOL


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